And you've got your full ride, and your early admit. And you're done with this school, and with all of this shit!

One day, she will be a star.

One day, she will be famous and loved and recognized for her talents, and they will all watch and wish they had been nicer to her.

And maybe they will be sitting somewhere when her face pops up on TV, and they'll turn to whoever is in the room with them and say, "I know her; she went to school with me." And of course they'll try to pretend that they always knew she would go places and that they didn't throw Slushies in her face every freaking day in that stupid High School in that backwards town, in the middle of Bumblefuck, Ohio.

One day she will go back there and laugh at them all for staying in Lima. One day she will show them that she is a star and they should have seen it coming.

All she needs is to get out of this stupid town. She needs to get out. She needs to get away. She's going to get a music scholarship to some amazing school, Julliard, perhaps, and she is going to leave Ohio as far behind her as she can.

She will be famous one day; she will show them all that Rachel Berry is not someone to laugh at. She will show them that they never should have laughed at her; that she is a star.

A/N: Written in class the other day... I really like Rachel, when she's not being completely controlling and obnoxious... :) I think this might be quite a bit of me projecting, although I have no dreams of being a star...

I don't own Glee, nor do I own Next To Normal, from which I took the line at the beginning. (Everything Else - go listen to the song, it's one of my favorites.)