Part Two: Cluing In

Gwen stood at the head of the conference table, arms crossed over her chest as she looked at Jack who was at the other end of the table with his knuckles on the surface. Ianto stood by the door just behind Jack, a hard expression on his face. The tension was still high in the room as Jack explained what happened to him and everything that he remembered. He told them that he had been traveling and that he left Torchwood, how he got to the port and then not remembering anything after that. All he knew was that he had woken up in a Hospital and that he had been dead. Gwen kept her face passive, which was out of character, according to Jack. With a sigh Jack pushed himself away from the table and crossed his arms as he sighed.

"Something's off." Jack said swinging his right arm in front of him in frustration.

"That's obvious." Ianto spat.

"Ianto, stop. Call Tosh in and see if she can't help us figure out what's going on here." Gwen ordered her usually doe eyes hard with authority.

"Tosh?" Jack asked his voice cracking slightly, Ianto gave him a confused glance that Jack didn't see before swiftly leaving the room. "She's still alive?"

Memories of the young woman filled his mind, her bright and clever eyes and the small reassuring smile she always offered. He remembered finding her that day with Gwen, Owen dying just moments before she did. The heartache of her loss was still there, like an open wound that was doused in salt. Another reason why he never wanted to come back, he had been the cause for all of their deaths. Jack was brought out of his reverie and was met with Gwen's stare, she looked almost sympathetic but Jack would be lying if he said he could tell. She kept her emotions in check and it looked like she had seen too much, and that broke Jack's heart.

"Who are you?" She asked crossing her arms, a glimpse of the Gwen he used to know.

"We've been over this." Jack said holding a hand out in front of him and letting out another sigh, expressing his frustration.

His guard was slipping.

"You can't be, not when the real Captain Jack Harkness died over a year ago!" She slammed her fist against the surface of the table.

"Which time?" He let out a bitter laugh at his failed attempt at cheekiness, not caring how hurt flashed in Gwen's eyes.

"Owen!" She called out, her eyes seemed even darker now and her tone held nothing but anger.

"Gwen." Owen appeared in the doorway, his arms crossed over his chest with an almost bored expression.

Jack wanted to let out a cry as he set eyes on the man before him. This was all becoming too much to handle.

"Owen, I want you to get blood samples, tissue samples. Anything that may get us closer to figuring out who he is," Owen's mouth opened as if to speak but he was interrupted by Gwen. "Then I want you to take him to the holding cells." She ordered as she walked around the table and standing right in front of Jack.

"Until you tell me exactly who you are and what you want, you're not allowed to leave this place." Her face was mere inches from his and her eyes portrayed nothing but disgust but all Jack wanted was to hug her.

"It's pretty obvious who he is Gwen." Owen said but only received a glare in return. "Come on, mate. Better listen to what she says." He said tugging on Jack's elbow then leading him down the stairs.

Owen's eyes never left Gwen's until she turned around and seemed to distance herself from the world. There was no tension between Own and Jack, just awkwardness as they approached the small medical lab. It hadn't changed, not that Jack expected it but it was a bittersweet feeling being there again. Owen gestured for Jack to get on the table as he got his blood and tissue samples, but Jack was lost in memory. He remembered Owen on the table, he had just died and bringing him back even for two minutes was something that Jack needed because somehow he needed to make it right. He needed to make Owen's death, better and not in vain. He never meant for things to go wrong, being the walking dead was something that nobody should live with. Not after going through so much. Jack had been the reason for Owen's death, the reason for his fianc├ęs death. The reason why Owen's life had ended completely. He barely noticed when Owen ushered him off the table and down to the holding cells, he was too lost.

Of course there was no conversation between them, there was nothing to say really. There was so much that Jack wanted to say but couldn't, shouldn't say. Coming upon one of the cells, Owen pushed the button and the door unsealed itself. Jack walked in willingly, his head was down slightly, he looked defeated. As the door shut and he turned to face Owen her lifted his head and met Owen's dark eyes.

"I'm sorry." Jack said his words holding so much more meaning than the man before him may have even registered.

He was sorry for so much. He was sorry for leaving, for causing so much death. He was sorry for not being able to keep his promises, and he was sorry for not being able to do anything to change the past. If Owen understood this he never let on, instead he gave Jack a sad nod.

"We'll get this all sorted out." Owen replied before walking away.

Jack followed him with his eyes, which were sad. A short period of time had passed before Jack realized that he was staring into nothingness. He bowed his head again, resting his forehead against the glass door and wished that all of this was some sort of bad dream.

"Owen, do you have the results on those tests yet?" Gwen asked as she came out of the conference room sometime later.

"Not yet, but we all know what they tests are going to say anyways." Owen replied as he turned around in his chair.

"There's no way that's Jack." Ianto replied as he cleaned one of his guns.

"Oi, why don't you get me some coffee?" Owen responded earning a rag to the face.

"What have we got Tosh?" Gwen asked.

"I've been going through the recent rift spikes and the one that came up when Jack... or, you know." Tosh corrected after she met Gwen's narrowed eyes. "It looked like it was nothing but there were a series of similar spikes in the same area at the same time." Tosh explained, typing away on her keyboard.

"Could there be others that came through the rift?" Ianto asked, joining the two women.

"No, it's more like one large spike dragged out over time." Tosh shook her head. "It's hard to explain." She bit her lower lip, looking at the screen.

"How can that be?" Gwen asked with a shake of her head and arms crossed over her chest.

"I don't know. I'm still looking through all the data." Tosh replied.

"Yes, well good work Tosh but I've done better." Owen came up to the group flaunting the paper in his hand. "I present to you, Captain Jack Harkness." Owen gave Gwen the paper with a slight bow before going and giving Tosh a kiss on the cheek.

"Better look next time, love." He said as Tosh turned and kissed him gently on the lips.

"Oh, I think I'll manage." She responded.

"How can he be Jack?" Ianto demanded.

"I don't know. All I know is that the test never lies." Owen responded when his attention was back on the situation at hand.

"Run it again." Ianto spat before walking away they assumed to the archives.

"How can he be alive?" Gwen asked with tears in her eyes.

"Maybe he's not our Jack?" Tosh asked as she turned around to meet the eyes of her colleagues.

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