Logan x Camille

After big time party Camille isn't talking to Logan and he thinks it over to figure out how he truly feels about her.

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He's sitting upright on a lounge chair by the pool. The pool he had just been thrown into. He looks dejectedly up at the angered brunette in front of him. She's staring down at him with her arms folded, looking madder than he'd ever seen her. He's kind of surprised she hasn't slapped him yet.

"You're really mad at me right?"

"Oh big time; in fact I've decided that I'm not talking to you for one whole week."

BEEP. His alarm clock blared in his ear. His arm reached out slowly to locate the snooze button. Unfortunately Kendall was awake and rummaging through drawers on the other side of the room, making it impossible for Logan to get back to sleep.

"Dude, would you keep it down?" Logan yelled tossing a pillow in Kendall's direction.

"Can't, I'm headed to the pool to see Jo."

"At this time?"

"Logan, it's already noon. You kept hitting the snooze button; we thought you'd never get up." Kendall joked as he continued digging around for who knows what.

Logan pulled a pillow over his head trying to block out Kendall. He hadn't slept well, his mind kept replaying that scene with Camille as he slept. What was the big deal anyway? So what if she wasn't talking to him for a week? That girl was ten different flavors of crazy. Wasn't he totally freaked out at the beginning of the party anyway?

Camille not talking to him, psh that should be a good thing.

Then why did Logan feel this terrible?

Guilt. That must be it. Camille might be insane but she was really nice, and she had always helped them with their crazy schemes. Why on Earth would he string two girls along at once anyway? What had gotten into him? He had been raised way better than that.

When Logan finally dragged himself out of bed, he found the apartment empty. Katie and Mrs. Knight had gone to an audition for a sneaker commercial, Kendall was with Jo, and James and Carlos were probably getting in trouble like always. Logan didn't mind being alone, it gave him the freedom to take an extra long shower to wash away the guilt.

Afterwards, the lonely apartment felt like a jail cell, and he needed to get out. He decided that he needed some fresh air. The pool would be a nice place to relax, but he might run into Camille there, and he wasn't sure if he was ready to face her yet. However, Camille was rarely seen around Palmwoods Park, and even though it would be crowded on a beautiful day like today, Logan still felt it was his best bet. He grabbed the latest 'Doctor' magazine, put on his shades, and headed towards the park.

The elevator dropped him off in the lobby, and as he headed to the front of the building, he noticed Camille, leaning over a script with her brow furrowed. Logan wanted to go over and talk to her, apologize again for last night, but as soon as she saw him she got up. She gave him a small sad smile, and then walked off to the pool area.

Logan sighed, and then continued on his way to the park to read. However, his mind couldn't focus on the small words printed in front of him. Eventually he gave up, tossing the magazine to the side and leaning back against a nearby tree. He had almost fallen asleep when a shadow appeared over him. Sure it would be Camille, looking just as angry as she had the night before, Logan slowly opened his eyes. But it was James who stood over him, not Camille.

"What are you doing?" James asked.

"Well I had been reading, and just now I was about to take a nap." Logan responded, slightly confused. "Why?"

"Carlos and I have been looking all over for you. We texted you like ten times!"

At that Logan reached into his pocket to pull out his phone for the first time since the party. He tried to turn it on, and grimaced when it sparked and went dead. "I don't think my phone survived its time in the pool." He thought aloud. "What did you need anyway?"

"Well Carlos and I know that you didn't have such a great time at the party last night, so we figured we could cheer you up." James said brightly. The look on his face told Logan that they were up to something.

"What are you two planning?"

James just grinned, and dragged Logan back to the Palmwoods, and into the elevator. Once they hit the top floor, they ran to a janitor's closet that had roof access.

"Won't we get in trouble if we're caught?" Logan asked.

"Stop being so scared of everything!" Carlos said. He had been waiting for his two band mates up on the roof, and was standing next to a bucket.

"What are we doing here anyway?" Logan asked.

"Well Carlos and I noticed the abundance of females by the pool today…" James started, but Carlos cut in.

"And it's all the insane ones. You know the ones that like tossing us in pools…"

"and reject us every other day. So we had a plan for revenge." James finished with a sly smile.

Logan carefully made his way to the ledge and looked down over the pool area. He saw Kendall with Jo playing chess. They looked like they were having a great time. He glanced around the rest of the area. There were the Simms twins pushing some poor guy in the pool, the Jennifers were sitting at their table drinking smoothies, and Sunblock Girl was tanning. Even Mercedes was there, sitting on Guitar Dude's lap.

Lastly his eyes rested on Camille. She was sitting in a corner, still reading over her script. Now she had added wild hand gestures and expressions. The crazy method actress was just preparing for another audition. Logan chuckled a bit to himself as he turned to face his two friends. "What exactly is this plan?"

James and Carlos looked at each other then unconsciously glanced at the bucket. Logan could now see it was full of water balloons. 'Are they serious?' Logan thought to himself. "And did you two geniuses think about what they might do to us after they're soaked? Didn't you learn anything from the field hockey team back home?"

"But they were hockey players! These are just overdramatic girly girls. They can't hurt us." Carlos said with a chuckle. James smiled and nodded behind him.

"What about Kendall? Don't you think he'll be upset with us for ruining his date?" The smart boy said logically.

"Kendall will get over it. He never stays mad at anyone for more than a minute anyway. Come on Logie! This is exactly what the Hollywood super party kings of Hollywood need to do to keep our cred." James said, pulling out a bandana and wrapping it around his head. Carlos put on his helmet, tapping it twice. They each picked up two water balloons, and turned to Logan. "Are you in?" they asked together.

"I gotta get new friends." Logan mumbled as he grabbed some balloons.




"What were you idiots thinking?" Kendall yelled. The four band mates were back in 2J. Kendall was dripping wet, and the other three were on the couch, each nursing their own injuries. Jo was currently in their bathroom trying to dry off. James and Carlos both looked over at Logan, which didn't go unnoticed by Kendall.

"What are you looking at me for?" Logan whined, paling under Kendall's gaze. "This was James' and Carlos' idea. They forced me into it!"

"We were trying to cheer you up!" James yelled.

"Great job," Logan replied sarcastically.

"I don't care whose idea it was! You guys are out of control! Bitters want us kicked out, what with the pillow fight, octopus, and the party. Dropping water balloons from a restricted area is not helping!" Kendall was calmer after venting, and continued, "wait, why did you do it anyway?"

"They were all the mean girls; we thought it'd be fun." Carlos said.

"Yea, we're sorry you and Jo got hit, we really weren't aiming for you." James responded, soothing Kendall back to his non-mad state.

"Okay, but why did you join them?" He said turning to Logan. "Didn't you learn not to take their advice at the party yesterday?" Logan looked down depressed. He had learned his lesson, more than they even knew. During the balloon air raid, Logan had watched Camille. When James hit her with a balloon, she looked up and her eyes locked with Logan's. The hurt that he'd seen in those eyes, had made Logan die a little inside.

While he was reliving the pain, Kendall had continued his lecture. Logan didn't bother trying to catch up; he just got up and went to the bathroom that Jo was not occupying. He grabbed a few medical supplies and then went back to his own room. Nursing the cuts and bruises made by the swarm of wet girls that had attacked them temporarily took his mind off of Camille. But he knew he had to do something to make it up to her. She deserved better than this.

Mrs. Knight and Katie returned around dinner time. Kendall and James were playing dome hockey, and Carlos was playing on swirly, when Logan finally emerged from his room. He had spent the hour trying to think of how to make it up to Camille, but he had no ideas. Kendall was the planner, not him. Logan knew that he would need Kendall's help, but was afraid to ask. Firstly he didn't want James or Carlos getting involved and making everything worse, again. And secondly, he wasn't exactly sure of his intentions.

When he had seen Camille hurt, he had felt something inside. Something he had no explanation for. He wanted to run to her and just hold her until she felt better. But those feelings implied that he liked her in a way that he was sure he didn't. Camille was crazy. There's no getting around that, and Logan really didn't need any more crazy in his life.

Then why did he feel like he needed to comfort Camille?

"Hey, dude, you awake?" Kendall said, waving his hand in front of Logan's face.

"Bleep blap bloop. Huh? What?" Logan said unintelligibly.

"You were zoned out buddy. Mom said dinner's ready."

"Oh, sorry, I was thinking about something." Logan said as he followed his best friend to the table.

"Camille?" Katie asked knowingly.

"What? No! Why would you think that?" Logan spluttered defensively.

"I can tell. You had that look where you're nervous and uncertain and guilty all at once." She answered.

Deciding that a change in topic was necessary, Logan turned to Mrs. Knight. "Mrs. Knight, would it be possible to go shopping tomorrow? I… uhh dropped my phone in the pool, accidentally."

"Sure Logan, we can go right after you guys get back from the studio."

"Actually mom," Kendall started, "Gustavo gave us the week off as a thank you for helping him with his par…. I mean because we got our demos chosen. He's excited that his band is succeeding."

"That's great! I am so proud of you guys!" Mrs. Knight said, giving her son a little hug. "Logan I'll take you to get a new phone tomorrow morning then okay?"

"Thanks Mrs. K." He said.

The rest of dinner went by smoothly, with the exception of James and Carlos getting yelled at for having a mini food fight. Logan went to sleep that night, thinking about Camille and what he should do.

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