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"Is that it?" Garnet asked in disbelief, flipping through the remainder of the pages in the books.

"It appears so?" File looked at the rest of the books on the shelf until he found an old calendar record. He opened it and looked around until he found a page that had all the dates from May of 2016, the month and year City disappeared. "According to this old record, she was set to record the rest of her story a few days before she disappeared. I suppose we will never know the rest now, though I don't think you will need it. You were sort of there weren't you?" File pointed to a date on the calendar.

"Well yes but there was so much I never got to know about her! Did father still call her Winnie or did he call her City? Did she ever miss Earth? Why did she even go back there by herself? Why wouldn't she let us go with her?" Garnet became hysterical. File put his hands on her shoulders and rested his forehead on hers.

"Garnet? You know what you could do? Your mother was only one half of a marriage that seemed to be able to survive anything, why don't you go talk to your father? Maybe he could supply the answers you need?" Garnet looked at her shoes, unsure what to do. She took a breath and sighed.

"He hardly talks anymore, I'm not even sure how I could even start the conversation, much less keep one going long enough to bring up mother..." She paced the room, eventually sitting on a stack of books. "I have to just do it." She nodded, standing up. "I can do it! I just know it!" Garnet hugged File tightly, kissing him on the cheek. "Oh thank you File! You have been so much help to me! I don't know how I could ever thank you!" Garnet rushed out of the room,leaving File alone in his office touching his cheek in the spot where Garnet had kissed it earlier. It was that moment when File realized what he had been feeling all the time he spent with Garnet, love.

Garnet sped down the hall searching for her father. Stefano was in the library reading, he had spent the majority of his time there since City had died, which is what he felt he had to assume at this point. It had been four years since City had disappeared, two since the royal search party disbanded. If she were alive she would have come home by now. Stefano sat reading one of his favorite novels when Garnet came rushing in, startling him halfway out of his seat.

"Gigi?" Stefano used Garnet's childhood pet name. "What are you doing running in the halls? Do you know how unsafe that is?" He stood up, bringing his daughter over to a seat across from his.

"Father! I need to know things and I need to know them now! I can't wait in silence anymore." Garnet instantly raised her voice, never having sounded so gravely serious in her whole life.

"What is it?" Stefano had become alarmed by his daughter's sudden change in demeanor.

"It's about mother, I have to know-" Garnet's father cut her off.

"No Garnet, I don't want to talk about your mother. It's only been a few years and really, I don't feel I'm ready for that kind of conversation yet." Stefano said sternly, sounding slightly hurt all the same.

"Yeah, it's been FOUR YEARS! It's like you want us to forget about her altogether! Do you know Salem can't even remember what she looks like? There are portraits of her everywhere yet you walk around as if she never existed! I had the royal criminologist tell me all about her, you two had gone through everything together and now look at you! You have practically thrown it all away because you lost hope! Well guess what father; I haven't because I have hope that she is still out there somewhere! Columbia, grandmother, grandfather, Cosmo and Nation and me! We all know she is still out there, why have you given up?" Garnet's voice softened having realized the caliber of the things she was saying. There was an eerie silence between the father and daughter. Stefano realized his daughter had been right. He wondered how long it had been since he had smiled, it had to have been forever. He had lived in an abyss of his own depression and ignored his children's basic emotional needs in the process. He felt like a fool. They needed to talk, as a family. Stefano walked up to his daughter and pulled her into his arms.

"Okay Gigi, what do you want to know? But first, go get your brother. I think it's important he hear all this too..."That night, the trio discussed City in the fullest detail and for once, they felt the closure they had longed for after so many years. They were going to make it through, no matter what. They may have not had their mother, but at least they had each other and from that night on, they were almost entirely certain they were all right with it.

In the following months, the entire planet of Transsexual seemed to be in better spirits. Everywhere people smiled and went on with their lives for the first time in four years. Salem and Garnet were often found together playing on the beach with their younger cousins Rusty, Lorelei, and Jr. Salem had become far more social than he was in the past, helping Jr (Who wasn't very smart to begin with) with her studies. Garnet left the castle much more often, realizing that in order to heal she should go out to the people and console them instead, using her loss as a way to connect with them. Transsexuals and Bisexuals were two very different cultures, conflict was bound to rise and as such, Garnet would be there whenever conflict arrived.

Stefano had changed so much since he spoke with Garnet. He was no longer the silent man that his family had known for so long, he was back to himself, now finding solace in the lab with Cosmo and Riff Raff. The three of them pioneered in war technology. What was formerly called the 'Pea' was now perfectly stable and was now used as a small grenade that could take down a small planet with hardly any help from the military. It was this pea that finally silenced Mars for good, having scared the Martians into submission with its explosive power.

Columbia and Eddie were married shortly after they returned to Transsexual with Winnie all those years ago and a year later they had a daughter they namedEdie or Jr. for short. Six years later, Cosmo and Nation ascended to the throne and were soon joined by two children of their own, Rusty and Lorelei. The two little Transsexuals, with the help of their cousins, had begun to learn the basic rules of being royalty. All in all the family was happy again.

As for File you ask? His life changed a lot too. After many failed attempts to ask Garnet out, he finally was able to muster up his courage and of course she said 'yes'. Together they sorted through his office and reduced his workload to a minimum, giving the couple much more time to spend together. File finally experienced the world as he was meant to. He never realized how naive he had been before; he still had so much to learn about the world he had walled himself off from.

It was nearly the Bisexual holiday known as Christmas, a holiday that Transsexual adopted with great success. Every Christmas Eve the royal family threw a large ball for all their friends and family in the most lavish way they knew how. Garnet had invited File many days prior but knew she would have to remind him. The holidays were a busy time; he had to record all the numbers of people leaving and returning the planet and had been cooped up in his office for days. Garnet, dressed and ready to leave for the ballroom entered the office looking for File.

"Did you forget what tonight is?" She asked, tilting her head. File jumped up from his desk, he looked exhausted.

"Wha?" He asked sleepily.

"Oh dear...File!" She was upset but unsurprised, she knew how busy he had been.

" Come with me, let's get you cleaned up." She took his hand, leading him to her room where she turned her shower on for him. She turned around while he stripped of his clothing and got in. Once she was sure he was in the shower she went to her nightstand and retrieved a small pill. Garnet brought it back to her boyfriend, careful not to look at him while he was in the shower. They hadn't reached that point in their relationship yet.

"What is this?" He asked, quickly swallowing the pill.

"Caffeine pill, it will help wake you up. Uncle Cosmo invented them. The party started already so hurry up! I sent for your best suit already." She informed him, touching up her hair in a mirror over her dresser. Twenty minutes later, File was dressed and ready to go. He exited the bathroom to notice Garnet; she had never looked so lovely in her whole life.

"You look amazing Princess..." He said in awe of her change in appearance.

"That's Garnet to you...Lady Garnet. You know just as well as I do that I'm in no right, a princess." She corrected him. He linked his arm with Garnet, kissing her on the cheek before they started down the hall for the ballroom. When they arrived, the party was already in full swing. The ballroom was decorated in silver, green and red from the ceiling to the floors. A large Christmas tree stood on the left side of the throne. Cosmo and Nation sat in their throne looking on at the party and greeting guests as they were approached. Wednesday and Lukas were talking with Magenta and Riff Raff, after the couples met it had become surprisingly apparent that they were very similar to each other, sharing the same interests and such. Every member of the family that Garnet could think of were at the party, including the Addams clan from Garnet's father's side. The second the couple reached the bottom of the staircase a young dark haired girl with heavy purple makeup rushed up to Garnet. She exclaimed.

"Cousin Garnet!" She hugged Garnet tightly.

"Cousin Lilith! You all made it!" Garnet exclaimed

"Of course! It wouldn't be Christmas without you!" The girls smiled. Lilith looked over at File, who by now seemed confused. "So who's this Garnet?" She crossed her arms. "Your boyfriend?" She teased.

"Well actually, yes!" Garnet pulled File closer to her, " This is File. File, this is my Cousin Lilith."

"Pleasure to meet you!" File shook Lilith's hand.

"So where's the rest of the family?" Garnet asked.

"I'll take you to them!" Lilith took Garnet's hand and pulled her into the crowd, Garnet, tugging File along behind them. They first found Pugsley, who at this point in his life, looked more like Fester than anything.

"Hey kids!" He greeted them cheerfully, " Where have you been Garnet? You dad has been looking for you!" He put his arms around File and Garnet's shoulders.

"We would have been here a lot sooner but I had to help File here get ready!"Garnet hit File playfully.

"So is that what they are calling it these days?" Pugsley looked at them with a confused expression, " Well just use protection! Now get going, your dad will want to know you made it here safe!" He sent the couple on their way, beginning a discussion with Lilith shortly after.

"What did he mean by that?" File asked quietly.

"By what?" Garnet asked.

" 'Is that what they are calling it these days?' I don't understand?" File asked naively.

"He thought we were having sex File..." Garnet hit her palm to her forehead. File's eyes grew wide with understanding and embarrassment.

"But we weren't...and we didn't...and you didn't correct him?" File asked in disbelief.

"Why? Is that a bad thing?" Garnet winked at him but before File could say anything they had reached Stefano, who was standing with Salem. Both were dressed very dashingly, taking Garnet by surprise. " Hello father! We made it!"Garnet's father turned around to greet his daughter.

"Garnet!" He smiled, " So this must be File, the boy I've heard so much about!" Stefano shook File's hand, Salem taking his turn after.

" don't look at all how Garnet described you..." Salem said. Before he could continue, the doors to the ballroom suddenly burst open. Not expecting any more guests, the royal family gathered at the front of the crowd to see who had arrived. A shapely silhouette appeared in the door with a smaller one holding the first one's hand. The shadow seemed to be wearing a ripped dress of some sort and to the crowd's surprised, the shadow was missing an arm. The shadow stepped in closer, slowly becoming more visible. The crowd let out a gasp.

Garnet's mouth fell open.



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