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Chapter 1: I thought this was supposed to family vacation

Waves washed in and out of the sandy shore, the fresh scent being carried by the breezes. A small colorful ball fell in the sea water and two monkeys with white fur and red eyes, leaped in after the round object.

" Let go of the ball, brother! its my turn!" the young four-year old female growled." Its my turn with the ball. You've been hogging it for the past five hours!" the six year old sibling snapped back and the two continued their tug of war. Watching the two on the shore not far, lied an older albino monkey on a chair under a umbrella. He was wearing yellow shorts with orange markings, sandals, and sunglasses. His arms behind his head and cautiously watching, he couldn't see why he shouldn't relax on a gorgeous day.

Two years passed since Specter and Storm defeated the evil twins, queens of the nightmares. The albino returned to his evil scheming, but the plan flunked by Spike and Jimmy. He snapped when they reached and it ended to ' take a pill for god's sake. You need vacation' instead of a battle. They caught him and the freaky monkey five and it left Blue tail to rescue them since Jimmy easily captured Saru and Ember. He left Monkey Blue in charge of watching the base while Specter gets to spend more time with the family. For others, Emerald hasn't been seen since he and his alter self finished the prophecy. Storm and Crystal returned back to their world, but he sensed their arrivals from far here.

Specter turned his gaze off the kids and looked around his surroundings." Where the hell did Pink go?" he muttered and spotted something running toward him at full speed. It was Monkey Pink and right behind her were a bunch of people chasing her with hearts trailing." Should have guessed...and right on my spot!" he growled as she hid on his right side of the chair. She was wearing a black bikini." Specter, help me! The paparazzi spotted me and I tried shaking them off!" she pleaded as the albino lowered his sunglasses, his red eyes gazing on the coming stampede.

" This is the reason why I said keep a low profile in California beaches. Get under," he muttered as the monkey hid under the chair and the albino pointed to his right.

" OMG! She ran over there!" screamed a random fan boy and the crowd zoomed past Specter, leaving a mist of sand for him to cough at. Pink crawled out and looked around.

" Are the fan boys gone?"

" Yep. I get a point for saying that I was right," he replied coolly, taking his sunglasses off. Pink sat with him and her finger on his chest." Of course you usually don't help often so I wanna know why...," she asked as Specter places his gaze on the kids again.

" If you must know, my sweetheart, I despise guys flirting with you so it saddens me...," he muttered as the monkey moved her finger up to his cheek.

" About...?" she replied and the albino puts his hand on the back of her head. His hand pushed it towards him and Specter pressed his lips against hers. Pink, of course, gave in and they broke the kiss, red eyes contacting with her black eyes." When they don't realize that you're mine to flirt with, not them!" he replied and the female monkey gave a smile. She wrapped her arms around his neck and their making out session continued.

Saru turns just in time to the moment of his parents." You've got to be joking..." he groaned while Ember played with the volleyball. Ignoring her brother's comments, she threw the ball in the air in a rhythm when a strong breeze blew it from her catching point. Floating few inches off, she reached for it when bubbles began forming under it. The female albino froze, the bubbles growing larger with scales of a creature rising from the water. It was a mutated dragon , red scales with tentacles and a mysterious gem on the forehead. Specter opened his eyes to see the creature snarling at Ember and Saru, who never noticed the beast behind them. The albino pushed Pink away gently, the monkey looked behind her and sees the monster as well." Looks like our vacation is going have to wait," he growled, getting off his chair and levitating the nearest boulder to chuck at the beast.

Saru watches the boulder smash into the monster behind him, screeching and a tentacle was heading straight for him and Ember. The sibling grabbed her arm and teleports away from the danger. The dragon glared at the albino with its fierce topaz eyes and crawled out toward him." Pink, get the kids to safety! Me and this filthy serpent are gonna play a game," he ordered as the monkey guided the children away behind a rock to watch very far. Specter threw a ball of energy at the dragon's forehead gem, the creature snarled in pain. The albino grinned as the damaged stone spreads through its body till it was frozen solid.

" That was fast...too fast," he muttered, walking towards the statue and putting his hand on the crystallized monster. He froze from his mind flashing, his fur bristling in shock.

In Specter's mind...

Visions passed through Specter's sight. A monkey with a staff, a young monkey in possession, and the monkey crushing the world with his hand." Emerald, tell me what's all of this about...Emerald?" he called out, but no reply. The room vanished as pain pierced his cheek.

Back in reality...

" OW!" he cried and rubbed his cheek with a red mark." I called your name five times so you deserve that from ignoring me!" Monkey Pink growled as Specter looked up at the statue." Something is happening...Why didn't Emerald say anything?" he whispered as his wife's eyes widen." You had another vision, but Emerald wasn't there?" she replied as Saru was stunned. Before he could speak, evil laughter came from above the family. They looked up and sees a gray haired monkey with green eyes. He wore a purple cape, gloves that are from his knuckles to his elbows, and boots with light yellow edges. He had blue fabric covering his gray pants and a staff with dark energy, making Specter's skin crawl." I'm impressed by your wisdom of taking down my pets," he said evilly as the albino raised his arm slightly to defend Pink and his children.

The monkey tilted his head, the evil smirk growing wider." I see. You want to play it that way, then it will be!" he sneered, pointing his staff at them. A beam of dark energy shot at them and Specter created a shield,but attack destroyed it in seconds and created an explosion. Specter, Monkey Pink, Saru and Ember were sent flying to land on against rocks and sand. Ember lied on the ground in shock, Pink on her knee with Saru rubbing the bruise on his head, and Specter on his feet. Seeing Ember severely hurt, rage was already pumped up the albino and dashes at the monkey. Blue aura surrounding his fist, he was about to punch the crystallized dragon when Specter stopped the attack, his eyes widen and frozen on his tracks.

Standing in his way Monkey Pink, her arms spreaded out to protect the statue." Move out of the way, Pink!" he ordered, but she didn't budge. He soon realized how her eyes were dull, so distant." P-pink...?" he whispered worried and tries going around her, but his wife blocked his path.
" Oh what's wrong? Looks as if you're having a hard time down there," he snickered as Specter looked to see the reason. The red gem in his staff was glowing and dark energy he sensed was trapping Pink's mind." Let her free, you bastard!" he hissed as the simian grinned." Very well, but you'll be giving me something in trade," he replied as Specter grunted. Before the monkey could say anything, he spotted a lightning attack heading toward him and transported from the attack and the statue blew to bits. Pink's eyes came clear and collapsed to the ground, Specter went to his lover's side. He looked to see a black haired monkey with a brown coat, blue jeans, white shirt and red necktie, his amber eyes gazing at the two on ground. Helping Ember was a female monkey with purple fur, a hair clip on her right, purple long-sleeved shirt with heart, and blue jeans.

" Long time no see, Specter. I see you were victims of our little suspect," he greeted, as Specter knew that something terrible is about to happen...

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