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Chapter 1: What Happened Last Night

"Oh shit"

It was and early morning in Konoha. The sun was just rising over the still sleeping village. Yet Sakura Haruno didn't have time to take in the beauty that the sunrise gave to the Hokage's monument, or the sounds of the birds singing at the sign of first light. She was too distracted by the arm wrapped around her waist and the warmth of an unfamiliar body next to hers.

Sakura lay in bed, very still trying to figure out what exactly had happened the night before. From the massive headache she had, she could tell it involved alcohol. Then she looked down at the hand wrapped around her bare, naked waist.

'Wait. Naked? Oh god no'

Sakura's thoughts were interrupted as the previously mentioned arm moved, pulling Sakura towards a torso that rested against her bare, naked back. Craning her neck she tired to see exactly who this person was who she had apparently gone off and slept with in a drunken moment of stupidity. At the sight of messing, spiky, blonde hair, Sakura's breath caught in her throat.

'Oh shit'

Craning her neck further, Sakura could now make out the face of her teammate, Naruto Uzumaki.

'Oh shit, definitely not good. I have to get out of here. I've got to figure out exactly what happened last night!'

Carefully and quietly slipping out of his warm, strong grasp, much to her displeasure, Sakura stepped onto the floor of what she now recognized as Naruto's apartment. Clothes of hers and Naruto's were scattered everywhere. Sakura quickly gathered all of her clothes and dressed silently. When she finished, she turned back to look at the blonde. He had obviously felt her heat leave him and he was now wrapped in the blankets. Sakura stroked his hair lightly, unconsciously smiling, as she tried to come up with a plan. After a few moments, Sakura regretfully pulled away, slipping out of the apartment.

As Sakura walked through the street, memories began to come back to her. She had been out with the other Konoha 11. The 4th Shinobi War had finished, Madara was dead. And it took nothing less than the combined force of Naruto and Killer Bee to kill him. Permanently this time. To celebrate, every village made the day a day of peace, a day where the tired soldiers could celebrate.

As Sakura walked towards her apartment, she could see the after effects of the celebrations everywhere. Trash littered the ground. Shinobi were passed out in some very odd places. One man she passed by had fallen asleep in the middle of the road. Sakura shook her head, trying to recall exactly how she had ended up in the arms of Naruto Uzumaki.

She remembered the celebrations. Everyone was happy. Of course they should've been. They had just lived through a war. A war against an army of Zetsu, undefeatable zombies, and a couple of madmen. And Sasuke Uchiha.

Sakura stopped. She was starting to remember. And Sasuke had been the start of the problem.

Sasuke had also died in the war. Actually that was wrong. Sakura had killed him. It had been in a battle between Naruto and Sasuke. The former was winning, but in a moment of guilt and hesitation, he was stabbed by Sasuke, the sword going, quite literally, right through him. Something inside Sakura had snapped. She had rushed over, and given a punch to Sasuke's right temple that sent him flying through a couple of trees. Possibly a boulder too. Either way, he had been killed. By Sakura. And she didn't even spare him a second glance, immediately rushing to her other teammate's side, the one who had stuck by her all these years. But that didn't mean that she didn't think about it later.

At the celebrations, she just couldn't get into the spirit of things. Sure, she put on a smile, a mask to fool those closest to her, but in reality, the guilt was tearing her up inside. About halfway through, she had decided that it was enough. She started on her way home, when a warm hand had placed itself on her shoulder. She had turned to find the smiling face of Naruto. The same smile she'd worn. A mask. Naruto, Sakura, and Kakashi had gone for a drink then, a sort of memorial for their now deceased friend. After a while, she had been smiling genuinely again, as stories were passed around, reminding them of the good times.

Sakura scratched her head. That was as far as her memory went. She had no idea how she had gone from having a quiet evening with the remainder of Team 7, to the bed of her best friend.

"Yo, Sakura"

Sakura looked up and turned around to see Kakashi. He was walking toward her with his eye closed, indicating he was smiling. He looked the same as ever, minus the wrinkles that now formed around his eye. Obviously, the entire team hadn't taken Sasuke's death well.

"Hey Kakashi-sensei. What're you up to?"

Kakashi shrugged. Then, as he gazed at his student, realization dawned on him.

"You didn't go home last night?"

Sakura's eyes widened a little, before she shook her head. Kakashi smiled again.

"So I guess you and Naruto had fun after I left?"

Sakura fought hard to keep down the blush that still managed to reach her cheeks. She looked away, embarrassed.

"I guess so, I don't really remember" She answered honestly.

Kakashi stared down at his student. She wasn't acting like her usual self.

'Her hair is a mess, her clothes are the same as yesterday, and she can't remember what happened last night? Hmm, I wonder what my cute little students have been getting up to?' he thought.

After saying her goodbyes, Sakura continued her walk to her apartment. Maybe after having a nice warm shower she would have a better chance at remembering exactly what the hell happened the night before.

After a hot shower and a change of clothes, Sakura's headache still hadn't gone away. She also hadn't remembered exactly how she had gone from the drinks to Naruto's apartment either, not to mention exactly what they did while there.

Her musings were cut short by a knock on her door. She opened it to see Ino, who was somehow looking not hung-over at all.

"Forehead! What's the scoop?" She asked excitedly.

Sakura groaned. The noise wasn't helping her head.

"Ino, shut up, my head is killing me right now. What are you talking about?"

Ino quieted down, but still asked her next question with a lot of energy.

"I mean what's up with you and Naruto? I saw you two walking home together yesterday, three hours after you two left the rest of us. You were all over him forehead!" Ino said, trying her very best to not scream out.

Sakura, on the other hand, looked horrified. "I-I was what?"

Ino rolled her eyes. "Don't play dumb with me Forehead. I saw you two walking toward his apartment. You both looked tipsy, and you could barely keep your hands off of him! You were holding his arm at first, but as you two walked, you were cuddling up to him! So, what's the deal?"

Sakura rubbed the bridge of her nose, trying to sort this out.

"Look, Pig, I don't know what you-"

She paused. Memories began to flow back into her. Memories which were very, very vivid. Then for the third time that morning, "Oh shit"

Ino looked at her curiously, but Sakura couldn't be bothered with it at the moment. The memories were flooding back into her. At some point during the evening, Kakashi had left the two of them alone. And then at another point, she had brought up the fact that she had killed Sasuke. Naruto had tried to comfort her, telling her that it was his fault for hesitating. Sakura had partially agreed, it was his fault, but not in the way he thought. When he had given her a confused look, she had told him. She blamed the alcohol. Sure, it wasn't like the alcohol made her lie. That much was obvious. It's just that the alcohol had made her brave enough to tell him. So she told him. Told him that the reason she had jumped in and killed Sasuke was because she was afraid of losing him. She wanted to make sure he was safe. To make sure he would stay with her. They had been silent a long time after that, neither daring to look at the other. That is, until Naruto decided to kiss her. Obviously, the alcohol hadn't only made her braver. It had only taken her a moment before she kissed him right back, deepening the kiss. They sat there for a while, silently kissing one another.

Eventually, they paused for breath, staring deeply into each other's eyes, and Sakura had seen the emotions that swirled around those blue orbs of his, spinning around like a whirlpool, as if his emotions were each fighting for dominance. She could see passion, confusion, fear, disbelief, and lastly, but definitely most strongly, love. She had smiled, she remembered. And she had taken his hand, dropping their money on the table and walking out of the restaurant.

She remembered seeing Ino but pretending not to. She had not wanted to lose this moment with Naruto. They had made their way to his apartment. The minute the door had closed they had gone back to the passionate kisses they had started in the restaurant.

She remembered the kisses he had given her. Full of passion, of love. He had trailed them down her neck, going only by instinct. Of course neither had experience in this, so it was all through what felt right that they continued. Whatever made the other feel good. But when Sakura had pulled off his jacket, he had stopped her. She saw the love in his eyes, but also the disbelief. She had wondered what that meant, but only for a moment as he asked her if she really wanted to do this. She had answered him by taking off her own shirt and undoing her bindings, provoking a gasp from him. Then she had taken off his shirt, as he was too shocked to be able to do it himself.

After he had finally snapped back to reality, he began to kiss her neck, her collarbone, discovering the places she enjoyed, the places she despised. She moaned and ran her hands through his hair, scraping his scalp.

Eventually, she managed to get them both undressed, although Naruto seemed intent on pleasuring her. And as he prepared to enter her, Naruto had looked at her one last time; his eyes still a torrent of emotions. "Are you sure?" he had asked. She just nodded, before reaching up and pulling him toward her.

After they had finished, both gasping and panting, Sakura had felt his arms wrap around her, his lips on the back of her neck. And with that, she had fallen asleep in his arms, safe, warm, and happy.

While Sakura had taken this little trip down memory lane, blushing quite furiously, Ino had become fairly impatient. "Well Forehead? What happened?"

Sakura shook her head out of her daze, and stared, glassy eyed, at Ino. Then, in the smallest of whispers, she said, "I-I slept with him"

Ino gaped, in shock about this revelation. None of the others had ever gone that far with anyone before. If they did, she was sure that she would know.

"You what?"

Sakura sighed, her eyes now focused again. "You heard me, Pig. I slept with Naruto"