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Chapter 7: Her Response

"Sakura…I love you"

The words had come out of his mouth so fast, he had barely even realized what it was he had said.

He blushed and stared out over Konoha. He was too afraid to look at her, too afraid to see what her reaction would be. He waited in silence, barely even breathing. The cool evening wind swept over the rooftops, but if he was cold, he didn't notice. All he could feel was the presence of Sakura laying next to him.

"What?" Sakura finally said. It had been so quiet, Naruto was unsure for a moment if she had said anything at all.

Naruto finally turned to look at her, blue sapphires meeting green emeralds. Her eyes held many emotions. Emotions that even he couldn't read. These emotions scared him, made him doubt himself. She was sitting up now. His jacket, which he had placed over her to protect her from the chilly evening winds, now slid off of her, onto the ground between them.

As the two of them stared at each other, Naruto began to doubt himself. Why wasn't she answering? Did she really love him? Had Kakashi been wrong? And if he was, then how could Naruto face Sakura from now on? He would have been rejected twice. He would never be able to look at her without feeling the pain that would come with seeing her face. After all, he had loved her for years. Sure, it had started out as a simple crush. That was how he had brushed off all of her rejections before. But now he loved her. The level of pain that came with her rejection had increased with the level of affection he felt for her. If he was rejected again, he wouldn't be able to take it.

But what would holding back accomplish at this point. This thought was what pushed Naruto forward. It was what pushed Naruto to speak again, because if he held back now he knew he would regret it for the rest of his life.

"Sakura…I love you. Even if you don't love me back, I will still love you. I can't help it. I can't even hide my feelings anymore. I can't even put on an emotional mask like I used to. I can't just brush off rejection with a goofy smile and a laugh. The pain is too much now. I tried to hide it. For months now I've tried. I've also tried to forget how I feel, to bury my feelings away deep inside. Yet they come back every time, even stronger than before. I love you Sakura. No matter what you or I do I can't change it"

Sakura gasped, before more tears began to run down her cheeks. Naruto could feel his heart breaking. She was going to reject him. This was the end. She wasn't responding at all. In fact, he had made her cry. That was something he swore he would never do.

He smiled his best smile before tearing his gaze away from hers. He stood. "I'm sorry" he muttered, too afraid to look her in the eyes again. He turned to face the village, to avoid seeing the tears she cried and to hide his own. He prepared to leap off the building, to land on the street below and not look back. This was the end. It was all over.

Not once glancing back, he smiled bitterly. He couldn't look back. Not now. He would have to bury his feelings for her move on. But he knew it would never be that easy for him. He loved her too much. He would probably never love another as much as he loved her. Yet, it was the way things would have to be from now on. Letting the tears flow freely now, Naruto took a step. This was the first step towards burying his feelings for the pink haired kunoichi behind him.

"Sakura…I love you"

Sakura's resolve to end this, to make things right, was completely and utterly destroyed by these few words. All of her determination to make him see, to show him that he deserved better, was shattered.

She was still lying down. Naruto's jacket still covered her. Her hands gripped the edges as she tried to recompose herself. But no matter what her mind told her to say, she couldn't do it. Her body wouldn't listen.


She saw Naruto turn, his eyes gazing directly into hers. In his eyes, she saw pain, fear, but most importantly, love. She could see the raw emotion of love in his eyes. It was clearly visible. She wondered why she had never noticed before. How could she have not seen the love he felt for her? The love she saw in his eyes was not something that could be hidden easily. Sakura sat up, allowing his jacket to slide off of her and onto the ground that separated them.

After a few moments, Naruto spoke again. His voice was steady, strong. Sakura could feel the emotion behind his voice. It felt as if he was betting everything on this.

"Sakura…I love you. Even if you don't love me back, I will still love you. I can't help it. I can't even hide my feelings anymore. I can't even put on an emotional mask like I used to. I can't just brush off rejection with a goofy smile and a laugh. The pain is too much now. I tried to hide it. For months now I've tried. I've also tried to forget how I feel, to bury my feelings away deep inside. Yet they come back every time, even stronger than before. I love you Sakura. No matter what you or I do I can't change it"

Sakura gasped. Any remaining resolve she had to turn him away, to tell him to love someone else, disappeared in an instant. She was stunned. He still loved her. Even after all they had been through. Even after she had told him to stop loving her. To love someone else. Someone who deserved him.

After Sakura didn't answer, Naruto gave her a small smile. Sakura's already broken heart felt like it was shattering 100 times over. This was a smile she had seen once before. Only the last time, he had hid his emotions better. The last time he had given her this smile was when he had promised to bring Sasuke back.

This time, his pain was clearly visible. His smile had not an ounce of joy in it. It was so sad that he might as well have not smiled at all. It hurt Sakura to see him like this.

Naruto looked away now. Sakura could've sworn she saw tears form in his eyes. He turned, uttering a small apology with a hoarse voice. She could see him shaking, very slightly.

Then, he began to walk away. He took a few steps before beginning to build the chakra required to get off of the building and onto the street below.

As she watched his back, Sakura was suddenly reminded of the time Sasuke had left. The way he had never faced her, never looked back. Naruto was now doing the same. He was leaving her. He would probably never try to be with her again. He would probably bury his feelings, move on. He would find a new love, and love her with as much passion as his love for Sakura. This was what she had wanted, for him to move on, find someone who deserved him. This is what needed to happen.

At least, that's what she had thought.

As Naruto took a step away from her, not once looking back, Sakura reached out. She grasped his pant leg, stopping him. She heard him gasp, but he still didn't look back. She held back her tears just long enough to say, "Naruto…please don't leave. Please…stay with me…"

That was all she could manage. As the last words left her mouth, tears began to flow down her cheeks. She began sobbing like she had never sobbed before. Not even for the wayward Uchiha had she ever cried like this. Through her sobs, she managed a few other words. "Naruto…I'm so…sorry…please, don't leave…I know…I don't deserve you…but I…"

Naruto still didn't turn around. He didn't even glance at her. This made Sakura cry even harder. She was too late. He wouldn't ever love her now. Sure, she believed that this was the right thing to do. But still, it didn't take away the pain. To Sakura, it felt as if something had grasped her heart, and was slowly squeezing it, harder and harder. After a few seconds, she let go of his pant leg. She lowered her head, unable to take looking at him anymore. She sobbed uncontrollably now. After a few seconds she wasn't even able to tell if he was still there.

Eventually, Sakura was unable to contain her feelings any longer. She decided that keeping it inside was just too painful. And so, between her sobs, she said "Naruto…I love you…I-I know…that I don't deserve it…I know…that I treated you horribly…and I…ignored your feelings for…so long…but…I love you…I know…that I'm probably too late but-"

Sakura's sobs and tears were temporarily stopped as two warm, strong arms wrapped themselves around her. Sakura gasped as Naruto's scent once again surrounded her. And then, she was crying again as Naruto's voice softly and gently said "Sakura…I told you…I will always love you. I said that when I try to bury my feelings, they just come back stronger. I will never stop loving you Sakura. I couldn't stop if I tried"

Sakura gasped in-between her sobs, before wrapping her own arms around Naruto's neck. He pulled her close, so that her head was resting on his shoulder, and his head on hers. They stayed like that for a few moments, allowing Sakura's tears to die down. Eventually, they pulled apart just enough to look into each other's eyes. And each saw the love and affection that the other held for them.

Slowly, they began to get closer, slowly bringing their faces towards each other. Finally, their lips met. They stayed there, kissing for what seemed like forever. Eventually, he pulled her closer, refusing to let go. Both became filled with a joy that neither had felt since that fateful night, so many days ago. When they did eventually part, Naruto pulled away, just enough so that he could see Sakura's face. She smiled a teary smile as he brushed a strand of pink hair out of her face. She pulled him close again, resting her head on his shoulder.

"Naruto", she said very quietly, "I'm sorry. I know you deserve better than me. I've hurt you so much. I-" she paused to hold back new tears that had begun forming. "I wanted you to move on. To find someone who can make you happy. Someone who will treat you like you deserve. But I can't hold back my feelings anymore. I love you Naruto, I-"

Sakura was cut off, as Naruto pulled away quickly before crushing his lips to hers. She kissed him back, enjoying the moment. Eventually though Naruto pulled back again, much to Sakura's displeasure. He gazed at her, his arms holding her as if she was glass, ready to break at any moment. "Sakura, do you remember what you said before, in the hospital? You said that I deserved the perfect woman"

Sakura nodded, though she was a little confused. What did this have to do with them now? A small fear began to form in her mind.

"Well, to me, you are the perfect woman. I could never find someone more perfect than you"

And now that fear was gone.

Sakura gasped. "But…but what about everything I've done to you? I've hurt you so much in the past"

Naruto smiled at Sakura, though it was a sad smile. "Sakura, I hurt you as well. I could've killed you. When I used the Kyubi's power to fight Orochimaru I attacked you. That was unforgivable. But you tried to hide what I did, tried to protect me. Even though I had hurt you, you stayed by me. You also stayed with me even though you learned about the Kyubi. I could never hate you. And you say that you used my feelings in the Land of Iron when you confessed to me? That may be true, but you were doing it to protect me. To keep me from fighting Sasuke. You did it because you cared. Sakura, all you've ever done is care for me. How could I ever hate you?"

But Sakura shook her head. For some reason, a small part of her kept denying everything. Even though she wanted, with all her being, to be with him, she still couldn't let go of the past. "Well what about when I asked you to chase after Sasuke? And our time as Team 7? You can't tell me I looked out for you then"

Naruto just continued to smile lovingly at her. "Sakura, it doesn't matter. The things that happened years ago are in the past. And about Sasuke, sure, it hurt when I made that promise. But I did it so you would be happy. You didn't do it to hurt me. You wanted him back. We all did. You shouldn't feel bad about that"

Sakura, still crying lightly, just looked at him with teary eyes. "But-"

Naruto rolled his eyes. "You know, Sakura-chan, I thought that you were the smart one on the team. I guess I was wrong" he said, grinning.

Sakura's jaw dropped. Her sadness was temporarily replaced by anger. But before she could react, Naruto had pulled her close for another kiss. When they pulled apart, Naruto placed his forehead on hers and looked into her eyes. All of her anger had vanished and was replaced with love. "Like I've said about a million times today, I love you Sakura. Why can't we just let go of the past"

Sakura looked into his eyes. She could see how much he loved her. How he didn't care about what she had done. She decided to let it go. She closed her eyes and pulled him close again, resting her head on his chest. She leaned against him, feeling his chest rise up and down. She heard his heartbeat. Even though he had seemed so calm, his heartbeat was erratic. This made her smile. She felt Naruto pull his arms more tightly around her. And for a long time they sat there. Both were content to be in the other's arms. Both felt complete, like nothing was wrong with the world. They were together now. What may or may not have happened in the past didn't matter. As long as they had each other, nothing else mattered.

What the young couple didn't notice was the smile of Shikamaru Nara, who sat on a building nearby. He stood up and turned away. As he walked away, he glanced back, taking one last look at them. "Like I told you Sakura, you two are special. Your bond is unique and stronger than anything I've ever seen. All you needed was a little faith" he whispered. And with that he turned away again, a huge smile on his face as he vanished in a swirl of leaves, leaving the two young lovers behind.

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