Dimitri was never awakened.

Queen Tatiana is alive.

This is 3 years after graduation and Dimitri and Rose, and Lissa and Christian are engaged.

Aqua is Dimitri and Christian's cousin, is a dhampir but has fangs and controls all 5 elements because she is 15% human and 85% Moroi. Also she has super speed and strength like a Strigoi, but she's not Strigoi.

There is one other of Aqua's kind in the world, a nonroyal girl named Hanna who is from Russia (like Aqua) and is the cousin of Eddie and Mia. She is in her 3rd year of college, where Lissa and Aqua were up for Queen, as Tatiana will be retiring soon, so they needed to put college aside for two seconds. Also, she goes with Jesse.

The Queen never passed the law about the 16 year old guardians.

Dimka and Roza have an open relationship.

Aqua is imprinted with her husband, Alex, who is her guardian of six years. (She is royal, even though she is a dhampir, and therefore has a guardian. Yes a guardian. She's still only an Ozera, though a valuable dhampir breed.)

Lissa and Rose are Aqua's best friends.

SPOILER! Lissa and Rose are still bonded.

As I entered the church, I noticed only one person in the first pew, with short curly brown hair pulled back into a messy bun, hair falling foward to frame her round face. Her blue eyes were unfocused, staring blankly toward the marble sculpture of Jesus at the head of the church.

"Hey," I said, smiling as Aqua jumped and looked at me like she was about to incenerate me.

"Jesus Christmas, Adrian, if you do that ever again, I will burn you alive."

"Sorry, sorry." I sat down next to her.

"Since when do you come to chuch?"

"Since I was born. You just never see me here." I narrowed my eyes at her. It was her birthday and the party had just ended. She was still in her super short, super sexy blue bubble dress and sapphire tiara, her purse sitting next to her. "What are you doing here?" She shrugged.

"Thinking." She didn't sound happy, but not sad, either. Just monotone, uncharacteristic for her.

"What's there to think about? You have friends, family, a husband and a kid. You're in the running to become Queen."

"Exactly. So much stuff in my life, plus keeping up with everything, Rose and Dimitri, Lissa and Chris, both of which are getting married in the next few months, and I'm helping plan them both. Some other stuff that's better fit for me to discuss with a girl."

"I can act like a girl."

"Says the guy that has slept with every woman in Court, with the excetion of a couple dozen."

"Watch." I clared my throat. "Oh my gosh, girlfriend, do tell me what happened!" I made my voice high and gay-like. Aqua laughed.

"Okay, as long as you don't tell Alex. It might really hurt him." I nodded. "Slap swear." I slapped her, she slapped me, and we went on until both of us had hand-shaped red blotches on our faces.

"I miss the ankle swear," I said.

"Oh, shush."

"Okay, do tell me this problem that involves Alex." I edged foward. Her cheeks got really red, and it wasn't from the slap swear.

"Well, Alex has just been... slacking. Ya know what I mean?" I nodded, and now my cheeks were red, too. "I don't know if it's because of stress or if he just isn't in the mood anymore or if my body just isn't what it use to be or what." She sighed and ran a hand through the loose locks of hair in her face.

"It's definately not the last one," I blurted out.

"What was that?" she asked, an eyebrow cocked in my direction. I gulped and my cheeks got hotter.

"Um, uh, nothing."

"Did you just imply that I have a hot body?" She smirked.

"Maybe." She smiled wider and got on her knees so she was just a few inches shorter than me, the top of her head parallel to my eyes. She smiled up at me and kissed my cheek.

"Well, if it counts for anything, so do you." I smirked.

"I know I do." She sat back down, the air around us once again solemn. She leaned her head on my arm.

"But, seriously, I just feel like I'm missing something. Something important. Something that would make me happy, whole even."

"Any idea what it might be?"

"That's the thing. I think it might not be an it, but a who, ya know?" I nodded and she looked up at me, and my green eyes meeting her blue ones. I cupped her cheek in my hand and leant down slowly. She stayed still, like she was trying to tell me that I was in charge. The second our lips touched, the world exploded around us. The only two things that exsisted in the universe were me and her. Her hands went up to fist my hair, licking my bottom lip to ask for entrance. I opened my mouth and her sweet, wet tongue expored my mouth slowly and softly, like she was afraid she'd hurt me, but the lust was clear as day. In the next second, she was in my lap, staddling my hips while pushing me back against the back of the pew. I scooted foward, despite her pushing, and wrapped both of her legs around my waist. With her securly wrapped around me, I laid her down on the pew. Both of us had one leg on and one leg off the pew.

"Pretty unholy place to be in this position, isn't it?" she asked around my lips. I chuckled and nodded.

"What do you say about the attic?" I asked her.

"Sounds perfect." She was suddenly gone from under me, standing at the attic's entrance.

"No slacking, Ivashkov," she said, smirking at me. I narrowed my eyes at her and ran after her. She was looking around, shaking her head.

"Really? They had to take their old "tradition" to Court?" she said incredulously. "There are no restrictions about boy-girl interactions here." I looked around, seeing clean blankets, pillows, candles, matches, and other romantic junk. All the handiwork of Christian and Lissa.

"That's gross, but covenient."

"I'll say." I looked down at her, wrapping my arms around her waist. "Where were we?"

"Wait here. Let me go call the girls, okay? So they won't worry about me being late to the slumberparty. I have a lot of people to tell, so this could take 10, 15 minutes tops." I nodded and let her go hesitantly. "Be back." She kissed my neck and trotted downstairs. I looked around and smiled, laying out the blankets and pillows, lighting candles, unbuttoning my shirt, and sitting down on the blanket. When she came back up, her eyes went wide and went from aquamarines to sapphires. She walked over wordlessly and sat in my lap, staddling my hips. Without a word and without hesitation, she pressed her lips softly to mine, fisting my hair in her hands. I kissed her back as she tilted my head back, her lips moving on to my neck. She was careful not to let her fangs touch my skin. I took the clip out of hair so her brown curls would flow freely around her delicate tanned shoulders. She slid her hands up my chest, parting ways to push my shirt off of my shoulders and down my arms.

"You're on the pill, right?" I asked, my voice breathy against her ear. She shivered. and nodded.

"Shut up and kiss me," she breathed, her accent no longer hidden and her voice deep annd lusty. It turned me on immensely. She suddenly stiffened and she started looking really guilty as tears formed in her eyes.

"I-I-I," she stuttered like she was trying to explain herself, and then she stopped, flinching like someone'd yelled at her. It was then that I realized Alex was yelling at her through the bond.

"I'm sorry," she sobbed. "Alex, it just happened. No he didn't harrass me! Jesus Christ, Alex, you're not even listening to me!" She shot off of me, stomping to the exit. When she openned it, Lissa and Rose were trying to run away.

"We were just, um," Lissa stuttered.

"Peeping?" Aqua suggested.

"See, you gotta go and make it sound all negative," Rose said.

"No, it's okay, I guess. You would have found out eventually." She put her head down. "Ohmigod shut the fuck up!" She continued out, yelling profanities out the door.

"I guess we better bring her her stuff," Rose said, walking down the steps and grabbing her stuff off of the pew.

"And call off the slumber party," Lissa added, taking out her cell phone.

"I think I just ruined everything for her."

"She's been acting weird lately, and the way she was before Alex interjected was the happiest she's been for the past week." They looked me up and down. "I'm not really surprised that you're who she ends up picking. You're both fun-loving, childlike, lovable. The perfect couple." Rose looked in the way the Aqua had went. "I hope she's okay."

"So do I."

"So, how long?"

"How long what?" It was only me and Rose now because Lissa was calling people to cancel the slumberparty.

"How long have you been in love with Aqua?"

"Since we met, actually. But I was 6 then. We've know each other since childhood when she would visit Court with her dad. I was in love with her then. And don't ask if I was ever actually in love with you. You can be in love with two people at the same time. But then you got engaged to Belikov. And Aqua is - or probably was - married."

"Okay, I'm lost. How long?"

"Since we were kids," I said shortly. She nodded.

"She probably has the same feelings. How did I not notice before? She's always so happy and giggly when she's around you. If someone metions your name, her head shoots up and there's a grin on her face. It was so obvious."

"What was so obvious?" Lissa asked, coming back over.

"Jeez, done already?" Rose asked.

"I talked to half of the guests and they each are going to tell one other person the news."


"So? What was so obvious?"

"Thats Aqua is in love with Adrian."

"Do explain."

"You know how she's always interested in gossip and news and covos about Adrian? And she's acts so giggly school girl-like when she's around him?" She waved her hands suggestively and realization flashed through Lissa's eyes.

"Wow. How did we miss it before?"

"I have no idea."

"Guys, I've known her way longer and I didn't even notice," I said.

"But you're a guy!" they said at the same time. I put my hands up in defense.

"Okay, okay." They turned to leave.

"I guess we'll see you. We'll call you if we hear anything."

"I'll do the same," I called as they waved and walked out. I sighed and ran a hand through my hair. I was in some deep shit.