Was Love Enough?

These days the nights are longer

And I wonder how do I carry on

Your bright and smiling faces

Stare at me from fading photographs

I don't want to but I tarry on

Long red hair that used to lie on our pillows

Bright green eyes full of love

Those are the things I miss the most

When I lay down alone in our bed

The tears won't come I wont let them

There's no sense crying now

You've gone away to a place I can't follow

You've traveled somewhere I can't go

If I can be grateful for anything

It's that you're not alone

That neither you nor our daughter

Feels this soul draining emptiness

That clings and tries to overwhelm me

But I look at the happiness in your pictures

I remember the good times we had

The family that we had was precious

I just wish we'd have had more time

More kisses, more caresses, more I love you

So goodbye my beautiful loves,

My precious Shannon and beloved Kelly

You were loved very much

I just hope my love was enough

A/N: I admit I am no poet but when the bunny bites you gotta let it have it's carrot. Written free verse for all the Gibbs' lovers out there.