A/N: Thank you all for your support of my stories! I hope all of you who have enjoyed my Tadamu fanfics will enjoy this short one-shot as well! I was bored at work today and wrote this when I was on my hour break, so it's not too overly-special. I hope you all still like it, though. Also, please be nice because I am trying the "present tense" format in Tadase's POV...and it may not be all grammatically correct and all lol.

Other then that, have a good time reading.

Asleep in my Arms

A short Tadamu fanfiction by Anime17

We're alone...

We sit on the porch outside and we gaze up at the night sky.

"It's so beautiful..." the girl next to me speaks, sighing softly.

I glance over at her.

Amu...I think to myself, You don't realize how much more beautiful you are than those sparkling stars...

Of course, I don't say it our loud. It would probably sound too cheesy to her.

So, instead, "Yeah...it is..." is all that comes out of my mouth in reply.

Silence hangs in the air. Apparently neither of us feel like uttering anything. It's just too calm for words, I guess.

But, I don't want to sit here frozen to the spot during the entire time.

It is...only us two out here. Maybe I could...

As soon as I begin thinking that, I look down to notice her hand resting next to mine.

I could...do that...

I gulp.

My hand scoots closer, ever so slightly.

My mind starts to wonder why it's sometimes so hard to do something so simple when I'm with...

When I'm with her.

Heat is quickly rushing to my cheeks, but I gain more courage and I place my hand on hers.

I feel her flinch a little. She's probably a bit surprised. But, then I see...

...I see her smiling.

I take that as a good sign to continue, and I'm now gingerly intertwining our fingers together.

My eyes begin to widen now as her hand squeezes mine.

She's returning the favor?

And then...

Suddenly, she leans over towards me.

Her head is laying atop my shoulder...and my heart is beating rapidly.

Involuntarily, I take in the scent of her hair.

The smell is almost too wonderful to describe.

She exhales and whispers, "...Thank you."

I don't think I can speak much with all that's happening right now.

I still somehow manage to stutter, "S-Sure..."

Minutes pass.

I can't do anything.

I feel...content like this.

To be honest, just being around her is contentment enough.

But, to actually be this close right now is...pure joy. I could stay like this forever if I wanted to.

What is that sound? Is she...

My eyes are staring at her figure once again to see what she is doing.

Amu-chan is...is asleep.

A cheerful expression comes upon me and I chuckle a little. It has been quite peaceful tonight, so I figure it's only natural that she's tired.

She looks so calm and...and so dazzling...

Another thought interrupts that one...but for a moment I hesitate to act on it.

Yet, she is, in fact, asleep, soshe won't know I do it.

My free hand brushes a few of her pink locks out of her face.

I bend my head forward.

I close my eyes.

My lips gently brush across her forehead, and her skin is soft to the touch.

I...I love you...

I part away, breaking the kiss, and my eyes barely flutter back open.

I rest my head on hers.

"Good night...my precious Amu-chan..."