Just home from the airport, inside the door, their first proper kiss in a month. They slide each others coats off. His hands go to her waist then slowly up. His thumbs brush over her nip- He breaks the kiss suddenly looking down at her breast. Is that? No, it can't be. Can it? His eyes dart to her face. "What is that?" She smirks at him, her eyes sparkling. He reaches down and lifts her t-shirt up over her breast. His mouth drops open. It is. His eyes dart to her face again. This time she's grinning broadly. He swallows, his eyes move back to the nipple ring. "Fuck. Me."

"That's the plan," she replies.

Yes! Wondering if it's sore, he holds his hand over her breast tentatively glancing up, "Can I?" She nods, still smiling. He cups her breast with his hand, and watches his thumb circle around the ring and over her nipple.

She gasps, "Oh!" Her head is thrown back and her eyes are closed.

"Is that okay?" he asks.

"Oh God, yes!" She pants. Good. He bends down places his mouth over her breast sucking gently. His tongue follows the same path as his finger and then slips under and through the ring, stroking back and forth quickly inside it. The sounds she's making are exquisite. He's hard as a rock now. It's been a long month. Finally, he takes the ring in his teeth and tugs on it. Her loud moan is the last straw. He has to have her, immediately. Keeping his mouth on the ring, he scoops her up and heads for the bedroom.

He practically falls on the bed with her but manages to recover quickly and has all their clothes off in record time. He kneels between her legs, lifts her hips and slams into her, promising himself that he'll let her take the lead next time. From the wanton look on her face she doesn't seem to mind. He pounds into her again and again and bends down sucking practically her whole breast into his mouth. He tugs the ring with his teeth again and tickles the tip of her nipple with his tongue. Come on baby, I'm so close. Finally she comes with a high pitched scream and he releases himself pulsing inside her. Spent, he collapses on top of her. After a moment he kisses a circle around the nipple, rests his chin on her chest and looks up at her.

She gives him a beautiful satisfied smile, "Surprise."

The End.