Hey everyone! This is my First fan fiction so bare with me! This is a cute little story about Germany and Italy! Yes I use their country names because I like them better. Also there WILL BE YAOI. Don't like it don't read, simple as that. Ok so I guess there isn't anything else I have to say soooo on with the adorableness that is Hetalia yaoi!

Germany pov

Lately I've been thinking about Italy. I'm always coming to his rescue. I've had just about enough, I don't deserve this treatment! He always calls me with that annoying pestering voice "Doitsu! Doitsu!" I can't stand him!

With that one strand of hair so perfectly curled yet so horribly out of place. His overwhelming stench of garlic. The way he's always making white flags and flapping them about like it's a parade. I wish he was a bit more serious about combat. He's never going to make it on his own. Always giving up.

" Guuhhhh" I groan as I place my thumb and index finger on the bridge of my nose, why does he have to be such an idiot!

Today is very warm and the sun is shining very brightly. Italy says the world is happy today. I still don't know what he meant by that.

Italy begged me to take a walk with him seeing how the weather conditions were so great. I agreed, but only because I thought it would be good exercise and it would give me a chance to scold Italy for his lack of effort.

"Those damn birds keep chirping away like their isn't a war going on!" I harped. Italy just looked at me with the strangest smile. "Doitsu, the birds are singing because they are so happy to be alive on this beautiful day"! I watched him curiously as he skipped down the path of the central park. He was so confusing.

I hated everything about him. So why do I always find myself admiring him and the way he lives. Jealousy thunders through me as I gaze at his perfect body. The sailor outfit he had chosen to wear today fits him snugly, hugging his legs, arms and torso. I looked away blushing deeply. Is it wrong to admire another man?

Once I had caught up with Italy I began my scolding. "Italy, you can no longer slack off! You are old enough to know to do what you're told! You are irresponsible and I can't trust you with anything! That has to change. From now on you will wake up on time and be ready for training each morning. You will not make white flags because you will never give up, you understand me never!" I shouted harshly.

Italy's mouth wriggled uncomfortably as if he were trying to say something but he couldn't. "I…I…I'm sss...ssss…sorry Germany, I didn't mean to disappoint you" Italy said as tears rolled down his face. Great now I felt horrible. Italy's shoulders shook violently and he whimpered softly. I sigh and try my best to comfort him.

"Italy, I'm the one that should be sorry I shouldn't have yelled at you like that." I sated looking away. Italy sniffed and rubbed his eyes clearing all the tears but one lingering on his flushed cheek. He tried to smile at me but his lip still trembled.

Sighing again I removed the last tear with my thumb and opened my arms preparing for Italy called a hug. Italy looked up at me with confusion, "hug?" he questioned pointing at me. "Uh, yeah. Hug" I said looking down with a light blush. Italy's confusion soon turned to excitement and he jumped into my arms yelling "hug!"