The Foxy Memoirs


Naruto x Various Pairings


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Story Start


I decided to hang out with Hinata for a bit. Hyuuga Hinata and I dated a while ago and it was great to see her again. Not only is she super cute, but one of the nicest girls I know. If it wasn't for this whole distance thing I'd always be with her so we made an agreement. When we were in the same zip code we were on, but otherwise we were free to explore until we both permanently settled in the same residence. So after a rather nostalgic lunch we went back to my place to have a little sake. Hinata is such a light weight, thought I don't have much room to talk. It didn't take too much sake to have me become a lumbering battle-axe as some of my friends call me, whatever the hell that means.

Getting comfortable on a couch I can't help but look at her lavender-tinted orbs. Hinata's smile and her eyes are warm. I mean a cozy fire warm and she's also soft. So I decided to make the first room, laying a clumsy first kiss on her. Damn sake. She moaned against the kiss and I cheered. I wanted more so I instinctively pushed her onto her back and began kissing. After a few seconds she began to kiss back as my hand began cupping one of her magnificent tits through her shirt. Puberty was oh so kind to Hinata-chan. I groaned as I felt her wrap one of her hands around my neck.

I move done of my hands up under her shirt and caressed her back. Her skin was so smooth and warm. I could run his hands over her all day. I continued to mesh lips with hers for a few moments before the kiss finally broke.

Hinata fluttered her eyes open to look at me. She caressed my cheek before capturing my lips once more in a kiss. Once more my hands began gliding over her smooth skin, exploring more of her body.

"You can take it off," she softly urged. ''I'm on the pill.'' she added as I could feel my cock grow hard. I slide my hand under her shirt, taking time feeling her body before she supported herself up, making it easy for me to take off her shirt and toss it to the ground. My hand slowly rubbed along the edges of her bra.

She became flush at my touch as I undid the straps and her bra loosened. Her arms came out of the straps. She smiled at me relatively innocencently as she steadily lay herself back down, so only gravity kept her bra covering herself. She beckoned me back to her. I captured her in another kiss as my cocked rubbed against her wettening crotch.

"Naruto-kun," she cooed quietly as she moved up and took a hold od my pants to tug them downwards. I almost came at the sight of her seducitive look. My boxers were pulled down with my pants revealing my stick cock. Once again we began kissing, our tongues gliding over each other as my hand slid into her pants. She moaned against my lips as placed her hand over mine and directed me and rubbing her sensitive spots. I gave up control and have her directed me as I broke the kiss and began softly nibbling on her right nipple. Her moans intenisified and her juices began covering my hand. After a few moments she clapped around my fingers and came with an intense orgasm. Using my hand I removed the articles of clothing keeping me from my prize.

I moved between her legs as my cock came to her aching pussy. No words. Just a knowing glance between our eyes and understanding. I may have screwed all those other girls, but with Hinata it was different. She was the only one I made love too. She was the only one who I would hold after it was over and stroke her hair. I slowly push forward and was engulf by heat. We both gasp and her legs wrapped around my waist.

''That's it Naruto-kun. Give it to me.'' she whimpered as I pulled back and pushed back in. Hinata's womanhood almost felt amazing, like it was perfectly molded for my cock. I began rubbing my face against her tit as my thrusts became more rapid. I sped up my rhtymn and the soft, hot friction I felt spurred me on as I ran my tongue over her nipple, swirling it back and fort. My hips continued to move back and forth, slamming into her with each push I could feel the pressure building up.

"Ah!" Hinata suddenly squeezed me hard, soft moaning barely escaping her open mouth, she squeezed me harder as she did so. Her moans of pleasure on turned me on further as my thrusts became far more rapid. Hinata continued to gasp and moan at my movements, her legs once more locking with my forcing their hips even closer together.

After a few more pumps I let myself go.

I smashed into her as hard as I was able and released inside her. I collasped onto her chest with a satisfied groaned, sweaty and drained. Hinata merely stroke my head and kissed my forehead. A minute passed when she suddenly pulled me into a passionate kiss, one I was happy to return. ''I love you Hina-chan.'' I said as I nuzzled against her cheek.

"I Love you too," she whispered back, as we laid their in the afterglow.