Chapter 1

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Tamaki played with his hands while he waited. God how he hated waiting. He had been doing it for several years now and he still hated it. Playing with his hand he spun the ring on his finger, fourth in from the thumb. The ring he loved and never took off. Married to the one he loved for four years. Sure their friends thought they were too young to be married at twenty-three but in their minds why wait any longer? They knew they were in love back then, that it was a true everlasting love and nothing would ever change that so waiting was pointless. Now they were twenty-seven and their marriage so far was a happy one and right now that didn't seem about ready to change. He himself was working with his father, getting ready to take over completely for him soon. He loved his job and the house he and the one he loved lived in. It was just as big as his father's second estate which growing up he thought was small but now he liked the cozy feeling it gave off.
"Tamaki Suoh?" Looking up from his hands he turned to see a woman by a door looking for him. Hoping he would hear what he wanted this time he stood up and followed her to the back.

Kyouya walked into his home after a long day working for his father, a very long day. It was good to finally be home, maybe tonight after dinner he would watch a movie in the living room holding the one he loved. He still couldn't get over the fact that it had been four years already. Sure didn't feel like it but no matter how many years past he knew he would always love the one he wore this ring for. Hanging up his jacket and placing his briefcase in the office he searched for the one he knew would be here. They always got home first, ahhhh, what he would give for that to be him. But, this time not even the norm was the reason he knew they would be home, he knew they had something to do earlier and hadn't been planning on going back to work after.

Seeing them on the couch in the living room, back facing the doorway he was walking in on he wrapped his arms around their shoulders.
"I'm home Tamaki. How was your day?"
Tamaki turned his head to kiss Kyouya's lips the best he could.
"Welcome home. It was alright I guess. How was work?"
"Same as every day. So how did it go before? I know you had an appointment, I saw your post-it note reminder for yourself on the fridge this morning." Resting his head on Tamaki's shoulder he waited. Tamaki turned away to look ahead of him, the happy smile of seeing Kyouya left his face. "They said it was negative, again." Seeing the sadness washing over Tamaki's face, Kyouya walked around the couch to sit next to him. Putting an arm back around his shoulders he pulled him over to lean on him.
"I know its hard Tamaki but try not to get discouraged. It will happen I promise."
"We've been trying for three years now. Maybe it will never happen, may the doctors we saw were wrong."
"Hey now, where is the man I married hiding because I know he wouldn't just give up and be defeated like this."
"I guess you're right. I'm just bummed that's all I guess."
"Don't worry about it so much. If we keep trying it will happen, okay?"
"Good, now what do you say we have a nice dinner? One we haven't done in a while and then we come back in here and watch something together."
"That does sound really nice." Tamaki loved and couldn't get over how romantic Kyouya was. Not that he didn't think he wasn't before but since they've been married, at least once a week he would suggest something commoners called a 'date night', it was always a really special night for them both. "I love you just so you know." Lifting his head off Kyouya's shoulder he kissed his cheek and sat up.
"I love you too."
Standing up they walked hand in hand into the kitchen to tell the chief what they wanted for dinner.

Tamaki walked in their living room waiting for Kyouya to get home from work. Technically they both left work at five each night but he would actually leave at five and had a closer commute. Kyouya rarely left at five because of Yoshio and Akito, whom he worked for and then had an hour commute on top of it. As far as he knew Kyouya liked his job though he knew he wished he got home sooner. Having an eight hour shift and then an hour commute in the morning and at night, made it hard for it to be a job he loved. He told Tamaki that living with him turned him into someone who always wanted to be at home but Tamaki really didn't believe him. He always took Kyouya as a home body. He stood behind the couch watching the news report quickly before he changed it to something less depressing. Hearing a strange noise behind him he spun around to see Kyouya inches from him.
"Woah!" Kyouya knocked him over the back of the couch. He knew right away where this was going. Their couch was a bad as their bed in that respect. Smiling at Tamaki's silent agreement he jumped over to be on top of him. Kissing Tamaki's neck he moved up his body only until he got to his face. Then he made sure to save his lips for last.
"Don't you want to save this until after we eat?" He barely got the words out as he softly laughed from Kyouya's lips moving around his face.
"We can do this again after dinner as well."
*Again?* Someone was in a good mood today it seemed. Not that he would eve say no to Kyouya when it came to this. In fact they were both animals when it came to this, thank god the housekeeper and people on staff knew better then to walk into any room they were together in unless asked to.

Kyouya extended a hand to help Tamaki stand up off the floor. One day they would manage to not roll off, at least neither of them hit the coffee table this time. It was always such a mood killer when that happened. Finding their clothes around the room they got dressed.
"Kyouya, I've been thinking,"
"Uh oh."
"Jerk, anyway. Maybe it's a good thing this hasn't been working for us."
"Okay?" He was buttoning his shirt as he listened to Tamaki.
"Well we would never be able to do what we do as often or as freely."
"That is true. So does that mean you don't want to try anymore?"
"No, I still do, definitely. It was just a thought. Do you want to stop?"
"Well I am the one that brought up the whole idea, so no, I don't want to stop."
"Okay. Then forget I said anything."
Once dressed, they walked into the kitchen to see what was for dinner.

There were way too many stairs to climb in this house. After dinner Tamaki asked if Kyouya was serious about doing some light after dinner exercise. When he just looked at him like he was crazy Tamaki took that as a yes. Now he raced upstairs with Kyouya close behind him. Just reaching the top floor Kyouya took his hand to pull him closer. Already at each other they stumbled to get to their room. Both fumbled for the door, unwilling to stop and open it. They swung it open and nearly dropped on the floor just inside. Tamaki managed to close it before throwing Kyouya on the bed. Both loved how young the night still was right now. Tamaki may have always hated getting negative test results back but, he would never hate all the sex that came with constantly trying to have a baby. After they had been married for a year Kyouya brought up the idea of starting a family. Since neither could find any real reason to wait Tamaki agreed. After trying for a year they decided to go see a doctor who said to keep trying so they did. It was bound to happen sooner or later; they just had to try at the right time. Unsure what that right time was they tried often. They aimed for at least once a day and different times of the day but during their work hours was hard so they usually tried at night. They only days they didn't try were the days Tamaki would get a negative reading on the pregnancy test the doctor gave him. Those days they just sat and hung out together for the day which both found thoroughly enjoyable as well. Normally they weren't as wild as they were today but all day Kyouya had been fired up, maybe because it had been a really good day at work and he got out early for once. Whatever the case it didn't seem like Tamaki was complaining.

Tamaki laid in Kyouya's arms in their bed, another absolutely amazing night. Kyouya kept caressing his neck with kisses as they laid there just listening to the others breathe. Tamaki moved to get closer, he loved being wrapped in the other's arms, he loved feeling the gentle rise and fall of his chest while running his fingers along Kyouya's chest curves and lines.
"I love having you in my life Kyouya. I know I could never be this happy with anyone else."
"Glad I do that for you Tamaki. I love you too."
"When we finally do have a child I'm positive they will love you as much as I do because you are amazing. They won't love you as much as I do though because then I will get jealous." He laughed gently as his kissed Kyouya's chest.
Even though Kyouya knew Tamaki was joking he could see it happening.
"I have a good feeling it will be soon Tamaki. Soon our family will start to grow."
Nestling in even closer Tamaki smiled as he fell asleep with the thought of them having and raising a baby together. He could already tell Kyouya would make such a great dad.


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