L took a moment to take in his surroundings. Light was now asleep, lying in his own…fluids. Still naked, face still streaked with tears. L felt another jab of guilt at the sight, he should've been more trusting, if he had Light wouldn't have been in the state he was. He needed to think of a way to make up for it, if Light would allow him to.

Light awoke feel cold and slightly damp. Opening his eyes he saw L leaning over him with a washcloth.

"I see Light-kun is awake. I took the liberty of cleaning his body after Kira's…ministrations." Light's face burned as he realized what Kira had meant, "You…you saw? All of it?" L coughed and turned his head, which was answer enough.

"Well I'm sorry you had to see that, I'm sure it was very unpleasant." Light said bitterly as he went to cover himself with the sheets, feeling uncomfortable with the strange expression on L's face.

"It was very unpleasant," L drawled, "but not for the reasons Light-kun might think." Light scrunched his eyebrows together. L leaned up to look into the teens face, doing this on his knees, surprisingly.

"It was disgusting," Light tried to pull back, hurt, but L caught his chin with his forefinger and thumb like he did with everything else. "It was disgusting," the detective repeated, "because I was not the one touching Light-kun."


"You don't mean that." Light stated solemnly.

"Oh but I do Light-kun."

"No, no you don't." The teen shook his head violently, freeing himself from L's painfully loving grip.

"After all the other times you've lied to me, and how you could never believe my feelings, do you really think I can believe you now when you rejected me just a few minutes ago?"

"Light-kun will have to trust me then."

"I just said that I couldn't!" He shouted. Running into the bathroom he quickly locked the door. He was breathing heavily as he slid down to the floor, effectively blocking the door.

"Come out Light-kun." Came L's voice from the other side of the door, a thump from his side told Light that the detective was also leaning against the door. So close yet so far. They both thought.

Light was trying to take deep breaths to calm down when he realized something, he felt lighter and there was no haze clouding his mind anymore. The presence of Kira was gone. The youth tried to remember what had happened after Kira had started touching him, but he could only recall snippets of it. Two different L's, one chained to a metal gate and the other gripping his arm almost painfully. Him kissing the one L while the other L watched in despair. The one thing that stood out amongst all was L calling his name after the kiss with a look of sadness.


It clicked. Perhaps L realized his feelings after he saved Light from Kira because he somehow got into his mind...? Bullshit. it didn't hurt to ask though, right?

"L...What's my name?"

"It's Raito."


"Owwww..." Light rubbed his head, cursing his recently acquired stupidity for ramming into the door before unlocking it. Grumbling he unlocked it, pushed against the door too hard and once again falling onto his face, not realizing that L would have moved after hearing the racket he caused.

"Is Light-kun alright?" He pouted up at L from his girly position on the floor. "Yeah...why are you calling me that L?" Light reached for L's offered hand "I mean, you know my name so why don't you use it?"

"I feel it is more appropriate to use Light-kuns name if we were in a more...intimate relationship, even then, I would only say his name when we were alone to keep it's value."

"What made you change your mind L? Why are you suddenly so enamored with me?" L guided Light back over to the bed, now stripped of it's dirty sheets. Only the big comforter they had left off the night before was there. Light's OCD twitched at the thought. The detective crouched upon the fluffy material while he took a seat next to him.

"It's all Light-kuns fault. If he did not have the uncanny ability to make me worry about him, I never would have become so attached." He paused, thumb in his mouth. "Light-kun continuously let his guard down around me,this personality he has is addictive, along with his body." Light was flipped onto his back, L straddling him, bottomless eyes pinning him to the spot.

"From the many experiences I have had with Light-kun, I have come to realize that I want everything that is Light-kun to be mine." He did not wait for a reply, immediately placing his lips against the teens. He could feel that his object of newly acquired affection had already given in, melting with his touches. It made the detective wonder.

How long has he wanted this?

"L...If you're lying..." The teen struggled to speak. "I am not lying, never will I ever lie to Light-kun again. You have my word." He ran his hands up and down Light's smooth chest, finally coming up to meet his hardening buds. Twisting one while rolling the other, he quickly caught those petal soft lips once again, swallowing all the erotic moans his infatuation let out.

"Too many clothes...L!" Light gasped at a particularly hard pinch, arching his back at the strangely pleasurable pain. The detective merely grunted and practically tore his clothes off, leaning above the teen with all his glory. Light was a little nervous now, he still wasn't a hundred percent sure that L was being truthful-but he didn't want to stop, he couldn't stop, not now.

He lifted his hips while L slowly, slowly, slid his boxers off. The detective slid a cool hand up and down Light's back as he arched into his touch. L new that Light was still doubtful of him and he didn't blame him, he made a very special note to himself that immediately afterwards he would continue to prove his love until all the doubt in his love's eyes were gone.

Sucking on his fingers, coating them thickly with sugary saliva he slowly moved them down to Light's tiny entrance, giving him the chance to back out. Light only wrapped his arms around his neck and pulled him into a deep kiss, moaning all the while.

He made quick work of the preparation, hardly being able to control himself he slowly pushed inside.

"Ah! L..." His pace increased, force tripling every second he spent in that blissful tight heat that was Raito.

"Raito feels so good." His passage became impossibly tight as Light came from the sheer sound of L calling his real name.

As they lay in the afterglow of their lovemaking, Light suddenly stated "Next time L, I want to be on top."

L merely looked down at him, eyes surprised "I had no idea Raito could be so bold."

"What do you mean?"

"Raito just asked me if he could ride me so bluntly-"

"No! That's not what I meant! I want to be the one to dominate you next time." Light flushed a bit.

"Oh, it seems that today is full of surprises."

Light narrowed his eyes "How so?"

L shifted a bit making Light gasp, the detective was still inside him.

"I had no idea that Raito had a sense of humor."

Okay I know the ending was really sucky and it just cut off short-but i just wanted to end this story. it was way more OOC than I wanted it to be, and I wrote this from one picture that'd popped into my head when I was listening/ watching Phantom of the Opera. But you get the ending right? L thinks Light's joking because Light could never be seme-in his opinion and by the way he's acted like a super Uke throughout this entire story. I'm really starting to want to do a NearXMatt fanfic. I got a good idea for that. and yes, Near will be seme. not sure how that'll work? then you'll have to find out when I get around to writing it.