Dragon Slayer

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Chapter 1: A Dragon slayers pact

Erza finally defeated the final member of the elemental four by overexerting herself. She collapsed to ground panting as Natsu immediately ran towards her and lifted her in his arms.

"Erza, are you ok?" Natsu asked with worry, not liking the sight of her injured form.

"I'm fine Natsu. Listen to me, you need to go and rescue Lucy. You're the only one that can save her right now. I know you can do it. I believe in you…" Erza said through ragged breaths, forcing a confident smile on her face.

"Go Natsu, leave me and save Lucy! I'll be fine, I just need to rest." Erza said, urging him to go on as he just sat there holding her.

'I know she's strong. But she's vulnerable right now.' Natsu looked at her once more and made his decision. 'I just hope you can forgive me, Erza.' he thought morosely, remembering what his father said.


"Natsu, when the time comes that you found a female you want to share your life with. You are required to mark her as your mate. Doing this will heal her any illness or injuries while transferring half of your remaining magic reserves. She'll also gain some of your abilities such as strong resistance against fire and the ability to absorb and convert fire to replenish her magic supply while gaining new abilities of her own at the same time." Said Igneel the dragon of fire.

"How do I do that?" Natsu asked curiously.

"All you have to do is bite her in the neck and transfer your magic powers to that person." Igneel said simply.

"Eeew!" Natsu scrunched his nose in disgust. "That's gross father why would I do that?!" he added as Igneel just sighed at Natsu's stupidity.

"It's the only way, son." Igneel began, looking at his only son and pride. "I must warn you though to never use it to just any female. It must be someone you care about and shares the same feelings as you. She must also want to spend the rest of her life with you." he explained.

"Why is that?" Natsu asked, wondering why a girl would want to spend the rest of her life with him.

"Because there will be problems along the way depending on how look at It." came Igneel's short reply to his adopted kid having never understood human's needs to be with one person for the rest of their lives. He looked at Natsu dozing off and sighed, smoke billowing from his snout and used his claw to tap the sleeping Natsu on the forehead.

"Huh? What?" Natsu asked looking left and right trying to figure what hit him until he saw his father. "Oh? Is it morning already?" he said sheepishly.

"Natsu, did you understand what I told to you?" he asked.

"Yes…" Natsu replied lazily. "…must mark the girl I like to help her get strong and not the one I don't like." Natsu finished simply, not remembering the other details. Igneel sighed again and hope he doesn't do something stupid in the future.

"I see, let us sleep. It's already past your bedtime." said the dragon of fire. Thankful that a certain sky Dragon is nowhere in sight knowing that he'll never find peace if she found out how much the great Fire Dragon, Igneel sounded like a caring father.

"How did you know how late it is when you don't have a watch, is that some kind of magic? Teach me!" he exclaimed, eager to learn new magic.

"Just go to sleep young one… go to sleep." Igneel said with a sigh, wrapping its tail around Natsu so they can sleep.

Present time

"I'm sorry, Erza…" Natsu said while exposing her neck.

"Natsu, what are you doing? You need to save Lucy, go!" Erza ordered while trying to push Natsu away.

"I know, I'm sorry…" he apologized again before he bit her.

"What do you mean? Aaahhhh!" Erza screamed at the sudden pain. Feeling Natsu's sharp canines dig in to her skin and a powerful burning sensation spread throughout her body from the bite. She began to convulse from the intense sensation she felt while Natsu held her closer to his body to stop her from thrashing. After a few seconds, she screamed again from the sudden release she experienced.

"What did you do to me, Natsu…?" Erza asked in a raspy voice and shallow breaths, unconsciously trying to mold her body to Natsu and feel more of his warmth.

"I just transferred half of my remaining magic powers to you." Natsu grinned as best he could.

"But, what about you?" she asked while unconsciously trying to stop him from leaving her as he gently propped her to one of the pillars.

"Don't worry about me." Natsu replied with a grin. "I just have to eat fire and I'll be as good as new. Now stay here and wait for the others to get you, ok." he said still grinning.

"Be careful, Natsu." was the last thing she said before she passed out.

"Let's go happy! Let's go and bring Lucy back!" Natsu exclaimed as he tries to steady himself.

"Are you ok, Natsu? You look tired." Happy asked, noticing his partner's state.

"I'm fine. I just gave Erza some of my magic." he explained trying to sound carefree which made Happy more worried.

"How will you be able to save Lucy if you're not at your full strength?" Happy asked as he flew behind Natsu.

"Don't worry. I just need to find some fire and I'll be all fired-up to fight, Gajeel!" Natsu said trying to ease Happy's worries. 'I never thought it would be this draining to do that pact.' he thought as he continued to run upstairs followed by his partner.

At the top of the tower

"Gajeel, stop beating up our hostage!" said a tall bald man with mismatching glasses.

"Don't worry about it. I can do whatever I want with the girl as long as I don't kill her." said the man known as Gajeel. He has long jet black spiky hair with studs in his face, eyes that look like a serpent's and a black coat with fur on his right shoulder. He's currently enjoying beating up a defenseless Lucy.

"So, where are your friends now, little girl?" Gajeel mocked as he kicked her in the stomach sending her straight to the wall. Lucy simply stood up while laughing. "What's so funny girl?" he asked annoyed and the same time curious at her actions.

"You can beat me up all you want but, that wouldn't change the fact his coming, and he'll make you pay." Lucy said defiantly earning her a backhand slap from Gajeel.

"Ha! Do you think I'm afraid of Salamander? Let him come and I'll show you who the real Dragonslayer is!" Gajeel replied, his voice a mixture of excitement and anger. Moments later, the floor suddenly exploded beneath him as he jumps back to see Salamander standing in front of him surrounded in flames.

"GAJEEL!" Natsu roared in time with his explosive entrance.

"Natsu…" Lucy whispered as tears stung her eyes.

"What took you so long Salamander?" Gajeel asked with a smirk.

Instead of humoring the Iron Dragonslayer with a reply, Natsu charged Gajeel aiming his burning fist at the other Dragonslayer. Their fists connected with one another as their attacks canceled each other out. They flew back a few meters and rocketed towards each other once again; exchanging powerful blows and unleashing powerful spells one after the other and for awhile Natsu was gaining the upper hand.

Natsu punched Gajeel with enough force that sent him skidding backwards. "Hahaha! This is getting much more exciting, but it's time to end this." Gajeel sneered and used his most powerful spell that turned his skin into metallic scales that covered his entire body. "Now, to finish this!" Gajeel snarled with a feral grin, catapulting himself towards Salamander and began beating the Dragonslayer to the ground.

"Natsu!" Lucy shouted, watching Dragonslayer do his best to fight a losing battle. She tried to help Natsu but was stopped by Happy.

"Happy, get out of the way! I need to help Natsu, he's gonna die if I don't do something!" Lucy cried, worried about Natsu's safety.

"No! It's his fight and we can't interfere. We just have to believe in him." Happy stated firmly while crying. Both mages watched as Salamander continued to fight bravely despite the overwhelming odds.

They then saw Gajeel chrash into the machines inside the room. He stood up seconds later and started eating the metal around him to recover his strength even as Natsu voiced his opinion about him cheating.

"No! He's eating the metal in the room!" Lucy gasped in fear after seeing Gajeel starting to recover and began the battle anew.

"I need to do something!" Lucy panicked while wiping the tears out of her eyes, frantically looking around for a source of fire. She saw Gajeel charge again at Natsu trying to end the fight and his life. a thought came into mind at the moment of her desperation. 'I haven't made a contract with this spirit but, I need all the help I could get!' she thought frantically. "Gate of the Archer, I open thee… Sagittarius!" She chanted as a man in a horse costume appeared in front of her moments later.

"Are you the one who summoned me? Mush-mush!" The oddly dressed spirit asked.

"Yes! Can we make the contract later? I need your help." Lucy said as the spirit nodded. "Can you shoot fire?" she asked desperately.

"No, I cannot. Mush-mush!" he replied evenly, driving Lucy deeper into depression at her uselessness. So, they did what they can only do at that moment, and that is to watch Natsu get beat up until he dies. Sagittarius noticed something while watching the fight and just had an epiphany, drawing his bow and aims it at the machines near Natsu and Gajeel


"What are you doing?" ask a baffled Lucy, hoping that whatever he's planning works.

"You asked me earlier if I can shoot fire. Mush -mush. And naturally I cannot, and I misunderstood you. I can't shoot flames but, I can shoot something that will create what you need." Sagittarius explained and shoots the machine behind Natsu causing it to explode into flames. Gajeel was stunned when he saw the fire created by the explosion was being redirected to one location.

"No…" he muttered, already having a bad sense of foreboding at the sight. After a few moments, the flames were extinguished and revealed a fully fired-up Natsu.

"Natsu!" both Lucy and Happy cried in joy.

"I have done what you have requested, Madam. I shall take my leave. Mush-mush!" Sagittarius gave Lucy and snappy salute.

"Thanks Sagittarius!" Lucy thanked her new spirit as the archer spirit bid farewell and started to dissipate.

The fight continued for awhile with Natsu easily gaining the upper hand before they decided to end their fight with their strongest breath attack. Black versus red flames collided as Gajeel was overwhelmed by Natsu's power and took the full force of the attack knocking him unconscious and destroying the top of the castle.

"I told you I'm gonna beat you!" Natsu said between pants before he too collapsed on the ground with a happy expression on his face as Lucy and Happy ran towards him.

"Hey, why are you crying? I won the battle, didn't I? You should be happy." Natsu said to Lucy, flashing her a carefree grin.

"I'm sorry, this wouldn't have happened if I hadn't joined Fairy Tail…" Lucy said as tears ran freely down her face, regret and disappointment clear in her voice.

"Don't be, you're a member of Fairy Tail, and you're our family. We won't allow anybody to harm or take you away from us. Now stop all this crying, we won didn't we?" Natsu said, consoling Lucy as his grin never left its place.

"Thank you… Natsu…" Lucy said with tears of joy.

A few minutes after Natsu left

Gray, Elfman, and Mirajane arrived and saw Erza unconscious on one of the pillars. The group immediately rushed towards the red head to check if she's alright.

"Erza!" they all shouted as they ran towards their fallen friend. Gray grabs Erza by her shoulders and slowly shook her to wake her up.

"Natsu, is that you?" Erza asked as she slowly opened her eyes.

"No, Erza, it's me Gray." Gray replied.

Realizing that he's not Natsu, Erza felt disappointed for some strange reason. "I see… I never wanted anyone of to you see me like this…" she said in a dejected tone.

"Hey don't be so glum. You're still the same Erza we know." Gray reassured her, trying to lighten her mood.

"Now, where's Natsu? We need to help him." Gray questioned as Erza remembered her last orders to the Dragonslayer.

"He's al-" Erza was interrupted by Master Jose's entrance.

"It's time to show you Fairy Tail scum how weak and inferior you are." Jose said while casually walking towards Erza and the others.

Gray and Elfman rushed in to attack but were easily defeated without so much as moving catching Mirajane with his attack, knocking them out. Erza was filled with rage as she immediately stood up, ignoring her body's protest and Requipped her Black Wing armor and attacked Master Jose, intent on taking him down. The battle was pretty one sided as Erza charged recklessly against Jose, dodging each of her attacks with relative ease.

"Is this the best the fairy queen has to offer?" Jose asked taunting Erza who charged at Jose and blindsided by his attack sending her tumbling on the floor, at the same time, the whole place shook as the ceiling collapsed.

"I guess Gajeel is enjoying this too much. I think the Salamander will have an unexpected trip to the afterlife." Jose said with a smirk.

"Natsu, will never lose!" Erza countered, unsure of what she said remembering his current state before she arrived and the fact that Natsu gave her half of his magic reserves so she could recover.

Another large explosion shook the whole castle. They looked out at the large window to see huge chunks of stone falling into the sea coming from the top of the castle. Jose laughed at his so called victory, thinking that Salamander was the one losing the fight.

"Hahaha! I think Gajeel has had enough and killed Salamander. Now, there's no one who can rescue, Lucy Heartfilla!" Jose exclaimed, laughing maniacally.

Erza stood silent at his claims, refusing to believe that Natsu died and she was the reasons he charged to his death. It filled her with a deep sense of despair and anger for her weakness, for losing another person she cared about.

'If he didn't give me half of his magical powers, he would still be alive.' she thought darkly, entertaining her fears instead of believing in Natsu. Tears welled up in her eyes, remembering all the times he challenged her to duels, his carefree attitude, his smile that always seemed to make her do the same, and finally, the last image of him grinning at her, certain that he would win no matter what.

She never once felt hatred in her entire life until now. She would get mad or angry at someone but, she can never truly hate them. Yet, the man in front of him declared war against Fairy Tail, her family, abducted Lucy, destroyed their home and finally, the reason that Natsu might be dead. She wiped the tears off her eyes and looks at Jose, eyes filled with hate and determination which unnerved the Phantom Lord's Guildmaster.

"I refuse to believe that Natsu's dead, he's the only person I know that will surpass me! That's why I have to end this quickly so I can come to his aid!" Erza declared, preparing for another attack.

"Hahaha… You fool! There's no need to rush. His body won't be going anywhere." Jose taunted, angering Erza as she threw reason out the window and charged her opponent in blind rage, slashing in all directions as Jose easily avoided.

'Her rage is making her sloppy. It will only be a matter of time before she completely runs out of steam.' he thought and sees his opportunity when Erza abandoned her weapon so she could make a mad dash at him. It was already too late when Erza saw the attack as seconds later; she was bound by Jose's shade as she tried to escape but to no avail.

Erza looks down in frustration as tears started to form in her eyes again. 'Damn it! I can't believe I'm captured. How can I save him if I can't even save myself?' she thought in dismay.

Jose slowly walks towards Erza, running his hand along her cheek. "Don't worry Titania. I won't kill you. I'll let you live so you can go and bury Salamander and grieve for the failure that he is." he said with such malice that the mere presence of the man made her sick. Hearing him mock her current situation and inability to rescue Natsu made her shake in rage, but what made her snap was when she heard him mock Natsu's death.

"You will pay!" Erza screamed in anger. The floor around them began to shake at the massive release of magical energy coming from Erza, forcing Jose to jump back to avoid the pillar of flames that consumed Titania.

Jose was shocked at the sudden turn of events, looking at the burn on his hand. 'Just one moment ago she was helpless and now she broke through her bindings. Where's this power coming from?' Jose thought before hearing her Requip, shocked to see two magic seals behind her, overlapping with each other. One was Erza's and the other was from Salamander.

The flames exploded into a swirling vortex. It revealing Erza covered in smoke, hiding the rest of her new armor underneath, leaving her eyes visible. Jose immediately noticed the change in her eyes, from brown to yellow with her pupils turning into vertical slits just like a dragons. The sudden change and burst of power enveloped the two combatants in silence. One out of shock and bewilderment and the other out of controlled rage.

Erza broke the silence as she spoke, her voice eerily calm with a dark undertone in it. "I can ignore any insults that you throw at me, I can overlook the destruction and pain you brought to Fairy Tail but!" her voice grew cold as she looked at Jose with venom. "I can never forgive you for insulting Natsu's death. I have never taken another humans life before but in your case. I'll make an exception." She looked Jose straight in the eyes which caused the guild master to flinch at her apathetic look, but what scared him the most was the rage behind her eyes.

"You little witch! Don't think that just because you used an unknown form of magic it will help you beat me!" Jose screamed as he dashed towards the unmoving Erza.

AN: this is my second fic it's a Natsu Erza pairing. I really like those two they complement each other Natsu's a headstrong knucklehead while Erza's calm and collected wizard both of them are strong and funny when they get together. R&R plz