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WARNING: Slight hints of incest between twins and father and son. Sexual content between minors.

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Okay. I know I mostly write twincest, but I decided to go in a new direction and write about Zack and a new character. I think I actually might take the time to edit this one and make sure I spelled things right and didn't repeat words or w/e. Sometimes I can't be bothered though. Lol.


"London Tipton has a brother? I don't believe it..." Bailey said to her friends in awe as she watched the young brunette girl stand with Mr. Moseby and two people they had never met before.

"Which one do you think it is?" Woody leaned on the smoothy bar counter.

"I'm going with the Asian one," Marcus nodded.

"Who's the kid then?" Zack piped up.

"Maybe she has two brothers?" Cody tossed a folded towel on a chair.

London came trotting over, a smile on her face, "Hey guys."

"Which one's your brother?" Woody nodded toward the group.

"The tall one, duh," she commented as the two boys walked over, "this is Ezra," she waved her hands toward a tall, dark haired male with brown eyes. He was handsome, obviously a Tipton, "And this is Angel," she moved her hands the other direction toward the smaller boy. He was blonde with brown highlights and his hair that was cut in an unusual shape; he didn't look a thing like London or the man named Ezra. It would give reason to question whether he was related to the Tipton family, or if he was adopted.

Zack was suddenly taken with the younger boy; his bright greenish blue eyes, his semi-long hair, his curvy body. Zack shook his head, trying to banish the thoughts of having sexual desires for someone he'd just met; especially if that someone was a boy. He smiled to himself and nudged Cody in the side, glancing at him out of the corner of his eye.

"What?" Cody turned.

"He's cute..."

"Yeah," Cody cleared his throat, "and how is Angel related to you?"

"He's my nephew," London shrugged.

"He's adorable!" Bailey smiled, "How old are you?"

"Fourteen..." he said quietly, looking to the ground.

Zack stepped forward, pushing London and Bailey out of his way, "I'm Zack, it's nice to meet you."

Angel looked up to Zack and blushed. Zack had grown to be a handsome young man. He had let his hair grow out, and he had slimmed down quite a bit. The young boy felt his heart skip a beat as he made eye contact with Zack, feeling even more shy than before. Zack smiled and stepped behind the counter of the smoothy bar.

"Want a smoothy?" he looked between the two.

"I'm all set, but would you like one, Angel?" Ezra smiled at his son.

"Okay," he nodded.

"What kind would you like? I have strawberry, peach, banana, cocoanut, peanut butte-"

"No peanuts, he's allergic," Ezra interrupted.

"Then I'll be sure to keep those away from his smoothy completely," Zack smiled.

"Can I mix flavors?" he climbed into a chair and smiled at Zack.

"Of course, anything you want."

He thought for a second, "Strawberry banana," he smiled softly.

"Well, we've got to get going," Marcus hopped up, "Woody and I have a new episode of, 'What would you eat?' that we need to catch."

The two left while Zack waved goodbye, making a smoothy for Angel. He handed the cup over and placed an umbrella straw in it.

"How much?" Ezra pulled out his wallet.

"On the house," Zack smiled at Angel who sipped the drink, obviously pleased.

"Thank you," Angel said, "it's good."

Zack looked to Cody who smiled, raising an eyebrow. He gestured toward the young boy and winked at Zack. Zack smiled, feeling himself blush slightly as he wiped down the counter.

"So, Angel...Is that short for something or is your name really Angel?" Cody leaned with an elbow on the counter, placing his chin on his hand.

"It's short for Angelo, my full name is Angelo Michael Tipton."

Zack smiled, "Are you named after Michael Angelo?"

"No, stupid, he's named after the teenage mutant ninja turtles," Cody rolled his eyes, "I'm Cody, the smart twin; as much as my brother disagrees."

"I know you're the smart twin," Zack stuck his tongue out. Angel giggled at the two and looked into his smoothy cup, "Anyway, Angel, want to go play some video games? I'm closing up shop for the day."

"Video games? I guess," Angel shrugged and turned to his father who was deep in conversation with Moseby, "daddy?" he hopped off the seat he was on and walked over to his father.

"What is it?" he turned and smiled.

"Can I go play video games with Zack?" he wrapped his arms around Ezra and smiled up at him.

"Sure thing babe," he placed a kiss on his forehead, "just be polite."

Angel nodded and turned back around, "Shall we?"

Zack walked around the counter and over to Angel, "We shall," led him away from everyone and down to the boys living area.

Zack opened a door on the left of the hall, holding it for Angel. The younger blonde smiled and walked into the messy room. He looked around and turned back to Zack. At one point or another in a teenagers life, they have a messy room. But this was truly a mess. There were empty pizza boxes, soda cans, random bits of trash..he definitely needed either a maid, or a lesson in keeping his room neat.

"So, you live here?"

"Yep, sorry about the mess. Haven't had time to clean and I didn't think I'd be having company," he smiled and hit the 'on' button on his PS3 remote, waiting for it to load and log into the internet, "so what types of games do you play?"

"I don't really play video games. I mostly read..." he watched Zack load a game.

"Oh, well, I'll show you how to play some racing games," he handed a controller to Angel and showed him the buttons, "this one here, this is the gas. You steer the car with this one," he continued to explain the buttons until he'd gone through every button and how and when to use them.

"Okay, I think I've got it," Angel nodded and allowed Zack to set up an online game for him, picking the best car to race with.

Angel hit the acceleration button when the 'go' signaled and immediately took first place, drifting around corners and leaving other racers in the dust. Zack sat, mouth agape as he watched the apparent new player take the lead, racing off to the finish.

"Holy shit," Zack grabbed his cellphone and shot his brother a text.

A few minutes later, after Angel won a few races, Cody came into the room, "What do you want, Zack?"

"Watch him play. Dude he's taken first on three races now, and he's never played before."

Cody blinked and sat on one of the beds, watching the younger boy race people that had much higher racing ranks.

"Wow," he finally said after watching the boy kick some ass.

"My hands hurt," Angel handed the controller to Zack.

Zack smiled and quit the online playing, setting the controller aside. Not only was this kid absolutely gorgeous, he was rich, and he was good at video games. Zack liked several girls on the ship, but they were just pretty faces and bodies. They had no personality and wouldn't give Zack the time or day. Angel, however, was already in his room, playing games with him, and they were getting along. Who knows, maybe the reason Zack couldn't keep a girlfriend was the simple fact that he was gay. Reality hit him, suddenly, as if it were sun coming through a window. He might just be gay. He'd never once looked at another of the same sex with desire, maybe he only had feelings toward Angel? Who knew. He would find out soon though. As the days passed, Zack hung out more and more with the young boy. They played games, ate lunch together, helped each other with homework. Everything was going well. But Zack couldn't quite figure out his feelings toward this younger boy. It was completely unusual, something he'd never felt before. He would look upon the boy and feel his heart race. His palms would get sweaty and he wanted nothing but to pull him into a hug and never let go.

Angel sweetly walked over to Zack and smiled at him, "What do you want to do today?"

"I don't know, Angel," Zack spoke as if the name of his new friend was a pet name he'd given to him.

"Maybe we could..." he thought and frowned, "feels like we've done everything."

"Hmm," Zack wrapped his arms around Angels waist, looking down at him.

Angel blushed and gently wrapped his arms around Zack's neck, "We could...relax," he played with Zack's hair.

"That sounds nice... We're docked in the Bahamas, I suggest we get off this boat and go lounge on the beach together."

"Wonderful," Angel let go of Zack and began walking to the room he shared with his father, "I'll just change into some clothes for the beach, grab a towel and some sunscreen!"

"I'll do the same, meet you in the lobby?"

"Yeah," Angel ran off, opening the door to his room, "hi daddy."

"Hey kid," Ezra sat up on their shared bed, watching as the boy rushed around the room, "where's the fire?"

"Zack and I are going to the beach today to relax for a while."

"Make sure you use your sunscreen every thirty minutes, I don't need a burnt Angel."

"Yes daddy," Angel grabbed his things and tossed them into a bag before changing into his shorts and a t-shirt, "I love you," he hopped on the bed, tackling his father.

"I love you too..." Ezra kissed the young boy before hugging him and sending him on his way.

Zack walked with Angel to a nice spot on the beach. It was near a food bar and had nice calm waters. There weren't many people around, so it was quiet comfortable. Zack tossed a beach blanket on the sand and flopped down.

"Rub lotion on my back?" Angel removed his shirt and laid face down on the blanket, folding his arms under his head.

Zack smiled and took the bottle of lotion from beside the boy, squirting some onto his back. Angel shuttered at the cold feeling but relaxed when Zack began massaging it into him. Zack ran his hands up and down the boys sides, feeling every inch he could. He suppressed a groan as he ran his hands down to the boys hips, rubbing them gently. Angel released a quiet, relaxed, moan that caused Zack's cock to twitch in his shorts. He worked his hands up to the boys shoulders, rubbing them in small circles.

"You're good at this..." he whispered.

"Thanks..." he finished rubbing all the lotion on and hesitantly took his hands off the boy. He wanted nothing more at that moment then to straddle the boy from behind and just grind against his ass before pulling his small shorts down and pleasuring the both of them. He felt his cock twitch again and needed to do something to take his mind off the younger blonde, "Want a soda? I'm going to get a coke.."

"A sprite sounds nice," Angel smiled.

Zack nodded and stood, walking across the beach to the food bar. Angel sighed, enjoying the warmth of the sun upon his back. He suddenly felt a shadow blocking his sun, and he blinked his eyes open, expecting to see that Zack had returned with the drinks. To his surprise, the person wasn't Zack, but an older male.

"You're quite the pretty little thing," he knelt down, "what's your name?"

"A-Angel..." he sat up and looked at the man, "what do you want?"

"Hm... do you want to make a couple extra bucks?" he traced his hand on Angels arm.

"Don't touch me," he shoved the man away.

"Ever been in movies? You'd be pretty popular..."

"Leave me alone!" he shouted in a panic, getting up to run toward where Zack was.

"Hey, hey," the guy grabbed him by the wrist and yanked him close, "ever been fucked?" he whispered into Angels ear, sliding his hand down the front of Angels body, grasping his cock through his shorts.

Zack heard his young friend scream loudly. He whipped around from where he was standing, ignoring the woman behind the counter who had his sodas. He saw the older male holding onto Angel and he quickly darted across the beach.

"Hey, asshole! Let go of my boyfriend!" Zack hauled off and punched the man in the face, knocking him to the ground. The man slurred, obviously drunk.

Angel began shaking and crying as people rushed over to see what the commotion was. Zack hauled off and kicked the man on the ground, wishing he could just cut his dick off right then and there. Police officers showed quickly when someone phoned them. An officer walked to Zack and Angel. She wore an outfit that was quite different from the ones in Boston, and she was clearly a native of the island.

"What happened?" she asked.

"That man just sexually assaulted him," Zack frowned, obviously quite angry. Many people in a crowd behind him agreed with nods and words.

Angel shook, frightened by what happened. He held tightly to Zack's side and cried, "Where are his parents?"

"His father is on the cruise ship..."

"Could you contact him?"

Zack nodded, "Angel where's your cellphone?"

"In my bag..." he whimpered.

Zack grabbed the bag and found Ezra's cell number, calling it. It rang a few times before Ezra answered, "Hello? Angel?"

"It's Zack...something's happened, and the police need you here on the island."

"Is he okay?"

"He's a bit shaken," Zack said.

"I'll be right there...Where should I go?"

"Police station I guess? Ask directions, because I don't know the way.." he pressed the lock button on the phone and placed it back in the bag.

The police officer escorted the two to the station, setting them in some chairs. Ezra showed up quickly and found the boys, hugging Angel tightly before kissing him a few times and moving on to speak with the police.

"Your father...you two are really close," Zack said quietly, noticing that they actually kissed, not like his mother when she just planted one on his forehead.

"Yeah.." he wiped his eyes.

"How old is he?"

"Twenty eight."

Zack thought for a second, "So he was fourteen when you were born... where's your mom?"

"She left when I was only a few weeks old...said she couldn't handle it; meaning me...Daddy wouldn't give up so easily...he left school for me and got his GED when he turned sixteen, then did some online schooling and brought me with him to classes at college. They allowed it, because my grandfather has so much money..."

"Wow," Zack nodded, "he's strong."

"Very," Angel turned and looked at Zack, "back...on the beach... when that guy- ...you called me your boyfriend... Why?" he blushed.

Zack gulped and took a deep breath, "I guess... because I want you to be," he twiddled his thumbs, "my boyfriend that is.."

"You do?" Angel's eyes met with Zack's.

"I do..." Zack leaned close, gently pressing his lips against Angel's. Angel closed his eyes, leaning into the kiss. Zack pulled away and smiled, "What do you say?"

"I, believe I say yes..." Angel blushed.

"Let's go, Angel..." Ezra walked over and grasped his hand, leading him out of the police station.

"What's going to happen?" Zack ran to catch up, seeing that Ezra was furious.

"Pressing charges, we'll have to go to court for it," Angel turned, reaching for Zack's hand, "I don't go on vacation and expect my son to get publicly molested by some drunk," Ezra glanced at the two who were now holding hands, "so Zack, what do your parents do?"

"They're singers," he stepped on the ship and saw his brother talking with London.

"Yeah? That's pretty cool," Ezra sat Angel on a seat in the lobby of the ship, "are you okay baby?"

"I'm fine daddy..."

"What happened?" Moseby walked over, seeing how Ezra and Zack were angry and Angel had just gotten over crying.

Ezra walked Moseby to an area where no one could hear their conversation clearly, "Someone sexually assaulted Angel while he was on the beach with Zack."

"What?" he was shocked. He looked over Ezra's shoulder and saw Zack sitting with Angel, his arms wrapped tightly around him, "What's going on between them?" he nodded toward the two, "Is he just comforting him?"

Ezra turned and looked them over, seeing that Angel was leaning into Zack, talking quietly with him, "I don't know.." he listened in.

"...movies tonight? We could have popcorn and soda and just relax.." Zack finished a sentence.

"I'd like that...we could go to my room so that we don't have to be in the way of Marcus or something," Angel smiled softly, turning his gaze to meet eyes with Zack.

"That would be just amazing," Zack rubbed his back and leaned in, kissing his nose gently.

"Zack's taken quite a liking to your son, Ezra," Moseby walked behind the front desk.

"So I see," he looked to Cody who smiled.

"He liked him the moment he saw him.. I don't blame him, your son is gorgeous. But may I ask why he's blonde? No other member of the Tipton family is blonde.."

"We don't know; he's mine, there's no doubt about that... his mother's family is all brunette and mine is as well," Ezra smiled, "It's funny, he's Hispanic, American, and Thai...shouldn't be blonde at all. Especially those eyes...bright blue and green."

"Well, don't worry about Zack putting the moves on Angel... Zack may be an annoying, stupid, teenager...but he'll protect Angel and keep him happy."

"I'm sure he will," Ezra began walking with Cody out onto the deck of the ship, "he's absolutely furious about what happened, but he seems to be making sure Angel is comfortable right now."

"Zack's good like that..." the two wandered off together, walking some more and finding new subjects to discuss.

Angel smiled and got up, "I'm feeling better...no more shaking," he laughed slightly, "can we go to my room?"

"Of course," Zack stood and wrapped his arm around his waist, walking him to where Angel shared his room with his father.

They unlocked the room and went inside, falling on the bed together. Zack smiled, laying on his side as he looked into Angels eyes. He leaned close and kissed him softly before hugging him.

"So.. you share a bed with your father?"

"Yeah...I have issues with sleeping alone at night," he nuzzled against Zack.

"I can keep you company at night..." Zack smiled and kissed him softly.

"I think that would be nice..." Angel smiled, "I'm actually.. really tired after crying so much.."

"Want to take a nap?"

Angel nodded and pulled a small throw blanket over them, curling up with his back to Zack. Zack snaked his arms around the boy and held him close, pressing his face into the back of Angel's neck before kissing softly. The two fell asleep together until they heard the door open and close behind them. Zack sat up first, yawning and rubbing his eyes.

"Sleep well?" Ezra smiled as he walked in, carrying a white bag.

"Mm...Yeah, what time is it?" he stretched and tried to wake up.

"Four in the afternoon. You two slept for a long while. Hungry?"


"I bought some seafood stew for the three of us," he took the containers out of the bag and placed them on a table along with some spoons.

"Sounds good."

Ezra walked over to the bed and gently shook Angel awake, "Wake up sweetheart," he brushed the hair from his face and smiled.

"Hm?" Angel blinked his bright eyes open, looking at his father, "Hi daddy..." he reached for him, hugging him tightly.

"I got some dinner for you me and Zack," Ezra sat him up and fixed his messy hair, "it's seafood stew."

"That sounds amazing," Angel smiled and turned to Zack, "do you like seafood?"

"Love it," Zack sat at the couch in the room.

Angel got up and walked over to the containers, opening one. He inhaled the smell and sighed, handing one to Zack along with a spoon.

"What's in it?" Angel asked as he opened another and gave it to Ezra.

"Crayfish, red snapper, conch, crab, potato..." he thought for a second, "I think that's it."

"It's good," Zack nodded, digging into his container. Angel sat beside him and handed Zack a package of oyster crackers, "Don't like them?"

"I don't really eat bread, crackers, cookies, cakes... well, most things that have gluten in them," Angel began eating.

"Why not?"

"Well, I don't really like it, first off... But gluten isn't all that good for you, so daddy and I avoid it as much as we can. We eat mostly meats and salads unless we go somewhere for dinner and are being polite as to not offend people we're with."

"Oh," Zack suddenly felt awkward, eating the crackers. Angel was so different from how Zack lived with his brother. Yeah, Cody was a health freak, but they still ate bread and things that weren't considered healthy for them.

"So you said your parents are singers?"

"Yeah, my dad's in a band and my mom works at one of the Tipton hotels in Boston."

"That's cool. Do you sing at all?"

Zack chuckled to himself, "No, not in the least.. I'm not too good at many things. My special is video games."

"I'm sure you're good at something other than video games," Ezra smiled.

"You're good at kissing," Angel smiled. Ezra cleared his throat, "Sorry.."

They finished their dinners and Angel scurried around, cleaning up a mess that he saw and no one else did. He sat down, satisfied with his cleaning.

"Why don't you take a shower, Angel. Get ready for bed and then you and Zack can watch some movies together. I think I'm going to head out and catch one of the shows on the ship."

"Okay," Angel smiled and opened a draw with his clothing in it, pulling out a set of flannel pajamas before heading into the bathroom.

Zack sat uncomfortably with Ezra until they heard the shower start in the bathroom, "Thank you, Zack.."

"For what?"

"Taking that guy down after he touched Angel..."

"Well, I had to protect him..." Zack looked to the floor, "I don't want anything like that happening to him...he's too sweet."

"Mm.." Ezra nodded in agreement, "May I ask something personal?"


"Are you a virgin?"

Zack blushed, "Well...yeah..."

Ezra nodded, "So is Angel.. so please? Don't...pressure him?"

"I wouldn't...not unless he wanted to. I've never," he paused and took a breath, "I've never felt like this before; not about anyone. I look at Angel and my heart damn near breaks.. there's just something about him that makes me feel complete..."

"I love Angel, he's my life...I'd do anything for him and I don't want him to get hurt...He's never been in a relationship before, he's never gone to school, he's never had many friends.. I worry about him. Worry that someday he'll just up and leave when someone sweeps him off his feet and he thinks he's in love."

Zack nodded, "I wouldn't take him away from you... I can tell that you two are really close, and he loves you very much. It's like me thinking that this girl my brother likes will take him away from me... He's my twin, my other half. I love him very much and I couldn't stand it if someone took off with him. I can't promise that he wont get hurt if this ends, but while it lasts I'll make sure he's happy."

"You're a good kid, Zack," the shower stopped and out walked Angel, hair dripping wet and dressed in his pajamas. He smiled at Zack and Ezra. Ezra stood and walked over, kissing Angel softly, "You okay kid?"

"I'm fine, daddy."

"I'll see you later when I get back...Love you," he kissed him again and walked to the door to leave.

"Love you," Angel smiled and hopped onto the bed. He sat in Zack's lap and smiled, "What are we watching?"

"Whatever you want," Zack handed him the remote and let him order a movie.

Angel flipped through until he found the romantic section, "How about... Romeo and Juliet?"

Zack silently groaned and wrapped his arms around the small boy, "Good pick."

They watched the movie, Angel mouthing most of the words as it went along. Zack leaned on the headboard of the bed with pillows piled up behind him. A little over two hours passed and the movie finally ended. It was now very dark in the cabin, only the glow from the television lighting things up. Angel handed the remote over to Zack and smiled.

"Your turn to pick," Zack shrugged and flipped to the horror section, selecting a movie titled Mirrors. Angel blinked and turned to Zack, "Horror?"

"You don't like horror?"

"Well.. I've never really seen horror films before. But I'll watch it," he smiled and relaxed into Zack's arms, watching the movie as it began.

It soon picked up and caused him to jump at several sections and scream at others. Zack held him tight and rubbed his stomach.

"You okay?" he kissed him gently.

"F-fine..." he curled into Zack and jumped when he heard the door open.

Angel laid on top of Zack, hiding his face in his chest. Zack rubbed his lower back and smiled.

The lights turned on and Ezra stood by the door, "What's wrong?"

"Just a bit freaked out is all."

"Just a bit..." Angel repeated, sitting up.

Ezra removed his jacket and shoes, sitting on the couch, "It's getting late, Angel."

"Does that mean I have to go to bed soon?"

"Yes," he smiled, "why don't you brush your teeth and say goodnight to Zack?"

Angel nodded and ran into the bathroom, quickly brushing his teeth and washing up. He ran back out and tackled Zack to the bed.

"Goodnight," he whispered, kissing Zack softly.

"Goodnight my Angel..." he smiled, "I'll see you in the morning."

"Yeah," he got off Zack and sat on the bed, "night..." he whispered as Zack got up.

"Goodnight Ezra, thank you for dinner," he shook his hand before leaving with another goodbye kiss from Angel.

After the door closed, Ezra looked to Angel and got up from the couch. He grabbed some night clothes and changed into them before brushing his teeth. Angel made himself comfortable and flipped the television to some cartoons.

"You really like Zack, don't you?" Ezra came out of the bathroom and turned the lights out.

"Yeah, I do," he smiled at his father when he got into bed with him.

"Angel, you know about sex, right?"

"What about it?" he felt himself blush as he laid down, resting his head on his fathers chest.

"About how you should wait until you know you're in love..."

"I know," he rolled completely on top of Ezra and smiled at him, "I love Zack, but I'm going to wait until I'm ready...It makes me nervous thinking about it."

He wrapped his arms gently around his son, "Are you alright after today?"

"..you mean about that guy?"


"I'm okay... Slightly uncomfortable but okay..." he kissed his father on the cheek and laid down, closing his eyes.

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