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"Hm?" Zack turned, feeling someone place a hand on his shoulder.

"Hey..." Angel smiled softly, sitting beside him.

Zack put the paper down that he was reading and smiled at his small boyfriend, "What's up?"

"I'm sorry...that I was kinda mean toward you yesterday.. I was just upset about David...that's all."

"It's not your fault baby," Zack hugged him, "I gave you space, and you clearly needed it. I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable because I'm not allowing you to have private time.."

"I'm just sorry Zacky," Angel smiled, "daddy says I have to express my anger more and stop holding it in...So maybe I need a punching bag?" he giggled.

"Maybe...or maybe we could have some rough sex..." Zack whispered and nipped his ear.

"Horny brat," Angel shoved at him and smiled.

"Yeah but you love me," Zack nuzzled his nose with Angel's.

"Of course I do."

Cody strolled onto the sky deck, dressed in his work outfit. He began taking care of towels and sighed loudly.

"What's wrong Cody?" Angel smiled over at him.

"Bailey and I just had a big fight...I really think it's over this time. I mean, she's just so...ugh.." he threw a towel on the floor and stomped on it.

"Do you like older men?" Angel smiled.

"Older men?" Cody raised an eyebrow.

"My dad's still looking..."

Cody smiled a bit, "Your father's gay? And I think he's a little too old for me...what is he...twelve years older than I am?"

"He tends to like men better than women... and twelve years isn't that much, Cody.. And I'm glad that I didn't even have to ask if you were into men," he giggled.

"Angel," Zack smiled, "I think Cody wants to be the older one in his relationships. And your father is smarter than him, that might not work."

"I don't mind being the younger one, Zack," Cody sat down, "I just don't think that it's appropriate for me to date someone that's so much older than me, and my brothers boyfriends father at that."

Angel thought, "Well, I have this cousin...on my dads side, right? He's my second cousin and well...he's gay.. He's coming to visit soon..I'm sure you could turn his head."

Cody blushed and leaned on the towel counter, "You're kidding, right? I don't think it's going to look too good for me if I break up with my girlfriend and go out with a guy."

"Why not?" Zack frowned, "I did..."

"What do you mean 'you did?'" Cody asked.

"Yeah..." Angel agreed.

"Maya?" Zack said, holding his hands out in an awkward shrug.

"Right right, and where did she go again?"

"I broke up with her because she well...didn't do it for me," Zack shrugged.

"You never told me about her..."

"I haven't seen her around lately..." Cody folded a towel and spoke over top of Angel.

"She's doing some schooling in France. When we go back through she's getting on the ship again."

"France huh?" Cody tossed a towel to someone and turned back to his friends.

"Yeah Fra-"

"Zack!" Angel folded his arms, kicking Zack under the table.

"Ouch! What?"

"How come you never told me about her..." he looked down to the floor.

"It didn't seem important to me. You mean more to me than she does and well you're the only one that's been on my mind so I didn't really think of her until it came up just now."

"Hm.." Angel nodded, "do you want to meet my cousin or not, Cody?"

"I guess," he sat down and took a sip of Zack's soda.

"Good, cause he's here," Angel got up and ran across the sky deck to where a handsome young man was standing. He had sharp features and light brown hair. He was taller than Angel and looked much older.

"Shit dude...go ahead and nail that one down," Zack winked.

Cody blushed, "W-wow..."

"Shane..." Angel was pulled into a hug and spun around.

"Angel! I've missed you..you never come to visit, I was glad when your father asked if I would like to come stay with you," Shane said with a smile on his face.

Angel and Shane were close. They were four years apart in age, but had a lot of fun together when they were spending time with each other.

"Come meet my friends?" Angel smiled.

"You made friends?" he joked and walked with Angel over to where Zack and Cody were.

"This is Zack, my boyfriend..." Angel smiled and wrapped his arms around Zack from behind, "And this is his twin brother, Cody."

"Nice to meet you both," he smiled and sat down next to Cody.

"Nice to meet you as well, Shane. So how old are you? Angel has never mentioned you before today.. he mostly talks about Zack."

"I'm eighteen, turning nineteen soon. Angel and I are pretty close but we don't see each other that often."

"Angel babe I have to work," Zack said, kissing him.

"Have fun," he smiled.

"So.. Shane, are you in college? Or planning on it?"

"I'm in college currently, studying to be a doctor."

Cody nodded and leaned on his elbows. Angel giggled and got up, walking over to watch Zack make smoothies.

"Would you like one?" Zack smiled.

"I could kill for a strawberry one..." he leaned over the counter, kissing Zack softly.

"I love you," he smiled and went to make the smoothy for Angel.

The young blonde sat on a stool and swung his feet, spinning around as he did so.

"Careful," Zack put the drink on the counter.

Angel giggled, stopping the seat. He grasped the drink and smiled before taking a sip, "Thank you Zacky."

"You're welcome baby."

"Hey, could I get some service over here?" a guy complained.

Zack mumbled before turning with a fake smile on his face to help the man. Angel turned at the sound of Cody giggling, seeing that him and Shane were getting closer by the second. It seemed that Shane's sense of humor had come out, and it must have struck Cody the right way. Shane could be funny, and Angel loved him for that.

"Maybe...you'd like to go get a coffee or something?"

"I don't drink coffee," Cody was honest.

"Neither do I," Shane smiled, "I'd much rather have a cup of tea..."

"Tea sounds much better...there's this nice place that serves a mean cup of chai tea."

"Wonderful..." Shane stood up, helping Cody from his seat.

"See that?" Angel smiled and sipped his drink, talking to Zack.

"Yeah, wow.. almost like you and me...only Cody would be you and I'm the hunk that takes him away..."

Angel blushed and quickly finished his drink, passing the cup back to Zack, "You're weird...but I'm going to go relax for a while...okay?"

"Yeah, be careful?" he leaned over the counter and kissed Angel again, "I love you..."

"I love you too... Come visit me when you're off work... I want to play..." Angel smiled and turned to walk away.

Zack silently groaned, knowing that by 'play' Angel meant sex. Zack zoned out as he watched Angel walk away, his hips swaying with every step he took. He shook his head and went back to work, tending to customers.

Meanwhile, Cody was in his room with Shane, talking about random things.

"So you're sixteen?" Shane asked, looking at his half empty cup of tea.

"Yeah," Cody smiled.

"You're really cute..."

"Oh?" Cody blushed.

"Mhm," he leaned closer, swiping the hair from Cody's face. Their lips pressed together and they kissed gently, "Are you a virgin?"

"Yes and I'm not about to give it up," Cody smiled.

"I'm not asking you to... But maybe we could get to know each other a bit better?"

"Then maybe you should ask me out properly," Cody folded his arms.

"Okay, wanna go out?"

"That's not very proper..." he paused, "but okay."

Shane laughed, "Well then you and I will go have dinner sometime soon, and maybe a movie."

Cody smiled and continued to talk with Shane until he heard the door across the hall slam open. Cody jumped, getting to his feet to see what was going on.

"Zack?" he poked his head out in the hall and watched his brother rush around the room across from his.

"No time to talk!" he ran around and found what he was looking for.

"What are you doing?" Cody smiled.

"Need stuff...Angel wants me," Zack winked and slid past his brother.

"He wants you?" Cody asked.

"Sex stupid," he laughed and ran down the hall.

Cody blushed and bit his lip, "Your brother fucks my cousin? I knew they were dating but... I thought Angel was a little more protective of his virginity," Shane leaned on the wall.

"I think he was... but Zack and him are pretty serious. Zack's been in two fights so far protecting him from other people.."

"Hm.." Shane smiled, pulling Cody back into the bedroom.

"Angel!" Zack knocked on the bedroom door before Ezra answered it, "Hey Ezra, where's my Angel?"

"Taking a hot bath.. I'm going out to leave you two alone," Ezra patted Zack on the head, "careful with him."


"Bye Angel," Ezra called into the bathroom.

"Bye!" he shouted.

Zack waited until the door was closed before rushing into the bathroom, "Angel..."

"Hi," he smiled and poked his head up out of a mound of bubble bath.

Zack laughed and removed his clothes before stepping into the tub, "I brought lube but since we're taking a bath I don't think we'll need it..." he pulled the smaller boy into his lap and began giving him a hand job.

Angel moaned and nodded, latching his lips onto Zack's neck, "I've already fingered myself..." he whispered.

"Without me?" Zack smiled and jerked his hand faster.

"Y-yes..." he ground against Zack's hips, "I couldn't help it...I needed to feel it..I've been waiting all day."

"I have too," Zack pulled him forward by his hips, setting him down on his cock.

Angel moaned and began bouncing, digging his nails into Zack's shoulders, "The water makes it feel weird..."

"Mhm..." Zack nodded, thrusting his hips upward, "Fuck it faster."

Angel bit his lip and moved faster, allowing Zack's cock to slide into him even more, "I want to get fucked all night..."

"I think that can be arranged..." Zack held his hips and moved him harder, smiling.

Angel gasped and pulled Zack's lips to his own, kissing him vigorously. Angel tried to slow down their movements, afraid that the water would soon spill over onto the floor.

"Don't stop," Zack groaned.

"The water..." he whined, bouncing up and down.

"Don't worry..." Zack kissed him, "just ride me."

Angel screamed at the feeling of Zack's cock slamming into his prostate, raking his nails across Zack's back.

"You know..." Zack smiled, "it would be nice to have sex in the hot tub..."

"N-no.." Angel bit his lip, "public...no..." he shook his head.

"Why not? I think people would find it entertaining... you're so gorgeous... especially when you're bouncing up and down on my cock, making yourself moan and scream for more."

Angel whimpered, feeling heat rise to his groin, "You're making me cum..."

"Good," Zack smiled and watched as Angel kept bouncing, touching himself all over, "cum baby..." Zack grasped his cock and jerked it, causing Angel to shake as he prevented having an orgasm.

"N-not yet..." he tried to hold back.

"Go ahead..."




"Do it," Zack smirked.

Angel soon screamed, cumming hard. Zack watched in awe, still thrusting his hips up against Angel. He lifted the small boy off his lap and turned him so he was leaning over the edge of the tub. Zack got behind him and carefully slid himself back inside of Angel. Angel moaned and turned to look at Zack just as he began thrusting harshly. Angel hung his head and sighed, rolling his hips backward to meet Zack's thrusts. Zack groaned and thrust deeper, kissing the nape of Angel's neck. Angel moaned cutely, causing Zack to nearly lose it. He thrust faster, trying to make Angel cum again. But not much effort would be needed with that, because Angel was currently moaning and on the verge of finishing a second time.

"Zacky..." Angel moaned loudly and came.

"Angel.." Zack groaned, shooting his cum inside of Angel.

Angel shook and tried to keep himself from falling into the water, but failed. He landed with a large splash, causing water to spill out of the tub. Zack smiled and sat down, lifting the boy from the water.

"Careful," he smiled, "don't want to hit your head in here."

"Mm.." Angel nodded and relaxed on Zack, "Water's cold..." he commented.

"Yeah, let's get out and cover up in bed..."

Angel nodded again, not moving off Zack.

"Come on babe," Zack smiled and stood up, holding Angel in his arms.

He carried him to the bedroom with a towel and dried them both off. Before Zack knew it, Angel was fast asleep on the bed. A knock on the door caused him to jump, quickly covering up his small boyfriend. Angel whimpered, turning over onto his side to hug a pillow.

"Coming," Zack said before wrapping a towel around his waist. He opened the door and saw a man standing with a room service cart.

"Mr. Tipton requested that some food be sent up for his son," the young man said.

"Thanks, uhh..." he looked around for a tip of some sort.

"Don't worry about it, next time," he smiled and pushed the cart in before leaving the room.

"Thanks," Zack shut the door and opened the metal lids that covered the food. The food on the two plates consisted of a large piece of steak along with mixed veggies and rice. Zack poked one of the steaks, seeing that it was rare. Perfect, "Angel baby?" he walked back to the bed and shook the boy gently.

"Nng..." he whined, opening his eyes.

"Are you hungry?"

Angel thought for a second before nodding and sitting up. He pulled a blanket around his shoulders and watched as Zack pushed the cart to the bedside, handing Angel a plate along with a fork and knife. Angel yawned as he watched Zack crawl onto the bed and under the blankets with his own food.

"Steak..." he smiled and leaned against Zack, "looks good..."

"Yeah," Zack cut into his steak and took a large bite.

"Tummy hurts..." Angel whined, leaning against his boyfriend.

"Is it because you're hungry?" Zack rubbed his side and smiled.


A knock at the door caused them both to jump then smile. For a second, they thought it would have been Ezra returning from where ever he was, but a voice sounded from the other side of the door.

"Zack? Are you here? I need to talk with you," Cody said from behind the door.

"Codes?" Zack pushed his food aside and opened the door, letting his brother in as he struggled to pull some boxers on.

"My goodness, you two..." he frowned and sat in a chair, sighing loudly, "...I'm not even gay! And I.. and he..." Cody couldn't seem to get his words out.

"Calm down, talk slowly..." Zack smiled looking at his brother.

"Shane just asked me out and I said yes..."

"Then what's the problem?" Angel questioned.

"I said yes …"

"But what's the problem?" Zack and Angel said together.

"I don't know," he whined, putting his face into his hands, "I really like him and I want this to go somewhere... but we just met and-"

"-Cody, shut up.." Zack smiled and knelt in front of him, "If I didn't jump on the chance I had with Angel...I wouldn't.. well... normally you're the one that gives these talks so I think you know where I'm going with this.."

Cody nodded, taking a deep breath.

"My cousin wouldn't do anything to hurt you Cody...go for it," Angel smiled, "and besides..if you tell him you're not ready for sex, he'll listen.. he's not one to hurt anybody."

"Codes, just relax and do what feels right..." Zack walked back to the bed and crawled in beside Angel, digging into his food.

"I'm sorry to bother you two, I really am.. I just feel so weird about this whole thing.."

"It's fine Cody," Angel yawned and smiled, "you're technically my brother now.. you can barge in whenever you want."

"Mm, yeah, but you better leave because my little boyfriend here is going to give me a blow job..." Zack grinned.

"Zack!" Angel blushed.

"Oh jeez.." Cody felt his own blush appearing as images of the small boy pleasuring his brother filled his brain, "I'll go.." he blushed deeper and shook his head, rushing from the room.

Zack burst out laughing, planting a kiss on his boyfriends cheek, "I love you babe.."

Just as soon as Cody left, Ezra returned, cellphone in hand. It was almost as if the young couple couldn't get much time alone, but what little time they did get alone, they enjoyed. Ezra hung up his phone and looked to Angel a small smile upon his lips.

"Angel I just got a call from the producers of Ellen, they really want you and Zack to appear on the show next week."

"Next week?" Angel pouted.

"Yeah, you should do it."

"Should we?" Angel turned to Zack.

"Yes," he smiled and nuzzled against him.

"Then..I guess we'll go on the show," Angel smiled.

The next week came and went, and before they knew it, Zack, Angel, and Ezra were headed to a television studio. Angel sat in a chair like nothing as people did his makeup and hair, causing him to look even more gorgeous. Zack was uncomfortable with people touching him, but allowed them to do it so he could be supportive for Angel.

"How do you think Zack will do?" Marcus asked Cody, not taking his eyes off the television.

"I have no idea... He's been really good lately but I know what he's capable of..." Cody bit his lip, leaning back into Shane.

"I'm sure he'll do fine," Shane stroked his sides.

"...welcome our new guests onto the show, Angelo Michael Tipton and Zachary Martin!" the audience clapped and cheered as the camera panned to the young couple walking out together.

The two sat on a couch, hand in hand with smiles upon their faces. The audience calmed down and the host, Ellen, turned to the two boys.

"Angel, tell me.. is this handsome young man beside you your boyfriend?"

Angel smiled, "Yes this is my boyfriend, Zack.."

"How long have you known each other? We've seen various photos dating back months, but everyone is curious about Hollywood's most famous, and secretive, couple! If we cared as much about Charlie Sheen as we do you two, he'd be here, but we don't.. so today somebody's, duh, NOT winning!" the audience responded with laughter.

Angel fake a laugh at the poor attempt to mock someone, "We've been together since September, Ellen."

"And we're in the month of May now, you two have been going strong that long? So, Zack, you're just a commoner, how did you meet this Angel?"

Cody and the rest of Zack's friends held their breath, waiting for a response from him. Zack cleared his throat, "Well, Angel and I met through my friend London, his aunt.. I've known her for quite a long time now and when I met Angel here, it was love at first sight.."

"Aww, that was corny.." Ellen laughed, "so how old are you Zack?"

"I'm sixteen, there's a little less than two years between us."

"So even though in two years you'll be eighteen, and your boyfriend will still be underage, that doesn't bother you?"

"Not at all.."

"How do your friends and family act to you both being homosexual? Being a member of the homosexual community myself I know it's not easy, and criticism comes from every direction."

Angel cleared his throat, "My family is fine with my sexuality, along with all of my new friends.. I haven't really run across any criticism that I know of...and neither has Zack, right?" Zack nodded in agreement.

"How did the show go?" Bailey asked as Zack and Angel walked across the sky deck with her.

"Went good...very awkward...she asked a lot of questions and it wasn't really what I expected.." Zack yawned, wrapping his arm tightly around Angel's waist, "we went to a party afterward too...I've decided I don't care for wine.."

"They let you two drink?" Bailey blinked.

"I don't drink.." Angel yawned, leaning against Zack, "I'm sleepy babe..." Zack and Bailey stopped walking, causing Angel to look between the two, following their gazes to a girl with long, messy brown hair.

"Zack..." she spoke, a smile gracing her lips.

"M-Maya.." he forced a smile, "..what are you doing here?"

"I'm back," she looked to Angel, then back to her boyfriend, "who's your friend?"

Zack cleared his throat, "I think we need to talk..."

"Come on Angel, I'll take you to your dads room..." Bailey took his hand and smiled at Zack, a mouthed 'have fun' escaped her lips as they walked away.

"What's going on Zack?" Maya stepped closer, reaching to wrap her arms around her boyfriends shoulders.

He pushed away and stepped back, "Maya, it's been months.. and you haven't so much as written anything, or called..."

Maya laughed slightly, trying to lighten the mood, "Well, I've been busy, Zack..."

Zack sighed, looking to the floor of the deck before making eye contact with the girl he thought he once loved, "Maya... I've- moved on.."

"What?" she almost seemed appalled.

"I realized that I'm gay..or something.."

"Is that why that boy was hanging on your arm..? Is he your boyfriend?"

"Yeah, he is.."

"Well, that's..nice..." she frowned, turning and quickly walking away from the blonde.

Zack sighed, not bothering to chase the girl down. It was too late, he had Angel, and there was no point in him trying to befriend Maya once again. Zack shook his head, turning in the opposite direction Maya went. Angel was all that mattered..and he was glad for the younger boy.

"Shane.." Cody blushed as his boyfriend pulled his pants down, leaving him completely exposed. They had managed to get some alone time in Shane's room, but Cody was completely nervous.

"Relax love..." Shane removed his own pants and crawled between Cody's legs, kissing him gently.

"It's hard to.." he laughed slightly as he wrapped his arms around the older boy.

Shane smiled, grabbed a bottle of lube to wet three of his fingers. He gently slid one into Cody, causing him to gasp slightly. Shane thrust it slowly, allowing Cody to get used to the intrusion before inserting another digit and slowly scissoring him. The young blonde rocked his hips moaning Shane's name. A third finger was inserted into him, causing him to wince slightly.

"Sorry..." Shane kissed his neck as he continued to finger him, searching for that special spot within him.

"S-stop.." he bucked his hips, fucking himself on Shane's fingers.

"Hm?" the older boy smiled, thrusting his fingers faster.

"I'm..oh Shane please!" he screamed cutely as his prostate was pressed against, nearly causing him to climax.

Shane nodded and lubed himself up with his other hand before removing his fingers. Cody whimpered, wrapping himself around the brunette as he gently slid his cock into him. Cody bit down on the older boys shoulder, as pain coursed through his back.

"This- is- nothing- like...fingers..." he fought back tears as Shane held himself still.

"I know...it will get better though.." he rubbed the boys sides as he slowly began thrusting, causing Cody to groan in pain.

"No.." he shut his eyes tightly.

Shane kissed his neck, "Relax..."

Cody nodded and relaxed as Shane thrust faster, smiling against his neck. Cody moaned as the pain subsided into a dull ache, allowing him to feel the full pleasure of Shane inside of him. The blonde rocked his hips, raking his nails across his lovers neck.

"Harder.." he whispered, running his fingers through the brunettes hair.

Shane nodded, thrusting harder, slamming the tip of his cock into Cody's prostate. The younger screamed and arched his back, begging for more. Shane felt sweat form on his back as he and Cody moved faster, their bodies mashing together in a heated mess. Cody rolled his hips quickly against Shane, feeling himself near his climax.

"Shane!" Cody screamed as he came between them. Shane groaned the younger boys name, spilling himself inside of the blonde in his own orgasm.

Angel high-fived Zack as they walked down the hall, hearing the pants and screams from the two in the room.

"I told you," Angel smiled as he opened the door to his and his fathers room.

"You did," Zack laughed, "I just didn't think my brother would be so willing to get .. well.." he smiled as Angel leaned against the now closed door.

Zack walked up to his shorter boyfriend, pressing his body against him with a grin, "I love you so much..."

"I love you too.." Angel slid his arms around Zack's neck, kissing him gently, "What happened with you and Maya?"

"I told her everything...and she's not happy...doesn't even want to be friends..."

"I'm sorry..."

"Don't be.." Angel blinked, turning his head slightly to the side with a questioning look, "I have you..."

The two smiled in a final kiss before Zack reached beside them, turning off the light to darken the room.

I'm so very sorry this took so long..I've had a lot going on..boy troubles, girl troubles, school and what not... I've dropped several stories and I am officially dropping/finishing this one NOW. I'm moving on to better things..hopefully.. Plot bunnies seem to be working again..lets hope I can finish some things I've started..