Cloud: I'm back. This fic will take place after the Unlimited Blade Works route in FSN and Akiha's route in Tsukihime, so MAJOR spoilers for both. If you haven't read Tsukihime and don't intend to then I will try to be generous in summerizing what happened to Shiki in Akiha's route. Thank you and enjoy. Also, I should warn you guys, there will be NO Arturia in this fic, but I might still fiddle around with the servants and mages I introduced in Fate's Game.


Cloud Strider Presents:

Fate/Stay Night

Unlimited Blade Dance

Day 1: Shattered Reality

"Kyle Grey, probability... zero percent..."

"Strange, he has shown signs. He is accompanied by something that we know little about."

"He has no magic circuit."

"...I see."

"Moving on, Jasper Matthews, probability... twenty percent."

"Infinitely better than most subjects we have observed so far."


"What of the Japanese subject that Kirei was to keep an eye on?"

"The boy? He hardly has any magic to his name, just the broken dreams of the mage who defied us."

"There are two now."

"Emiya Shirou and Shiki Tohno."


"No need to worry about percentiles Father, these two are guaranteed as ample test subjects."

"How so?"

"They both feast on the death and destruction around them."

"We should be cautious with them. The Emiya child defeated a Servant, and Tohno is a beast walking upright, disguised as a human. He annihilated a high class vampire and survived a dagger to the chest."

"Hmm, what of Ciel?"

"The puppet? Let her be, she has served her purpose and is of no further use to us. Even with her... ability the passage of time will rot her away as it does all things."

"Very well, this council is adjourned."

The shuffling of feet was the only remaining noise in the large stone hall after this final declaration. The men went their seperate ways, not uttering a single word to each other as they departed.

The darkness of night served as their camouflage as they once again donned their 'masks' of a normal life.

No one would speak of such meetings.

No one in that hall knew any of the others that converged there.

So it was... as it always had been.

His eyes snapped open, and the first thing his body did was scream and writhe for air. Firm but gentle hands held him down as he thrashed about, trying to rid himself of bonds that did not exist. "Shiki... Shiki, it's me."

He could not hear the blue haired girl, nor did he notice that he was in an unfamilier place. His brain was numbed by the fire in his chest. He saw red.

He couldn't think...

Where was he?

What was his name?

Who was the girl above him?

Why did it feel like he was missing half of his body?

One word flashed through his mind...


The lines around him, they were everywhere...

Dammit, everything was so fragile, even the lightest cut with the dullest of knives could shatter anything around him. Those lines hurt his head... he had to find some way to get rid of those damn lines!

He gasped for air once again.

"Shiki, listen!"

He felt something hard hit his cheek, he didn't know what it was, but it straightened him out long enough to think in a blur. He knew the blue haired girl, though he could not remember her name. He also remembered how to stop the lines. "Glasses," he said through gritted teeth.

The blue haired girl tilted her head. Then, as if realizing something important, her eyes widened and she reached for the small head board on her bed.

His vision was cleared in an instant, and the pounding in his head slowly subsided. "You idiot," grumbled the girl, "I knew I shouldn't have just left you with her. You're lucky to be alive!"

"Ciel... Senpai?"

She crossed her arms and frowned, her glasses falling forward slightly on her nose. As if giving up, her arms fell to her sides and she let out a deep breath, "You're both lucky I suppose."

Shiki sprung up in an instant, and the fire in his chest flared to life, "Grrhgh!"

"Stop it," she said sternly, "Don't move so fast, you still haven't healed fully."

"Akiha! Is she okay?"

Ciel looked away, "She's fine, the shock of almost losing her better half snapped her out of her demonic state, I wouldn't approach her for a while though, she could still have a relapse. I'm positive she knows you're still alive though."

"I have to see her."

Ciel shook her head, "Not until you're ready, besides, we have more pressing matters to attend to, like making sure you're healed."

"I guess it's pointless anyways, as long as I'm alive Akiha will have to keep suffering."

The hard feeling hit across his cheek again. This time he knew what it was, Ciel's hand. "Don't ever talk like that," she said with a frown, her face slightly reddening, "If you die, your sister won't be the only one who's hurt."


He tried to find the words to say to her, but couldn't, his mind was completely blank.

How could she just... say something like that?

"More death doesn't solve anything," she grumbled, walking to the bathroom with hard strides. "If you want Akiha to be happy, then don't die." She raised her voice slightly so that he could still hear her. "You already killed yourself once for her, I think that's enough."

Shiki nodded softly.

"Good, now let's change your bandages."

She emerged from the bathroom with a fresh set of bandages, disinfectant, and gauze pads.

"How long have I been out?"

She smiled gently, "A few weeks now, I used my more latent abilities as a member of the church to keep you going."


She gestured to his arm, and when he looked down he noticed that a small line to a device had been attached to him, a feeding tube...

"How humiliating," he grumbled.

Ciel smirked, "You're still alive, so don't complain. You probably won't be able to stand up straight for a while, but we'll take it one step at a time."


"Hm?" She was unwrapping the bandages around his chest as they continued to speak.

"Thank you... for everything. You're great."

For some reason, she averted her gaze, "Well... uh... I mean... It's my duty..."

"No it isn't, Akiha has demon blood, your duty is to kill her."

As if she had gotten caught with her hand in the cookie jar, her face reddened even further, and her hair covered her eyes, "Let's just... get these bandages switched out,"
she mumbled.

Shiki chuckled under his breath.


The sound of birds and cicadas reached his ears. That's right... it was Summer now.

"Senpai, breakfast is ready."

His eyes opened slowly, and he was greeted with the sight of Sakura standing over him. It seemed he had fallen asleep in the shed again. "Nee-san was looking for you," she said lightly.

Shirou sat up and rubbed his eyes, letting out a horrid yawn.

'That's right...' he thought, 'Sakura's Grandfather disappeared, she and Shinji are living here now.'

"Emiya! Are you up yet?"

Speak of the Devil...

Shinji poked his head in the door of the shed.

Shirou raised an eyebrow, "The brother and sister coming to wake me up together, I'm touched."

Sakura's face turned red and Shinji frowned.

"When did you get to be such a smart ass Emiya?"


Sakura made to scold her brother for his harsh language, but hesitated when she saw Shirou smirk.

"I guess he rubbed off on me more than I thought," mumbled the sword mage, standing up and stretching his shoulders.

Sakura tilted her head, "Who did Senpai?"

"No one important," he said, "Just an old friend."

"Well," grumbled Shinji, "I'm off for Archery practice, I already ate and Mitsuzuri will choke me if I'm late again."

"Yep," said Shirou with a wave, "Gotta make up for that time when you humiliated a Freshman... oh, and you nearly got kicked out for half-assing the targets, huh?"

Shinji chuckled under his breath and shook his head, "Another time Emiya, we'll settle this on the range."

"Not today," said Shirou, "I've gotta help Issei with the air conditioning system on the second floor. It's acting up again."

Walking to school in the mornings was a chore for Shirou ever since Rin had started living with them. It was like they were the brunt of every hushed school rumor known to man. In the eyes of the student body they had been lovers for a while now, and every single day it made Shirou more conscious of the lithe mage that walked with him to school every morning.


Could care less...

She kept pace with him, pondering on her own little thoughts.

Whether or not she forgot to lock her jewel case or magically seal her room.

Then her thoughts would travel to homework...


...Until Shirou interrupted her.

Come to think of it, he had been calling her by her first name for a while now.


"What?" she asked, slightly annoyed that her mental routine had been interrupted.

"Doesn't it bug you?" he asked softly.

"What should bug me?"

"The rumors."

She felt the heat instantly rise to her face. 'Damn,' she thought, 'Just as I was forgetting about it.'

"So it does bug you," he stated with a smirk, "Good, glad I'm not the only one suffering here."

"Well... you don't have to walk with me to school every morning!" she shouted, trying to turn it around on him.

"Neither do you, besides, we leave at around the same time."

"That... so what?"

Shirou took a deep breath through his nose, "Rin... do you think we're going out?"

She froze in place, and Shirou stopped walking just in front of her. The mill of students around them walking to school might as well have disappeared. Rin let out an awkward laugh, looking off to the side. Other than her body language and laugh, she was completely silent.

"What if I said I wanted you to be my girlfriend?"

Rin bit her bottom lip and looked down at the ground, trying to hide her face from him, which she was sure was on fire by now.

Shirou stepped forward, and she stepped back.

"Shirou I..."

His hand moved forward and grasped hers.

He was reminded instantly of the night before his fight with Gilgamesh. The feeling of Rin's entire body was engraved into his mind, and simply by touching her hand he could recall it easily. "We're already walking to school together."

She nodded timidly.

Rin was so determined, so sure of herself, that Shirou was always taken by surprise when she was like this. "The whispers will mostly stop if everyone knows for a fact that we're a couple. Besides, we're going to London in a month. I don't just want you to be my teacher Rin."

Rin suddenly pulled on his hand violently.

He nearly collapsed into her, but she caught the brunt of his fall and pushed her lips into his.

She pulled away slowly...

"Idiot," she mumbled.