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Yay my first Vampire Fanfic! very short but i hope you like it!

The Tutor

Damon wasn't used to pacing, why did people pace anyway? What did pacing achieve?

Despite his oblivious dislike of walking a floor 20 odd times, that was exactly what he found himself doing. He paused momentarily at the window to glance out, rain dripped steadily down the windows, obscuring the scene outside. Sighing Damon turned to stare at the clock on the wall instead. It was eleven; he said he'd be there by 10 at the latest.

It had been 2 years since they'd last met, in Madrid of all places. They'd instantly taken a liking to each other, as if it were fate. And in the mysterious stranger Damon had found the perfect tutor, to teach him everything he could learn, everything he wanted to learn needed to know.

Suddenly he heard the door open and he jerked back to reality, there was only one Vampire who held an open invitation in the Salvatore house. (well two if you counted Stefan but who cared about him?)

"Damon" he heard the stranger say his name in a low voice.

Damon spun around, his features arranged somewhere between a smile and a smirk, "Angelus"

How ironic to choose a name like that... than again Damon admired irony.

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