Damon and Angelus' first fight XD

there had to be one, Damon never seemed to be one who liked authority and though in this fanfic he thinks of Angel as a sort of father-figure he still wants his independence

Chap. Summary: so Damon and Angelus found their way into a town and Damon wanted to have some fun...by draining the whole town, it didnt end well XD

America, date unknown:

Damon was perched on a rotting log near the edge of a deserted highway, a stick in his hand.

Cautiously he poked at the decomposing carcass in front of him with the stick, turning the body over as he did so.

He shuddered as the hideous, rotting scent filled his nostrils. Gagging, Damon turned away from the body to look up at the sky.

His injuries were clearer in the pale moonlight, 3 long gashes ran diagonally down his left cheek while dried blood clung to his forehead.

He was so ravenous he would have drunk himself dry then and there, had he not heard a faint rustle from the trees behind him.

He heard the heavy thud of a rucksack on the ground near his feet as he turned to meet the newcomer.

"You!" Damon hissed, his eyes narrowing in hatred.

"Me" Angelus smiled back serenely, his docile tone obscuring the fact that he was a cold-blooded killer.

He gestured to the rucksack, "Thought you might be hungry"

Damon hesitated, glancing quickly between the other Vampire and the rucksack at his feet.

The smell from the bag was overpowering, that of sweat and blood, and the faintest trace of perfume.

"Well, can't let good food go to waste can I?" He replied before positively diving into the bag.

Angelus watched in silence as Damon lifted the tender neck of a beautiful young woman out of the rucksack and began to feed.

"You left me to die back there!" Damon hissed, five minutes later when he had drained the girl of blood.

He wiped the blood off his mouth with his sleeve and turned to Angelus for a reply.

The other vampire merely held his hands out and said, "You were impatient, wanting to drain half the town in one go. I'm not going to stay and play hero to an idiot!"

"You see that's where you're wrong, I have the smarts. We could have been in and out of there in one night and no-one would of known the difference!"

"See, you've just proved you're an idiot. Think about it Damon, people start turning up dead the day to strangers arrive? We might as well put up a big sign saying here we, come and find us!"

Damon flinched, realising his error. Angelus, seeing this, said nothing else and instead turned on his heel,

"Come and find me when you're ready to keep learning"

"What if I don't need you?" Damon called out childishly,

Angelus chuckled, "You won't last a day without me Damon, so don't kid yourself"

Although Damon wouldn't' admit it, he knew Angelus was right, he couldn't survive out there without the other vampire...yet.

"One day" Damon murmured to himself, " One day soon"

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