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Zuko knelt on the floor before his father, Fire Lord Ozai. Ozai paced in front of Zuko, the young prince's eyes followed the Fire Lord's movements.

"I am proud of you, Prince Zuko." said Ozai. "I am proud because your sister conquered Ba Sing Se. I am proud because, when your loyalty was tested by your treacherous uncle, you did the right thing, and captured the traitor."

Ozai walked around behind Zuko.

And I am proudest of all of your most legendary accomplishment. You slayed the Avatar."

Zuko's eyebrow rose in surprise and raised his head slightly.

"What did you hear?" asked the Fire Prince

"Azula told me everything." answered Ozai. "She said she was amazed and impressed with your power and ferocity at the moment of truth."

Ozai walked to the front of Zuko and looked down at him.

"And for your loyalty to your nation, your family, and to your Fire Lord, I have a reward for you."

Zuko looked to his father in surprise. He had never been rewarded by his father before, not even praise or a compliment.

Ozai didn't notice the look of shock on his son's face; instead he was looking at the entrance to the throne room at a guard who stood at the curtains, looking at Ozai. The Fire Lord nodded and the guard left the room.

Zuko and Ozai were silent as they waited for the guard to return. After what felt like hours when it was really several minutes, Zuko could hear some people approaching the room.

"Ah, here they are." said Ozai.

The sound of people entering the room could be heard.

"I have a feeling you will enjoy her." continued the Fire Lord.

"Her?" Zuko stood up and turned to see two guards escorting a girl in chains towards him and Ozai.

The girl had tanned skin, waist length brown curly hair, and had hair loopies. She wore a blue tube top, fingerless blue gloves that went to her elbows, a silver bracelet on each arm, a silver anklet, a blue bikini bottom with a see through blue sash that went down to her ankles that only covered her right leg. Over the sash were three rows of beads and on her hip was a small silver moon. The girl had her head down so Zuko couldn't really see her face.

"She and some Water Tribe savages attacked one of our ships by Chameleon Bay," explained Ozai, "She was caught and arrested but the other savages escaped with the ship. I was going to have her sent to the prison by the palace but I thought that she would, ah, please you."

The girl's head was still down but Zuko could tell that she had a look of fury on her face.

"She will be your slave from now on, Prince Zuko. She will obey your every command or will suffer the consequences. Slave girl!" Ozai addressed the girl in blue, "Do they not teach brats manners in the Water Tribes? Meet your new master."

The girl didn't obey immediately. It seemed that she was debating whether or not to do what she was told to do. Finally, the girl raised her head and gave the Fire Lord and fire prince a look of defiance.

Zuko's eyes widened.

He wasn't able to recognize her because she wore heavy make up but he did recognize the necklace around her neck.

Prince Zuko's new slave was the Avatar's waterbending friend.

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