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IGot The Part: Chapter Four: iGot The Part and iMight Have a Plan


I was let out of the hospital yesterday…just in time for me to be able to go back to school. Awesome. Lucky me. So far, it's hell, and I just walked in. 'Why is it hell?' you may ask, but the reason is simple…it's kinda hard to try to avoid your best friends. I just don't want to have to deal with the confusion and the awkwardness…I'm confused enough as it is. I'm still really hazy on the whole Carly situation. She seemed so excited that Freddie and I kissed, and then she goes and tells me she's in love with me…wait…it's like that time Spencer told her that she was going to the petting zoo for her birthday…the year of the goat incident…


"Spencer! Please tell me where we're going!"

She had an extremely excited look on her face. Like she honestly didn't know where she was going even though for weeks she dropped blatantly obvious hints about wanting to go to Wally World.

"We're going to the petting zoo! You know, the one where Marvin is now since he wouldn't stop biting my pants!"

Surprisingly, Carly's face lit up at the news. She wanted to know all the 'deets'. Her voice was almost so sweet it was sickening. Spencer answered all over the questions she had about the place until there weren't ant more she could possibly think of.

"You wait here, Carlaaay! I'm going to get my Ostrich food out of my underwear drawer!"

Spencer ran to his bedroom to get whatever his ostrich food was…we didn't question it since it WAS Spencer…as soon as he was out of hearing distance Carly looked like she was about to cry.

"It's my 16th birthday and he's taking me to a PETTING ZOO! A place for stinky animals that are apparently tame enough to touch! No fun rides or greasy food! Just animals and whatever people are brave enough to put up with them! What if it's worse than the peacock incident of '06?"

Wow…apparently Carly can act…and pretty convincingly too…I didn't really know what to say to that…

"Well…it couldn't really be worse than the peacock incident…that was just bad…"

Little did we know that the goat incident would be WAY worse than the peacock incident….

-end of flashback-

Truthfully, the goat incident tops pretty much every other incident any one of us has ever had, but that's not the point…the point is that when Carly doesn't like something, she overcompensates (big word, I know…Fredwardo is rubbing off on me… he's like a freakin' walking dictionary…) for it. Meaning she goes out of her way to act excited or whatever…which now that I really think about it, that's EXACTLY what she did when she found out Freddie and I kissed the second time…

I was so wrapped up in figuring out this whole Carly thing. I wasn't paying attention to where I was walking and I bumped into a crowd of people in the main hallway. They were all pushing each other to see something…It was even crazier than the school at sea sign up list. I saw Gibby near the outside of the crowd, so I decided to ask him what the chizz was up with the mob.

"Yo Gibby!"

I said, walking up to the chubby kid who was, as usual, shirtless.

"What, Sam?"

He said still trying to push his way into the blob of students.

"What's the chizz with the crowd? What are they looking at?"

He looked at me as if I had asked the stupidest question in the world, as if I should just magically know what he knows…he's going to pay for it later…

"It's the cast list for the school play…"

Damn. I forgot that was being posted today. I began shoving people out of my way to see if I actually had to do anything for this stupid play when people began congratulating me for something, I don't know what though. Well, at least I didn't know until I saw the list.

~`.*-~THE AVENGERS~-*.`~

Cast List

Nathan Blane: Freddie Benson

Olive Burnett: Samantha Puckett

Rob Angele:Griffen Ryder

Aria Levin: Jane Parker

Allanah Widow: Lynn Zattany

Catherine Angele: Carly Shay

Joe Larsen: Gibby Gibbson

Cherrie Lang: Wendy Johnson

Thank you to all of you who have auditioned! Extras will be cast as we work on the scenes. Rehearsal will be every day from 3:00-5:00, starting today.

Be prepared. Come with a binder, a highlighter, and a smile!

-Ms. Mazzuca

I did a double take at the cast list, unsure if I was actually seeing this or if my mind was playing a cruel trick on me. If I'm Olive, and Fredward is Nathan…that means that I can't avoid him from now own since I flipped through the script and we are in almost every scene..together…it's the same with Carly's character, Catherine. I'm in almost all of her scenes besides the one where she dies…and apparently Gibby is her love interest…at least I get to pretend to kill Griffen, Jane, and Lynn…all of them suck chizz….especially Griffen.

Well…it's not like this can get any worse… I thought as I heard footsteps come up behind me… Huh… that's weird…I shouldn't be able to hear it with so many people around me…or not…as I glanced around the hallway I realized that I was the only one here…besides whoever the creepy dude behind me was…


I froze in my place when I recognized the voice…

"What, Gibby?"

I asked in an irritated voice as I turned to face the shirtless potato. I had honestly thought someone more important had wanted to talk to me.

"I like this girl, even though I'm sure she'd never go out with me and I thought maybe you would know what to do…"

I almost laughed at how absurd it was. A shirtless potato was coming to ME for love advice. Doesn't he realize just how screwy my love life has been? It's full of cheaters, liars, pints of Ben and Jerry's and friends who I could've sworn were straight…

"Is there something wrong with you, Gibby? Something worse than how you normally are?"

"No. Why?"

He said all confused-like…as if he honestly thought coming to the girl who constantly gave him Texas wedgies for help was a great idea…

"You're coming to ME for help. Does that say nothing to you about how weird this situation is?"

"Well you know Carly best…."

"You like Carly?"

His eyes widened in horror.

"Did I just say that out loud?"

"No…of course not…and I'm buying a potato farm in Shelby, Idaho! Yes you said it out loud!"

There was an awkward silence for a few minutes before Gibby finally responded.

"Well…at least you know now…"

Gibby said awkwardly before he ran to the bathroom…I'm pretty sure he was vomiting in there…

I thought about this whole 'Gibby-Liking-Carly' situation…it might not be so bad…as much as a possible 'Cibby' (Carly and Gibby's names together) relationship might make me want to puke up blood, it might not be such a bad thing… I don't want to hurt Carly by rejecting her, since I'm pretty sure I'm not gay(I thought about it, and it would be too weird...I mean I do love a sister), so maybe I don't have to…maybe somewhere…deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, deep down, she loves Gibby…

Hmm…I think I'm onto something…

I guess I'll figure something out at rehearsal later…

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