A few things before we get started: All characters will be involved in this story. It is mainly about Abby and Tim, but the whole team is there all the way through. This is my first multi-chapter NCIS story. My other NCIS story does have more than one chapter but each chapter is about something different... Also, because of what Abby goes through she will not always be her usual happy self. Anyway, I hope you enjoy...

'Cold. I'm so... Why am I so cold?' She tried to open her eyes but she couldn't. She tried to move, but she couldn't do that either. 'What's wrong with me? What happened?' She begins to panic. Finally, using every bit of strength that she had, she forced her eyes open. Little did she know that that's when her nightmare would begin. 'No, no, no,' She thought as tears stung her eyes. She could feel that she had been chained... but to what? She could feel, but she couldn't move. She couldn't move anything except her eyes. She moved her eyes down to see a hospital bed. She was chained to a hospital bed. 'Oh God! Oh God!' She was screaming but the words wouldn't come out. Why couldn't she talk? Why couldn't she call out for help? Not that it would matter. From what she could tell the room had no windows. Just white, concrete walls. However, nothing out of eye view could be seen. She looked up at the ceiling, her eyes were automatically drawn to the right corner. There was a camera pointed directly at her. Again she tried to scream. Her lips barely opened and all that came out was a whispered, "Help." True, that was more than she could do before, but it was still torture to her. She heard something... A door opening perhaps? There was a squeaky sound then a click. What was that click? Was it the door, if there was a door, closing back?

"Good to see you're awake," a mysterious voice said from behind her. It was the first voice she had heard in... How long? How long had she been there? How did she get there? Why was she there? Why couldn't she remember?

"Don't be worried, yet. There will be plenty of time for that later on. Right now you need to work on regaining full control of your body. Concentrate on that. See, I gave you a drug that temporarily paralyzes you. You will slowly be able to move again. You will also be able to talk. I advise you not to yell though as no one can hear you here anyway. Yelling would be pointless, and it is quite annoying."

The voice. It was so calm. It was like he was a tour guide, just reciting the same script that he had learned long ago and said so many times before.

Suddenly the voice had a face. A man in his mid-thirties hovered over her. He had dark, chocolate brown eyes and a full head of brown hair. He was tall and had dark skin. He smiled down at her with his white, straight teeth shining. If it wasn't for the fact that he had kidnapped her, she might have found him cute.

"Nice to meet you, Miss Sciuto."

Five hours earlier...

"Are you coming or not, Timmy?" Abby shouted from the living room.

"I thought you wanted popcorn," He called back as he stood in the kitchen.

"I do! But it's taking a long time."

"Its been two minutes."


Tim rolled his eyes and smiled, "I thought Gibbs was the impatient one."

"I heard that!"

"I wanted you too." He took the popcorn out of the microwave and emptied the bag into a bowl. "What do you want to drink?"

"Caf-Pow," They both said at the same time.

Abby sighed, "Why do you ask if you already know?"

"Cause it's fun for me." Tim came into the living room carrying the popcorn, Caf-Pow, and a bottle of water for him. After handing Abby her drink, and setting his on the coffee table, he sat down and placed the bowl in between them on the couch.

"I don't see how you drink that stuff so late," Tim said as Abby started the movie and all the FBI warnings came up on the screen.

"You want me to stay awake don't you?"

"You never do anyway. You always fall asleep on me."

Abby glared at Tim and punched his arm, "Do not... Only sometimes."


"Oh be quiet and watch the movie."

Tim laughed and stopped his teasing.

An hour and a half later the popcorn bowl that once separated Tim and Abby was on the floor. Abby was sound asleep with her head on Tim's chest and her arm draped around him. He was slouched down comfortably with his legs on the floor. His arm lied gently across her back as his eyes drooped. "Told you you always fall asleep on me," He mumbled. Soon enough he was fast asleep as well.

That's when he came in. He picked the lock to her apartment and made his way inside. He looked at the two sleeping figures in the living room and smiled. He didn't know what they would be doing when he went in. He didn't even know that she would have company. But the fact that they were asleep was a plus for him. He pulled a rag out of his pocket and placed it over Tim's face. Two breaths and he was even more out of it than before. The rag was meant to be just for Abby... But to be honest he did want Abby to try and fight him off before he knocked her out. That would make him even more satisfied.

In his other pocket he had a syringe. He took it out and held it tightly in his hand. He got down close to Abby's face. "Miss Sciuto," He whispered so quietly it could barely be heard, "Miss Sciuto. Wake up, please."

Abby began to stir and soon her eyes were open. The man stood up and took a few steps back as he waited for her to fully wake up and realize she wasn't dreaming. Suddenly her eyes widened. He smiled at her as a shocked expression fell over her face, "T... T... Tim!" She yelled. She jumped up and grabbed a lamp off of the table on the side of her couch. She threw it at him, but he got out of the way in time.

"McGee!" She yelled again as the man came closer to her. She continued to back up until she was in the corner. Now she had nowhere to go. He grabbed her and picked her up. She began kicking at him and in the process knocked over her other lamp. He threw her down on the floor and straddled her. He jerked the cap off of the syringe with his teeth and quickly put the needle into her squirming body.

"Tim! Timmy!" She continued to yell. It was no use. He couldn't hear her. He couldn't hear anything. The man injected the drug and within seconds the squirming and yelling had stopped. Her eyes were wide open. She knew everything that was going on, she just couldn't react.

He took the rag that he had used on Tim and placed it over her face. His smile was the last thing she saw before everything went dark. Now there was no way for her to fight back or have any idea where she was going.


"Your friend should be waking up soon," He said, still standing over her, "He got more Chloroform than you did. He'll find the mess you made and call for help. Unfortunately for you help won't come anytime soon... I will let you know now that I don't want to rape you. However, I do intend to torture you for a very long time."

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