Update about my ACT. Turns out I got a good enough score to have 75% of my college paid for. I guess I don't totally suck ;) Anyway, here's the last chapter:

Two weeks later…

Abby was pacing back and forth in her lab. She had her hand tightly wrapped around the skull and crossbones necklace she was wearing. Work had been pretty slow today, giving her a lot of time to think. She had been thinking about it on and off ever since she began staying at Tim's place, but now she was really thinking about it.

She knew what she had to do. She knew that she had to ask him… but she wasn't sure how he'd react. That made her nervous. What if he didn't understand why? What if he thought she was crazy?

She had called him down to her lab just a few minutes earlier. He said he'd be down as soon as he could, but Gibbs was in a pretty… intense mood that day.

'I could wait till the end of the day,' She thought, 'No. No I can't. If I wait, then I'll end up not asking… I need to ask now.'

The elevator door dinged. She stopped pacing and stared at the doorway, waiting for him to appear there.

"Hey, Abby. Something wrong? You sounded pretty shook up on the phone."

She took a deep breath, "I need to ask you a favor, Timmy."

Tim and Abby stepped out of the car. She stood on the sidewalk and waited as Tim walked around the car and came up beside her. She hesitated for a moment, until Tim held out his hand.

She looked at him and smiled, then put her hand in his.

"You sure?" Tim asked.

She nodded, "Yeah."


They walked off of the sidewalk and onto the grass.

Abby was calm… calmer than she expected she'd be, anyway. Her talk with Tim had gone well. At first, he didn't quite understand why she wanted to do this, but after he listened to her explain, he understood perfectly… And he never for a second thought that she was crazy.

They walked quietly for a couple of minutes. She let Tim guide her, seeing he knew where to go, and she didn't.

"It's right over here," Tim said as he pointed to it with his free hand.

They took a few more steps, and they were there. Abby stared at the gravestone, "He's under there?"

Tim nodded, "Six feet down."


Abby leaned her head against Tim. She wasn't scared, nervous, angry, or sad. All the horrible things he did to her didn't flash through her mind… That wasn't her reason for coming either. She didn't want to know if seeing his gravestone would make her feel better, or worse, she just wanted to tell him one thing. It didn't matter if actually being there meant he could hear her any more or less than if she were somewhere else… or if he could even hear her at all. She just needed to say it… and she needed to say it there.

With Tim by her side, their hands intertwined, she looked down at the ground, where Joe was lying, dead.

"You lose."

The End... Or, in Gibbs speak, Rule 11.

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