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"Ugh. What is it with you and musicians?"

I wasn't even going to dignify that with a response.

"You're not even discerning. Drummers, pianists… singers…I bet you've even done a DJ."

That was enough. "I don't do them, Rose. I date them. There's a difference."

"You don't have to go all the way to be a ho," she giggled, stepping away before my boot made contact with her butt.

"You're this close," I warned, holding my fingers together, "to a beat-down. If you don't want to go you don't have to. But I'm going."

"But it's always the same," she complained. "We sit around and listen to a bunch of starting and stopping and guitar tuning and whatever. It's so… so… high school."

"Like I said." I got to my feet, having had enough of Rose's negativity.

But in a way, I couldn't blame her. We had different types; she liked jocks while I went for guys in bands, so she rarely found anyone she was attracted to when she accompanied me to these little jam sessions.

Sure, she liked music. But I liked musicians.

"I'm coming, I'm coming – don't get your panties in a bunch," she huffed, following me from the living room. "But if it's lame can we leave?"

"No. I love staying when it's lame."


"Obviously, Rose. Obviously we can leave if it's lame, but I don't think it'll be. Embry said they have a show tomorrow night – they're really just practicing…"

Rose nodded emphatically, waving toward the door. "Okay, let's go."

Embry's band practiced at a loft belonging to one of the other guys. Rose and I parked outside on the curb and knocked on the door. Music bled through the doors and windows, and from what I could hear, they weren't that bad. I glanced at Rose.

"This could be okay," she said, smiling.

The door swung open. "'Sup?"

"Hi Seth, what's up? You remember Rose, right?"

Of course he did; Seth's eyes lit up when he saw Rose. I knew for a fact he'd had a crush on her since Coachella when a bunch of us girls had gone and met up with a bunch of his guys. In fact, that's where I'd met Embry, Seth and their friends. It had been a month of hanging out and goofing off, and yeah…fooling around with Embry. He was super cute, and really chill – totally my type. Rose thought he was nice, but she also thought he was something of a slacker.

Whatever. I was seeing the guy, not getting married to him.

We followed Seth inside and up the stairs to where the boys were having their rehearsing. Embry, the drummer, winked when he saw me, not missing a beat.

Rose and I found a couch and sat down.

"Want anything?" Seth whispered, nodding toward the fridge.

"Nah, I'm okay," I whispered back, looking at Rose. "You thirsty?"

She smiled sweetly at him, knowing full well he had a crush on her. "No, I'm fine. Thanks, Seth."

So, the band was actually decent. In fact, no - they were good. Even Rose was impressed. After a couple of songs they took a break and Embry came over to me, grinning.

"Hey, you."

"Hi, Embry," I said, a little turned on by his the definition in his arms and how his smooth, dark skin practically glowed with sweat.

He went to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water, which he downed in seconds, and then came back over, sitting beside me. Rose took that as her cue to get up.

"Where's the bathroom, Embry?"

"I'll show you," Seth offered.

They disappeared and I turned to Embry. "So, you guys sound amazing. I'm actually impressed."

He shrugged. "Yeah, it's good, but it'll be better when Cullen gets here."

"Who's Cullen?"

"Lead guitar," he said, pulling me onto his lap for a kiss. Even sweaty, he was pretty delicious.

Several kisses later I came back to reality when someone called for Embry to stop sucking face and get to work. I wasn't easily embarrassed, but that was a little mortifying. I squirmed, trying to get up, but Embry held me still.

"Don't you need to get back to it?" I asked, self conscious now when he kissed my neck.

"They can wait," he mumbled.

And really, they probably could. Everyone was still milling around, drinking, snacking, talking…doing a bunch of nothing.

But then I saw him. His eyes were so green they practically glowed.

He was sitting on another couch, a girl in his lap much the same way I was in Embry's.

He was watching me, and now I was watching him, and when Embry licked my collarbone this guy just smiled and cocked his head, like it was all too amusing.

My stomach coiled, heated, anxious. I was… aroused.

And not because of Embry.

Laughing a little uncomfortably, I pushed off of Embry and stood. "Go play."

"Yes ma'am," he teased, getting up. "I'll finish with you later."

Suddenly I was relieved I'd done nothing but kiss Embry. It made me feel like less of a slut for noticing Green Eyes over there.

I looked over at him, but he was gone now. The girl who'd been on his lap was rooting around the fridge.

Rose resumed her seat next to me. "We can stay a bit. They're actually really good."

"They are," I agreed, now completely distracted.

"Oh, my. Who is that?" she asked suddenly, her voice lower, huskier.

I knew who she was talking about before I even looked. "I think his name is Cullen."

"Well, he's hot."

I fiddled around with my phone, sending Alice an unnecessary text, anything to keep my eyes off that makeshift stage.

Not only was Cullen gorgeous, he was a musician. He was probably talented; his fingers were no doubt calloused and hardened by years of playing.


They started playing, a song they'd already played but it was nothing like it was before… it was better. Feeling inexplicably guilty, I glanced at Cullen again, my heart skipping in the anticipation of seeing his face.

He bit his lip, he closed his eyes in concentration. Then he opened them and looked at me and didn't look away.