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last chapter.

In the end we chose the beach. We were lucky enough to live and love near some of the most beautiful shorelines I'd ever seen; why not take advantage?

I'd briefly entertained the notion of having the wedding on the bluffs where we'd first become acquainted, but it was too windy up there. Besides, the inconvenience of guests having to hold on to everything before it blew away, no one would be able to actually hear the vows.

So, the beach it was, a mid-summer sunset ceremony. It was still pretty windy, but nothing we couldn't handle. We didn't "make" the guests go barefoot (although most of them did) but our wedding party chose to, as did we.

Of course, Edward's vows were poetic perfection – and somehow still so earnest and honest. Mine were a lot less flowery, but heartfelt nonetheless.

And so, two years after linked pinkies in the back seat of Seth's car, we were married.

The RV was my idea.

I had this fixation with driving cross county, hitting up national treasures and tourist spots along the way. There were so many places I hadn't seen. Initially Edward balked at the idea. He'd envisioned some romantic getaway in Bali or something, which sounded beautiful but… I wanted something a little different. I had a cousin who'd done the whole "road trip honeymoon" deal and she'd loved it.

Using some of the cash we'd gotten in the form of wedding gifts, we loaded the most tricked out camper we could afford and hit the road. I made it my mission to take pictures of every state line we crossed, and to grab postcards from the most random towns; the tiniest, the most hidden, the most quirky. And of course I nabbed ones from the big cities, too.

Edward did most of the driving. I offered to help, but he insisted that he didn't mind. We took our time crossing the northern states, enjoying the journey, letting every day be our destination.

We bickered over maps (even Google map, which was five kinds of ridiculous) and laughed at lame bumper stickers. I took pictures of everything. Edward took pictures of me.

I insisted we eat at as many Denny's restaurants as we could find. Edward became obsessed with seeing wild life, actually venturing into the areas that said things like "Warning: Bobcat Crossing."

Sometimes we parked at RV parks, other times at hotels, depending on our moods. We made another sex tape, parked right outside of Niagara Falls, and no one knew because we were in an RV. Ha!

At least, we hoped no one knew.

As usual, I woke up first. Trying to be quiet, and not rock the RV, I rustled up a cup of coffee and slipped outside. We'd driven to Maine the day before, pulling in to the Flat Rock Ridge Family Resort just as the day was fading. As always when we camped, Edward had played his guitar while I made soup and sandwiches. We ate and talked outside beneath the stars, and I felt content in every way, loving that my life had come to this.

Now, drawn by the pink-turned-pale blue light peeking in through the blinds, I slipped into a pair of flip flops and went outside, steaming mug in hand. Because it had been sort of late and we'd been tired the night before, we hadn't gotten the chance to appreciate the beauty of the place. It was like living a little adventure, never knowing what I'd see upon waking.

The resort didn't disappoint - it was breath taking. We were right next to a lake, surrounded by trees and blue, blue sky. It was early enough that no one had hit the water yet and I savored my morning communion with nature, listening to the birdsong that punctuated the almost-silence.

Eventually I went back into the RV, wondering if Edward was still passed out. He'd shifted since I'd been outside and was half buried beneath the blankets. I tiptoed over and crawled back under with him, snuggling obnoxiously into his side.


Edward moaned and turned away, trying to pull the blanket with him but I held on, kissing his bare skin.

"Come now, don't be ornery. The day is young!"

"Exactly. Go back to sleep."

"Can't. I've already had coffee," I chirped, moving to straddle him. "I made that stuff we got from the health food store back in New York."

Edward grunted, trying to get away. I settled in more securely, satisfied when I felt his morning wood.

"Oh, yes. Breakfast of champions." I rocked back and forth raunchily.

"Baby, please," he yawned, his pretty green eyes finally fluttering open. "What time is it?"

"I don't know… like, eight?"

He made a face.

I shifted against him, feeling him get a little harder.

"You play dirty."

I nodded, leaning down to kiss his cheeks. "I can't help that I want you all the time."

"Lemme go pee," he said, grabbing my by the hips and easing me to his side.

I watched him walk to the tiny bathroom, his pajama pants nice and low.

Once the door closed behind him I jumped up to make sure the main door to the RV was locked. I peeled my own PJs off and got back into bed right in time for Edward to come back, still rubbing his face sleepily.

"It's really pretty out," I sighed, welcoming him with open arms.

"I'll bet," he said, joining me. "We can stay a bit if you want."


I threw a leg over him and he laughed, wrapping a hand around my butt and tugging me closer. "Good way to wake up."

"I know! See?"

"Mhm." He kissed me, biting a little on my lip. We made out for awhile, touching and kissing, his hands all over me, mine all over him.

"I wanted to be your last first kiss," he said, sliding his fingers between my legs.

My heart thumped with the memory. "You were. You are," I breathed, closing my eyes and melting into his touch.

the end!

aaaand that's the end for those two. that'll probably be the most dreamboaty edward i ever write. sigh.

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