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Hikaru's POV

"Kaoru, please, can't we talk about this?" I pleaded with my apparently twin brother. It has been three whole weeks and he hasn't said much at all to me. The occasional "Pass the butter" and "The bus arrives soon", but nothing…conversational. We haven't even spoken about each other. All he did was mope and glare at me with those eyes…those gorgeous, pained eyes that look right into my soul.

He glanced at me beneath his bangs and then back at his bed. He pulled the covers over and sat down.

"Goodnight, Hik-…brother."

I froze and he turned off the lamp like nothing happened and curled up beneath the covers. I didn't know what to do, so I sighed and gave him a feeble wave.

"Goodnight. Kaoru." I said as I slowly left his room, closing the door behind me. I felt my eyes stinging as I trudged over to my room and slammed the door, falling onto my bed face first. I felt my eyes leak burning hot tears that didn't get a chance to fall down my face as my bed sheets soaked them up.

He couldn't even muster up my name. I couldn't believe it. Why was he mad at me, anyway? It's not my fault we're brothers! If I had known…man, if I had known, things would have been so different. I hate seeing him so distraught. I knew my eyes were getting red and puffy from crying so much but I didn't care. All I wanted was for Kaoru to love me again. And I know he loved me before this all happened, because if he didn't then he wouldn't be acting the way he has been. I sighed and moved my head at an angle to stare at my closet as the stale air of my room dried my tears. It was then that I noticed a bit of white sticking out of the pocket of my jacket. Brow furrowed, I got up with a grunt to investigate. Maybe it was just some trash. Either way, I walked over and plucked it from my jacket, unfolding the paper.

It was a drawing of a cat in a top hat.

The one Kaoru drew for me at the diner about a month ago.

Fresh tears spilled freely down my cheeks once again, dotting the paper with damp splashes and smudging the pen marks a bit. It was too much. I closed my hand into a fist and listened to the paper crumple, then released it. I heard it fall to the ground effortlessly. Silently I searched pleadingly through my mind for some way to make this whole situation just disappear.

Suddenly my phone vibrated on my nightstand.

I picked it up and viewed the message. It was from Kaoru.

To: Hikaru

Message: We need to talk. I can't do this.

From: Kaoru

I stared at it for a moment, not really knowing what to say. Can't do what, Kaoru? Can't be my friend again? Can't be my brother?
Can't even say my name…

I sighed and shook my head. I know I'm never going to get over him, but I have to at least convince him I am.

To: Kaoru

Message: Can't do what? I am already over this, Kaoru. You have to accept what happened and keep going.

From: Hikaru

I pressed send and flopped back down on the bed. In a few moments my phone vibrated and I flipped it open.

To: Hikaru

Message: You're right. I'm sorry to have bothered you…

From: Kaoru

That makes no sense, Kaoru! I groaned in frustration and threw my phone to the side. So much for talking, I guess. I'm good at acting, I won't lie. I've learned to do and say what people expect me to in many situations if it's my last option to avoid any trouble or unwanted drama. But I don't think I can lie to Kaoru so easily in person. I don't think I can convince him I'm over this. I don't think I can be a brother to him when we were so much more than just brothers.

It's going to be a long three months ahead of me. I think I can make it that long. Then I'll be going back to Japan, and Kaoru can have his life back. I'll go back to all of my friends, and maybe date Haruhi again…well, probably not. She most likely hates my guts.

Maybe I'll date Tamaki.

A smile met my face at that thought. All very nice possibilities, but I have to deal with the present.

And presently, my love belongs to Kaoru. My brother, apparently.

I wonder what he's thinking right this moment.

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