Lover's Last Stand

Arriving back to her apartment, Sgt. Lucy Bates in a shiny blue dress says with a hint of sarcasm, "That was some night." She opens the door to a darkened apartment. "I can't believe that happened. Then again, I can. My track record with men…" She holds her jacket, looking at him. "Never mind. I'm boring you." She turns on the light.

He says nothing.

Lucy says with a smirk. "Okay. Thanks…for everything. You were right. The guy was a creep."

Without thinking, she takes his arm and gives him a kiss.

He stares at her in disbelief.

It takes her a moment to realize what she's just done and to who. She says, "You need to do that again."

They kiss again. This time a little longer. She tosses her jacket on the couch. He looks over quickly. Lucy turns his head to face hers and kisses him again. She untucks his shirt.

Later on, Lucy and her companion are in bed together. She looks down at her nearly breathless lover. He pants uncontrollably, giving an audible gasp. She draws her hands over his chest, then goes for a lengthy kiss. Quickly, he grabs her wrists and rolls them both over for a reversal of position. He takes her face into his hands and kisses her.

6:45 AM.

"Item number nine:…" Lt. Henry Goldblume says aloud.

Officers and detectives alike chatter among themselves. The lieutenant speaks up louder, "Okay, item number nine!"

A hush comes over the officers as he continues to announce.

"Okay. We've had a rash of bank robberies in all areas of the city. Division is asking of us to be on the look-out. No heroics."

A younger officer raises his hand.

"Yes, Beyer?"

"Does that mean we don't get any reward money?"

"It means you get your daily paycheck, like the rest of us." Goldblume continues to talk to everybody else. "Like I said, boys and girls. No heroics. If you see anything that looks like it might be a bank robbery? Call it in. These people are armed and dangerous. They've killed three guards and two are on life support."

Officers, Bobby Hill and Andy Renko shake their heads disapprovingly. Renko says to his partner, "Yeah. Tell it to the rookies. You know they're gonna jockey for a citation."

"Easy, cowboy." Hill says quietly. "Don't give them any ideas."

Goldblume says, "Item number ten: "We're on day five of the new computer systems."

Collective groans fill the room.

"I know. I know. But, this is new technology and the chief has insisted we start using this. Our precinct was nearly gutted by a fire two years ago and some of those files couldn't be saved. So, we have to be a little more careful and put all these cases into a compact area. If you don't have any assignments, then please see me and I'll give you a case load to do."

Renko puts his head on the desk and groans. Hill puts a hand on his back.

"Item number eleven: We'd like to introduce some new transferees from Michigan Ave. Ryan Gelman. Denver Johnson. Lou Jolevitch. Bryce Kincaid. Welcome fellas."

Hill and Renko look behind them. Renko takes particular notice at how rowdy the four guys seem. "Don't look now, Bobby, but I think we got high schoolers on our team. Any younger and they'd be doing Jell-O shots. Boy, I'll tell you if there were a time I miss Neal and J.D. behind us, it's now.

The four younger officers deliver fake punches to each other. Johnson chews gum. Kincaid breaks into a naughty chuckle.

Renko looks ahead in distress, as though he has digestive problems.

Goldblume announces, "Last item: You should all know that Sgt. Lucille Bates…"

"WROWROOOOOOOO!" Laughter and cackling stops the lieutenant from talking. He looks over.

Sgt. Det. Mick Belker slowly turns his head and furrows his brows. Hill looks ahead with an annoyed smirk. Corporal Officer, Jock Buchanan angles to see who made the outburst.

Goldblume steps around in back of Hill and Renko. He leers at the new transfers. "Got anything to share, Johnson?"

"No." Johnson leans back.

"Swallow your gum, son."

Johnson gulps back, feeling the candy drop down his throat.

"In the meantime, I want you to remember that in this precinct, we respect all officers. That goes for age, gender, and rank. We don't use juvenile outbursts to voice our opinions. This is not high school. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, sir."

Goldblume walks back to the podium. "As I was saying, Sgt. Lucille Bates will be here a little later on, as she has a couple of hours off. She will be back to do roll call tomorrow." He looks around. "Okay. You're all dismissed."

The officers get up, finishing their breakfast. Chairs get pushed in and chattering starts.

Goldblume shouts out, "Hey!"

Everybody stops what they're doing.

"Remember. Let's be careful out there." He points a wary finger.

The officers start to gather at the stairwell, waiting to take their turn to go up. Johnson and Kincaid make remarks. Renko feels a tap on his shoulder.

"Hey, Renko, heard that your partner calls you a particular name. "Cowboy?" Johnson says in disbelief. He smiles back. "Should be doughboy."

Renko reels around and slams Johnson against the wall, making him nearly lose his footing on a single step. "You listen to me, and you listen to me good, boy!"

Hill tries to hold back his partner. "Renko!"

The infuriated Renko blows up at the young officer, pointing a finger at him. "You heard what the lieutenant said. You respect all others. I don't know what Michigan Ave. taught you, but over here your conduct isn't appreciated!"

Lucy puts one foot on the edge of the bed to tie her shoes. She lets out a yawn, then straightens herself out. She glances down at her sleeping companion. "Come on, sleepy head. Time to get up. I know. I know. It ain't like the way it used to be."

Slightly he moves. "Mmph," he manages to let out before his face hits the pillow again.

Lucy looks in the bedroom mirror, making sure she's presentable for the day.

"You have the luxury of going in at ten o'clock. Lucky you. I don't even have time to take a shower. I have to get my car from the garage, which should be ready by now. Then I gotta go and pick up Fabian from his friend's house and bring him to school. Then I go to work late… And let me remind you that's only because I asked for a couple of hours off." She picks up an item from the floor with a smirk. "Here's your pants."

He doesn't budge.

"Hey, I'm gonna leave you this key 'cause I trust you. You can let yourself out and lock the door. Give it to me when you see me next time." Lucy looks back at him with a more serious expression on her face, as if something strikes her differently.