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It was Halloween, and school was having a carnival.

I wasn't going to go, but Molly and Kiran said we had to.

"Support the school," said Molly.

Kiran added that all the money raised meant the dances would be less rubbish. And it was in all of our interests to have that happen, at long last. At sixteen, we should be able to expect higher quality discos.

So we're going. And Indy. And David. And Tom (who is taking a gap year (much to the dismay of his parents) (and sister) and is living with Indy in London).

Saffy and Sarah aren't going, though. When we ask them why, they airily reply "Oh no, we couldn't go. No, no, much too busy. Much, much too busy to bother with a silly carnival."

They're hiding something. And Indy knows what.

I asked him, and he just said, "It's nothing, Rosy Pose." And smiled in a secretive way.

I wanted to know.

So we went to the carnival (it was in the gym). The decorating committee had clearly been at work, turning the usually bland, pasty walls of the gym into bland, pasty walls covered in black and orange crepe paper. There were booths and games all over, and people were everywhere. Actually, I had been expecting a lot fewer people… apparently many people supported the betterment of school discos (Kiran said). Huh. They had bobbing for apples, a wheel of (mis)fortune, pie eating contests, and 'fishing' for the little kids (one of the blue gym mats stood on edge with little kids 'casting their lines' over it, and reeling in 'fish' (candy) from the boys behind the mat). And games like magnet fishing, basketball, beanbag toss, and ring toss. (I was planning on spending a large amount of time and money at the ring toss, in order to win the giant fluffy bear for Buttercup and Jassy and Juniper and new baby Maddy (Michael and Caddy named her after me, after my other color (rose madder). We call her Maddy so no one gets confused.) The children would love the bear, if I could win it.) And one corner was curtained off into a tent-like thing, labeled "Mystical Madame Serendipity's Fortune Telling," with a hastily scrawled "and her Amazing Assistant Sylvia" beneath it.

There was a long line for the fortune telling.

"Come on," said Indigo with a glint in his eye. "Let's get our fortunes told!" He started herding us toward the end of the line.

I don't like fortune tellers. If we don't know something already, then we shouldn't know it. Surprises are better. So I didn't really want to have my fortune told, even if it was fake.

I looked at Molly.

"May as well," she said, submitting to the herding.

"It's all fake," Kiran frowned. "But still," her expression brightened, "there's no harm in it. And I almost want to know what some quack thinks my future is going to be." She followed Molly into the line.

"Well I'm looking forward to it," Tom said, slinging an arm around my shoulders. "I always like to have a head start on Fate. Come on, Rosy Pose, lets go find out what our futures hold."

After that, could I really say no? No, I couldn't. So I sighed and let Tom pull me towards the others.

The line took forever. I kept glancing at the ring toss, hoping no one won the bear before I could get there.

Tom noticed my crossed fingers. "What're you wishing for, Permanent Rose?"

"Oh. Just the big white bear at the ring toss." I saw his confused look, and explained, "For Buttercup and Jassy and Juniper and Maddy. They would like it."

Tom grinned at me, and my heart beat a little faster. "So selfless, Rose. Isn't there anything you want for yourself?"

My mind leapt to the horribly expensive (200 pounds!) art kit. High quality paints, pastels, chalk, pencils, and a huge sketchbook. Way out of my budget. I sighed. "No," I replied. "Nothing. I'm happy."

He narrowed his eyes. "I noticed that sigh. Don't think I won't figure out what you want, Permanent Rose. You're just like Frances: you can't hide from me." He poked my nose, pulling me a little closer.

I giggled.

Indigo looked at us, frowning indignantly. "Tom, that's my little sister. Flirt somewhere else."

I turned red, and scowled at Indy. I hate it when my family treats me and Tom like we're a couple. We're not. We're just friends. We don't belong together, no matter what they say, because what if one of us changes our mind? What if Tom falls in love with someone else? I don't want to belong to anyone. I tried to duck out from under Tom's arm.

He held me in place, grinning lazily at Indy. "And how do you think Saffy feels about you and Sarah?" Indigo blushed. "Learn to deal with it, mate."

Molly and Kiran were laughing their heads off. I glared at them, but they didn't stop. Luckily, we were next in line for the fortune teller. (Finally!) I marched up to the ticket collector before anyone else could, and was led to the entrance of the tent.

Inside, a couple lamps covered in purple blankets provided a soft violet glow, accentuated by the deep red fabric hanging on the walls. A crystal ball perched on the table, peered into by a hunched figure clothed in the same purple and red as the rest of the tent. Then she looked up.

"Sarah!" I said in surprise.

She scowled up at me. "Shh! I'm Madame Serendipity!"

"Sarah, you're the fortune teller? Where's Saffy?"

"Shut up, Rose!" Saffy hissed from the back of the tent. "You'll ruin it!"

I looked back and forth between them, then caved to the power of their glares. I sat down in the chair opposite Sarah. "So, Madame Serendipity. My fortune?"

"Shh," Sarah said again. "I need quiet to work." She passed her hands over the crystal ball, murmuring something. "Ah, it's coming clear now. I see a boy, with dark hair. He's slouching, looks quite impressed with himself… on a roof, way high up… holding a guitar…."

I frowned. "Sarah, come on. Make up something." She glowered at me, so I hastily shut up.

Passing her hands over the ball again, she continued. "This boy, he's here again… and again, and again. He's there throughout your future. And your past. Good lord, this boy is everywhere!" I rolled my eyes.

Sarah looked up at me, totally serious. "There's only one explanation for this." She paused, waiting for me to ask.

Fine. "What?"

She leaned forward, peering into my eyes. "This boy is your soul mate."

This was too much. "Sarah!" I stood up and gave her an evil look. She grinned unapologetically. I huffed a sigh and stormed out of the tent, ignoring the questions from everyone else waiting outside.

Couldn't my family just leave me alone about Tom?