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A better summary: Nessie Masen is a 19 year old girl with photosensitivity living off the inheritance left from her father's death two years prior. His death shattered her life, and she has been unable to cope. When money runs out, and she faces losing the house, she makes the hard decision to start living again. Jacob Black is 25 and bipolar. He has spent the last six years of his life caring for his sick father. He works construction and took on a second job to pay the bills. After Billy dies, he doesn't know what to do with his life. The two meet at Debt to Wealth, the company where Nessie is hired just as Jake puts in his two weeks' notice, and they begin to build a friendship.

This story will go back and forth between Jacob's and Nessie's POVs, and some scenes will be repeated, especially in the beginning. I know some people are irritated by that, so be warned. If you are interested at all in seeing the banner for the story, the link is on my profile.

The song Give Me a Sign by Breaking Benjamin is almost a perfect fit to this story. If you don't know the song, I highly recommend you check it out. It is wonderful.

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Give Me a Sign


Take this life
Empty inside
I'm already dead
I'll rise to fall again

- Give Me a Sign – Breaking Benjamin


"You did this, you know?"

I turned to look at the girl, a perfect representation of me. Or rather, what I felt I should be. Her hair was darker than mine―dark rust compared to bright copper―and her skin was paler, grayer. Her eyes were white and clouded over with a milky film, but she was still me. The person I should have become; the one I didn't have the balls to become.

I shook my head like I did every single time she asked that question. It was useless because I knew she was right. I caused this, and she gave me the chance to pay for it in a way I couldn't do on my own.

"If it weren't for you, he'd still be alive," she said, her voice as dead as she was. She reached out a hand—her wrists covered in deep lacerations—and grabbed my arm. I tried uselessly to pull away, but she was stronger. She was always stronger.

"I didn't mean to," I said, begging. No matter how many times I went through this, it never got easier or less scary. She gripped my arm tighter and pulled it up to her, pulling out the old pocket knife. I screamed and tried harder to pull away as she put the blade to my wrist.

I sat up straight in my bed, still screaming. My heart was pounding and my chest felt too heavy, making it hard to breathe. I sucked in breaths, holding my wrist to my chest as I curled over myself and closed my eyes tightly. The only sounds were my heart and my strangled breathing.

I sniffled and sat up a little, opening one eye. I was in my room, the lights off and the blanket over the window blocking any light from entering. It was pitch dark, even though the clock on my headboard read ten o'clock in the morning. I sniffled again and ran my shaking hands through my hair, tugging my fingers through the tangles. I turned slowly, my stiff back and legs making it difficult to move quickly, and turned on the lamp on the small table beside my bed. My eyes squinted in the light, and I took another deep breath.

I knew it had all been a dream, but somehow I hoped it would actually happen someday. Someday, she would really come for me, and I would be freed from this. I couldn't do it on my own; I was too much of a coward. But I wasn't afraid of hell. I was already there.

After a moment, I stood up to face another day alone.

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