Ok.. So I know Shane is completely psychotic and there is no chance of this happening, but it popped into my mind.. And when something to write pops into my head there is no other choice for other than to write it.. I'm just that crazy… Well, go a head and read now.. Or I'll get a croquet mallet, or maybe a golf club.. Hmmm..

Shane is bored, after three hours of nothing on T.V, but gay porn.

He starts to get restless, and with Stevie, I mean Avi being asleep he finds no relief.

So he digs through his mom's stuff, bingo he finds a laptop.

He turns it on and hacks through into the hotel's crappy WIFI signal.

He runs through several video games, laughing at one game where you can kill zombies.

Man I wish I could get a croquet mallet on this game.

A popup ad comes up, he's just about to exit out when he sees a familiar name on the webpage.


He scrolls down.

Media Mogul Pilar Alizo's body was found in a pool, three days ago a hard blow to the back of the head killed the beautiful woman.

Her young son Elija isn't old enough to process the news, but her thirteen year old daughter Aida broke down sobbing after finding out about her mom's murder.

The family is beginning to repair and the police are still investigating the murder…

Shane rereads the article, then it hits him..

He killed a mom, a real human being….

Something churns inside of him, anger, guilt…

He slams the laptop closed and throws it across the room in a blind rage, it hit's the wall and shatters.

He falls off the bed onto his knees sobbing.

He rocks himself, trying to pull the emotions off.

"Come on Shane stop being a pussy!" He says to himself.

He can't stop…

"Shane?" a voice says.

Shane looks up to see familiar blue eyes looking at him.

"Yea" he says wiping his face, trying to keep it together, trying to look bad ass.

He can't do it, he's 14 not a trained assassin.

He lets another sob break through, he waits for his brother to leave.

Surprisingly Silas doesn't leave, he walks over and sits next to him then, puts his arm over his baby brother's shoulder.

He purposely shoved all the emotions away, that's how he dealt with the situations at hand.

Now that he realizes he took someone's life, a mother's life, he can't help, but to feels shattered.

"Shhhh…" It's okay, Silas says smoothing back Shane's brown hair comfortingly.

Shane finally stops crying and pulls his façade back up.

"Why were you crying?"

"I was bored, and I stubbed my toe." Shane lies.

His brother looks at him seeing right through the bull shit.

"Ok, Pilar was found, she has two kids." Shane says looking at his hands.


"Silas! I'm not actually a pysosiopath I just pushed aside all the guilt, locked it away somewhere." Shane says wiping his face.

"And finding out she had kids opened the door."

"Finding out she had kids, busted the hinges off the door." Shane says his big brown eyes looking icy and void of emotion.

"That's good..""Good! I feel like shit!" Shane yells angrily.

"Shane, you're supposed to feel that way." Silas says putting his hand on the young teen's shoulder.

"No, I can't live like this Silas, I will eat me alive." Shane says pulling legs up to his chest and wrapping his arms around his legs.

"Don't tell mom." Shane says looking at him coldly, "She's happy that I don't feel guilty."

"Shane she's fucking freaking out over the fact that you haven't reacted."

"I have reacted Silas, just not bursting out sobbing like a pussy, why do you think I have been awake every time you wake up and go pee?"


"Dumbass I haven't sleept a full hour since I killed her." Shane says looking at his hands.

"Shane what you did was necessary."

"What ever." Shane says, his face looks robotic, cold.

Silas realizes that all of his baby brother's emotions are locked inside, he's trained himself not to show them on his face.