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Scolding hot tears running down my cheeks, I ran. I ran screaming and crying. Like someone had decided to stab me in my still heart and twisted. Or set me on fire. Or both.

My wrenching sobs ripped from my throat as my tears blurred my vision. I almost ran straight into a tree. So much for grace.

All that I could think of was Eli's voice. How heartbroken he sounded and how heartbroken I was.

The kiss was something of a dream. That is if I did dream. When his soft lips held my own, there was this tingling in my chest, like my heart was actually beating again. It felt like I was submerged into the ocean or time slowed down. I went slightly numb.

But the thing that terrified me was I felt the same thing with Leonard. Or I had. Now thinking of him in compare to Eli…

No, I thought to myself, I am never to compare the two. If I would I simply become undone like a rolling ball of yarn.

Once I was sure Eli couldn't find me I came to a sudden stop that even surprised me. My knees became Jell-O. I was curled up on the floor shaking violently. I noticed I hadn't stopped crying. Now, I have cried before. Being stuck in that horrible place called the Dark Castle left me in tears every night. But now crying seemed so foreign to me. It was almost like I was sitting next to myself who was crying, but, all in all, I felt numb.

Closing my eyes, I shuddered. Letting my mind wander as I willed myself to calm down, Eli's smirk flashed in my mind. I was suddenly at the castle and Eli took a long blade and stabbed my heart. He laughed as I tried to make words come out of my mouth.

Suddenly, a wave of anger flooded over me. Oh, how dare he! Make me fall for him and then reveal he is in some anti-royal cult! What nerve that boy had! How dare he deceive me! The princess!

A sickeningly sweet voice cooed in my head, "Oh, silly, silly Clarabelle! You did it to him just as well! Don't play innocent games here. We both know you love him, my dear." The voice in my head had a smug chime to her voice. "Going back to the castle is a must! For it is only Leonard you can trust!"

"Shut up!" I screeched holding my head like I had let myself go completely mad!

Standing and brushing the pine needles off my butt, I growled, "You are Clarabelle. No more of Clare. You most protect those you...trust." I hesitated before nodding grimly to myself, "And you hate Elijah Goldsworthy. He is dead to you."


Getting back to Alaska was easier and harder than leaving. Luckily, my feet knew what direction to take me. On the down side, I had been alone with nothing but my thoughts to keep me company. Despite myself, my mind seemed to be overjoyed in comparing Eli and Leonard.

I scold myself. Leonard was gone. I hadn't seen him in what seem like forever. Eli was here. I hated him. He loved me. But how was I to be sure he really loved me? He had never muttered the words of love to me. The feeling when I kissed could be proof. But I had the same thing with Leonard. When I was with him the feeling was intense, but when I was with Eli the felling felt…powerful, if I can't put it into one word. Could I truly love two men?

I came to a halt, my feet did at least. My mind was still reeling for a moment longer. Noticing where I was, I gasped.

There the majestic and sadistic castle loomed. It glared and loomed at me with its red flags swimming in the air. Was this how others felt seeing the castle? Did it make them tremble with fear like it did to me?

Shaking off my anxiety, at least for the moment, I stepped forward, out of the forest. Snow crunched underneath my shoe. The wind picked up around me, swirling like a tornado. Flurries of snow landed on my shoulders and hair. I tried to step back, but that didn't seem to do anything. I was still stuck in the small hurricane.

I was then in a cylinder of white fluffy snow. I almost screamed but the dry lump of fear in my throat made it stay there.

The snow prison began to deteriorate and flakes of snow fluttered back onto the ground, as innocent as can be.

Blinking in disbelief, I looked up to the sky. My head felt heavy and reached for the back of my head. My clothes stiffened as I touched my hair. I locked down and saw myself in a black and lacy dress. Completely different than what had gotten adjusted in Canada. Then, I realized why my head was heavier.

My long, red locks swung over my shoulder as I buried my face in my hands and groaned. The curls looked like evil, menacing smiles, glad to be back.

I lifted my dress looking at my black ruby encrusted slippers. They gleamed proudly.

Sighing, I cinched my dress up a little and ran across the icy ground. Time to get in trouble.

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