I am inspired to write this story by reading another called HammerHead by Kittenseye and her co-writer Matyrfae. I recommend reading it, it is an amazing idea and that's why I had to write this. I got both there permission so I'm not taking anything that I was not allowed to, but I did want to give them their props. Also, big thanks to my beta voltagelisa . Hope you guys like it.

Shepard sat there facing Liara, trying to process what the new Shadow Broker had just told him.

"I have a what?" Shepard asked in shock.

"I just went through all the info that the former Shadow Broker had on you Shepard, you have a half sister on Earth." Liara explained to him in her usual soft spoken voice.

"A half sister? So wait is my dad still with her? Did he just abandon me to be with another family? I know we can't share the same mom, my mother died giving birth to me and the hospital records showed I was her only child, but there were no records of my father." Shepard stood up from his seat and walked over to the terminal Liara was in front of.

"No, your father isn't with her. Her name is Elena Garcia, she lives in Mexico City with her mother, uncle, a close friend and two siblings. Both children are adopted, a thirteen year old boy and five year old girl. No records of a father living with them ever. She is well educated and graduated from high school with honors and could have been accepted to any college she wanted, but chose to enlist in the military once she graduated. Her specialty is stealth and recon. She worked for the Alliance for eight years before leaving, she was awarded a Medal of Honor, a Purple Heart, a Silver Star and she ranked in the top five or number one in all her training courses in military school." Liara quirked a painted on eyebrow, looking to her right at Shepard. "She has an impressive record Shepard, almost as good as yours." Looking back at the monitor she continued, "After that she just seems to drop off the map for about five years then reappears in Mexico City to work as a mechanic in her uncle's auto shop for the past four years. She came back with a significant amount of credits and seems to be helping her family, her mother was crippled somehow and is confined to a wheelchair; she cannot do much." Liara finished, turning her attention to Shepard.

"So that makes her about thirty five, shit that means I have an older sister, I'm only thirty one." Alexander ran his hands through his short black hair, his dark blue eyes closing in frustration. "I have to go get her, the reapers sent the collectors to Horizon just because Ash had been there, proving there going after people connected to me. We killed the majority of collectors from blowing up the base but I bet there are still some working for the reapers just not enough to launch attack on colonies like they were, but probably enough to go after my sister and her family. I can't let that happen." The Commander opened his eyes and the same determined look he always wore before going into battle came into place.

"Please. Alex, take Feron with you again. I fear he is growing mad being stuck here. He has already shot the VI assistant twice. Besides, the dry air will be good for him." Liara smiled to him.

"Sure Liara. I'll take him, and thanks again for telling me all this. I owe you one." Alexander gave her a lopsided grin that made the asari giggle.

"Believe me Commander, it's the least I can do for all the times you have saved me." Liara told him, turning back to the holo screen.

"You're a great friend Liara, I'll be back." Shepard waved, heading over to Feron's rooms to let him know he was taking him away from this dark and eerie place.

A fucking sister, what the hell?