Kagome's Been Lying.

By: CSI-Panther

Summary: Inuyasha has noticed that Kagome has been leaving the camp for a few nights in a row and the next night, he follows her to see what she's been doing.

Pairing: Inuyasha X Sango

A/N: I don't own Inuyasha.

Chapter 1

Inuyasha was woken up by a rustling of clothes. He looked down and saw Kagome leave the camp.

' This makes the fifth night in a row she's been doing that. ' He thought as he saw her disappear behind the thicket of trees and brush.

' If she does it again tomorrow night, I'll follow her and see where she's been going. ' He continued to think as he closed his eyes and went back to sleep. Which is something that he has been doing for the last five nights as well.


Inuyasha woke up again and this time, it was because of food being cooked below him.

" Inuyasha? Breakfast is ready. " Sango said up to him as she looked up at the hanyou. Inuyasha grunted and jumped down to the ground, beside Sango.

She noticed that Inuyasha looked rather groggy this morning. ' Odd. Inuyasha's never groggy in the morning, just grumpy. ' She thought as she and Inuyasha walked to the fire where the fish was being taken away from.

Miroku also noticed Inuyasha's behavoir, " Inuyasha, my friend, are you alright? " he asked with an eyebrow raised.

" I'm fine! " Inuyasha shouted.

" Oh alright then. I thought you might have been sick, seeing that you are a bit slow this fine morning, but I see that you are just being quiet. " Miroku replied and was hit over the head by both Sango and Inuyasha.

" Shut up! It's not like I'm the first one to be moving around here so slowly! " Inuyasha shouted again as he grabbed a fish and walked back to the tree he was sleeping in and jumped back up onto it to eat his breakfast.

" Miroku? " Sango said to the monk, as she sat down beside him.

" Yes? What is troubling you, my dear Sango? " He asked as he turned to her.

" I'm worried about Inuyasha. He's been going to sleep rather earliy these past few nights and that's not like him. " She replied.

" Yes, I have noticed that. " Miroku said as he placed his hand to his chin.

" And today he woke and was groggy. And we both know he ain't like that in the morning. What could be going on? " She said back.

" Hey! Where's Kagome? " Shippo suddenly asked.

" I'm right here Shippo. " Kagome replied sweetly to the young fox.

" Where have you been Lady Kagome? " Miroku asked.

" Oh I got up early this morning and went for a walk around the camp. I couldn't get back to sleep. " Kagome answered as she came over and took one of the fish and sat down and ate it.

' That's not like Kagome. What in the world could be going on with those two? ' Sango wondered.

Chapter 2

The day went on by without much happening, which was something that hardly ever happened. And the silence was begining to get to the others for once.

" Inuyasha? " Sango asked from beside Miroku.

" Yeah? " He replied.

" Do you smell any demons or a village near-by? It's getting close to sunset. " She answered/asked.

Inuyasha turned to her, " No. I haven't. Looks like we're staying outside again. " He replied. He turned back around when he saw her nod.

An hour later the group stopped by a river with a clearing not too far away from it. This was going to be their camp for the night.

Kagome was fixing Inuyasha's ramen and added some herbs to it. She stired them up and gave them to Inuyasha. ' That should put him out for the night. ' Kagome thought as she fixed everyone else's, without putting the herbs in their ramen.

Not too long after everyone was done eating, Inuyasha started to yawn, he stuck his tongue out as he did, his fangs lengthen as well before he closed his mouth and jumped up into the tree above him.

' There he goes again. ' Sango thought as she laid down and went to sleep. Everyone else soon followed suit.

Awhile later, Inuyasha awoke to the sound of clothes rustling. He opened his eyes and saw Kagome get up and leave. He too got up and followed her above in the trees. He followed her until she stopped, she stood there for a moment, as if she was listening for something.

' I hope she ain't listening for me. ' Inuyasha thought as he watched her.

" You can come out now. Coast is clear. " Kagome said as she felt that no one followed her.

Inuyasha stayed on the branch and waited to make sure if it was really him she was calling out to.

There was a rustling of leaves and out of the brush, stood a familiar figure.

Inuyasha sniffed the air and his eyes widen, ' Koga?... '

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