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"You have to trust me on this, Bella. It's a gold mine project. You do this, your career is set for life. I am sure you can overlook the rest." Jacob started, he spoke as if he hadn't gallivanted about and ruined everything we'd built up over the years. The only reason I'd invited him here today was to sack him. No pussy footing, he was getting dropped.

"Overlook the rest?" I started already infuriated. "Boy, you must be as fucking dumb as you look. There is nothing else to overlook, because there is nothing. As soon as my commitments are through with this project we're done. Professionally, you're nothing to me, personally, you screwed the pooch and I don't care if you get caught in the front gates on your way out." This was old. He only spent the time looking for gold mine projects because he got 13% in commission.

Well the last commission cheque that he was getting from me was already paid in full, and as soon as we were through with this last press tour, the second I am off that god forsaken stage, he will no longer be my agent. And he sure as fuck isn't my boyfriend or fiancé, and he's moving out. Whether he knows it, or even likes it. Emmett was already packing his things.

"What are you trying to say, Bella?! I made you, I can fucking break you. Your career, all of it would be nothing if it wasn't for me!" he fumed, the weight of his mistakes finally settling in around him.

"No, you chauvinistic son of a bitch, you did not make me. You can peddle every fucking story you want to the highest bidder, but you'll be lucky if any of them even make print. You were my agent, you got calls when jobs were offered to me, you didn't even need to look for them. People want me, not because Jacob Fuck head Black is standing in my corner.

"You are nothing to me. In fact, I've already called the agency, I was going to keep you on until the end of this tour, for the sake your image—don't know why, but you know what? Go take a flying fucking leap. We're through, you were warned Jacob. I told you dating would mess us up, but you were sure it wouldn't. I can't even look at you anymore. You want to dip your pen in the company ink, go for it. There is nothing stoping you now, but who's going to want you now that you're no longer attached to me. No one. That's who. Not even the starving dipshit actresses who would go after anything with the right anatomy.

"You're not my problem anymore. Consider yourself officially dropped. Have fun explaining to your agency why they no longer have, Isabella Marie Swan as their client, Jacob, you'll be lucky to even have a job when you do." Jacob was livid his face turning brilliant red as he tried to bury his anger. His hands were curled in tight fists, his normally russet skin straining white across his knuckles his fists were drawn that tightly.

I was shocked when he came at me, stepping around my steel framed, frosted glass topped desk I sat behind. He reached for me, grabbing the collar of my shirt, pulling my hard into his body in one swift and jerky movement.

"You're mine, Isabella. No one else's." He seethed, his grip tightening as his head dipped down to mine.

"No, I'm not!" I said as strongly as I could muster, though his grip on my collar made it difficult to breathe. "You're nothing, Jacob. And I sure as the sky is blue am no object to be owed, lest of all by you!"

I tried to maintain my composure, but I couldn't. He practically ripped my collar in the process of pulling me into him. His lips crashed onto mine in a bruising kiss. I was sure, my lip may have even been bleeding, and if it wasn't it was pretty damn close to it.

He forced his tongue through my lips, I tried to fight him, but his grip slipped down from my collar to my arms. He gripped them tightly. Not giving me an inch of space to move. I wanted to hit him, to call him every name in the book, and then some. But I couldn't make myself work, I just froze; my whole body all but freezing up in fear.

Jacob was always a physical person. He was strong, very much so and standing at just under seven feet, he was intimidating too. I knew physically there wasn't a lot I could have done to him. Even all of the fight training I'd been through in some of my more physical roles, would only have worked if he came at me, but right now, trapped between my desk and his body my vulnerability was evident.

Jacob started tearing at my blouse, popping buttons off in his haste. Fabric tore under his hands and all I wanted to do was cry. His hands went to my breasts, groping and squeezing them, forcing them out of the cups of my bra, which wasn't even a little bit sexy. It was a work bra, comfortable and very low profile, but seemed to excite him for some unapparent reason. His lips finally moved from mine, only to then slip to my neck and jaw as he moved opened mouthed kisses down my body, his teeth scraping the surface of my skin making gooseflesh break out all over my body. I wanted to cry out in fear as he sucked on a tender spot at the base of my neck. He was marking me—trying to lay a physical claim to me.

I could feel the tender spots on my arms, blood rushed to surfaces now that his hands began to wander again. Even though I wasn't asking for this, he made me feel cheap—I could only imagine what I looked like—my skin red and mottled from his aggressive pawing. Before I could even try to stop them, tears started pouring down my face, my makeup probably a smeared, blackened mess.

Why wouldn't he stop?

Finally though, finally my mouth seemed to comply with my brain and I could think again—kind of. I could breathe and see things clearly. The scream that had once been nothing, bubbled up and over my lips. Echoing off the room in a keening wail, my arms, no longer useless, floundered against his chest.

Hitting him, over and over again. I threw everything and anything I could into him. My skirt felt too tight now. I wanted to knee him in the nuts, but I wasn't sure if the skirt I was put in would let me. The damn split just didn't seem to want to comply. Then I realised, I didn't give a fuck about my skirts integrity. My blouse was ruined, what difference would it be if I were to lose a few more hundred dollars if I could get him off of me.

I threw my knee up with everything I had, and just as I did, three things happened at the same time. The door burst open, the seam on my skirt split further, creating a line I felt end just below the hem of my underwear and my knee connected squarely with Jacob's groin.

He collapsed quickly to the ground, I miraculously fell away from him and into two firm arms I'd felt for as long as I could remember. I didn't cover myself up, though I know if I'd have been coherent I'd have done so, instead I fell into the warm, muscled arms of my big brother and let an unconsciousness brought on by fear and exhaustion, even fading adrenaline take over as I passed out.

"You fucking cunt…" was unfortunately the last thing I heard, Emmett say.