Thirteen years later—

'and the Oscar goes to…Spencer Cullen.' One of the hosts announced and I couldn't even tell you which one, and considering one was female, probably not the best thing ever.

Sorry, but my baby girl, my fourteen year old baby girl, just won her first Oscar!


I never thought that was going to happen, ever. I mean, a part of me, Edward too, kind of hoped she'd possibly want to follow in our footsteps, but then we also knew there was going to a hardship for her, because Edward and I both did win Oscars throughout our career—a few actually.

We do still act though, we couldn't really give up.

I know at some point we'll have to give up, maybe we'll go behind the camera. Jasper has!

Alice designs now too, finally, she's no longer my publicist and as sad as it was for her not to represent me, I have Rose and Carlisle, and they're happy enough about it.

I didn't even get a chance to kiss my daughter she was up and out of her seat that fast, standing on stage. She was so much like Edward sometimes.

"You have no idea how honoured I am to accept this award, really, it's unfathomable. Mom and Dad, they've taught me so much, and I know that most of what I am thankful for is having them as my parents.

"They've taught me so much about the trade and life, I don't think I'd have even been able to consider this honour without them. But, I also want to thank the rest of the cast, the directors, producers. You all allowed me to step out of my parents long cast shadows.

"I love you Mom and Dad." I was crying, like a fool too. Her performance was out of this world, I think she put me to shame, I actually knew I had no chance being nominated in the same category as her.

She had nothing to worry about in regards to stepping out of our shadows, she cast a long enough one all by herself.

"I have never been more proud in my life." I whispered into Edward's collar, "she gives better speeches than I do." Edward laughed quietly, "and I've been doing it longer." This got him laughing louder.

Edward was just quieting down when an usher was calling for us, we stood quickly taking our cues, heading backstage, I had no idea why we were needed, but none the less, we did as we were told.

We just followed along blindly watching what everyone was doing, people were running around, stars were being filed for presenting, we thought that maybe we were supposed to be in the circle with Spencer, but we didn't stop for her, well not in the Golden circle at least, they stopped us by a stage entrance and I was floored.

Recently in my life WTF moments had been coming up more and more frequently.

I had a multi-talented teenage daughter, and inability to conceive again—but we didn't let that get us down, and a fourteen year old hybrid—yeah, that's uncommon, don't tell Luca, and then there was the rest of my reality show worthy family. 'What the fuck' was practically penned and coined in favour of my family. We should have patented that shit!

This though, this was seriously taking the cake.

"What the fuck's going on?" I whispered in Edward's ear as he held on to me as we climbed the stairs that lead onto the stage.

We were mic'd and I felt a little sorry for the guy doing it, because honestly, I was more than a little standoffish.

'On stage, now.' A stage director, well, directed, so we kind of walked out in a daze, what the fuck were we doing?

'I know we're not the first family to have a career in the this industry, and by no means do we expect to be the last, but foreign film press, and the executives have devoted a category to my parents regardless. It's a new category, one they should feel very proud of, because I am proud of them.

'Tonight, Edward and Isabella Cullen are being honoured with an award that may very well beat out any award they've been previously honoured for, this award is all about them and the dynamic duo they have continually played out in years past and probably many to come.

'As I am sure you all know, they've been around for two decades, and their careers by no means have slowed down, I couldn't even stop them. So for the first time in history, let us welcome Edward Cullen—Dad and Isabella Cullen—Mom, to the stage for the Dynamic Career of an Actor and Actress, they do eventually plan on simplifying the name.'

Our daughter was calling us up on stage.

Our daughter was presenting at the Oscars!

Wholly shit!

I tried to act composed and well, proper as I made my way across the stage to hug/kill/kiss the ever loving shit out of my daughter.

Hell I hadn't even noticed the standing ovation we were receiving from the whole theatre. The sound of the applause was almost deafening.

'Well, seeing as my wife is a little over come, I might start this off.' I heard Edward start and I was just nodding my head on Spencer's shoulder because really, I was a little overwhelmed.

'My whole life and my whole career I never thought I would accomplish the things that I have been lucky enough to have accomplished. My whole life, I've been told I could accomplish anything, and right now, standing up here with my family I think I understand that now.

'I'm not quite sure who I should be thanking, Foreign film press, the people I've worked with, the people that have inspired me. My wife, my daughter. My parents. My siblings. You have all made me the person and the actor that I am today and I hope that you continue watching my films as I continue to making them, so just—thank you.' I kissed Edward on the cheek, truly inspired and finally feeling well, underwhelmed enough to speak for myself.

'I'm not sure how many of you know this,' I started, threading my arms through the crook of Edward's elbow as Spencer wrapped her arms around my waist, her head rested on my shoulder. 'but my life wasn't easy, I was brought up by my brother and sister, just like Edward's parents had always told him, they'd always told me that I could do anything, be anything and I never really found it in me to believe them—I placated them and work my ass off, but even then, I couldn't comprehend the truth of their wisdom.

'But right now, I feel utterly blessed. I know that a lot of the time, it felt like I was on borrowed time, that at some point or another someone was going to pull the rug out from under me and tell me that everything I've accomplished was a lie. But everyday my husband, my daughter, my family have kind of made me realise that the people I work with, the people who have inspired me, aren't taking anything away from me, they're giving me something.

'Everyone I have worked with over the years, you've all given me something. I mean, be it a new skill because you've trained me, a new understanding and appreciation for something, or just that little bit of yourself you leave in your work.

'Edward and I, we've been making films together, on screen and behind the camera for about—well, fourteen years, and every time I learn something new from him, every time I think I grow more fond of him.

'I've no idea why you have given this honour to us, really I don't, I thank you from the very bottom of my heart, and for you to choose our daughter to give it to us, well, that is something that is truly humbling. So foreign film press, Charlie and Renee, I know you're watching us, looking out for us, Esme and Carlisle, you're the parents I never had, Rose and Em and Allie and Jazz, just thank you. For your support, your trust, your time, thank you.'

I was crying by the time I was finished, and I was a little curious as to how or if they even understood what it is I was saying, but the applause was loud and the cheers were booming, and it was Spencer that led Edward and off the stage.

"You know baby," I started saying to Spencer as she was trying to lead us to the Golden Circle, "I could kill you for keeping this from us."

She met my eyes with a roll of her own and a side smirk that I couldn't help but smile myself at. She was too much like Edward, and even though she'd be our one and only birth child, my love for her grew stronger.

Edward and I went through a pretty painful miscarriage when I was six months pregnant, with what would have been our son, my body tried to reject the pregnancy, I was touch and go, and when the time came for one of to be saved, Edward didn't even blink when it came to making the decision.

He chose me.

In the same position I think I would have asked for him to have saved our son, but I was unconscious and bleeding out.

My uterus was removed and I'll forever wonder what he would have been like, our son, but we had Spencer.

She was fourteen years old and was my height, five' five" and would probably be closer to Rosalie's five' ten", by the time she was eighteen, but I knew she was mine. It was in her eyes, in her hair and in the lack of ample cleavage she had.

I could have been pissed at her for setting us up the way she had, but I couldn't. I understood why it is she did what she did, but damn, it was seriously overwhelming, and then I realised, Edward was holding both of our trophies.

I stopped and turned around taking my trophy from him before I planted a quick chaste peek on his lips.

"Thank you." I whispered staring deeply into his eyes.

I could see the 'why' I his eyes.

"For not giving up on me. For loving me. For being there through everything. We wouldn't have gotten something like this if you hadn't been so damn consuming that first night we met, so for that, thank you." I heard Spencer gushing, as Edward just smiled down at me.

"For you, I would deal with that again and again. I love you Isabella, you're my world. Whether it's our own little world, or this Hollywood world, I love you, for as long as you'll have me."

"That's great, lovely, absolutely beautiful, but people are seriously waiting for you Mom and Dad." I laughed at the impatience of Spencer, she was sometimes so much like Alice.

I mean running at a million miles an hour, knowing anything and everything, because she could just feel as if it was going to happen.

"Come on, you're on borrowed time now." She hedged again, stepping behind Edward and I as she pushed us forward toward the waiting press circle.

Yeah, we were once again on borrowed time, but at some point, when we decided to finally leave this world and everything this career entailed, we'd just live again.

We'd stop worrying about the people trying to pry into our lives or the next major budget, motion picture.

I wasn't sure how long we did have left in this scene, this life even, but you know what, I don't think I cared.

Maybe one day I would start funding films or something, I would be writing my own scripts, casting my own cast.

But whatever else I did in this world, Hollywood's or even just the real world, I would do it for me. I would do it for my family.

I think I knew the film I would write too, I also knew who I would have direct to.

Life is hard, reel hard sometimes, but we just have to learn to accept the things that are thrown our way, we deal with them and we solider on, and we lean on our families, because sometimes that all we can do.