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Ch. 1

The cool winter wind blew hard outside against the trees. The sky was clouded over; making it look like the people in the town would have a white Christmas this year. It was almost 3:00, and a certain high school was about to get out.

"Well I think I have talked enough. You may talk among yourselves quietly before the bell rings. I will be heading out know but please don't leave till the bell rings. I wish you all a wonderful winter holiday." Mr. Bates, one of the teachers of Orange Star High School told the class right before he left.

"Yes, I can't wait till school is over then it is bye, bye work, and hello cute beach boys!" Erasa said leaning back in her chair.

"What do you mean hello cute beach boys?" Gohan asked.

"Erasa and her family go to the Caribbean every year for Christmas." Sharpner pointed out to Gohan.

"Oh, so are you going any where for break?"

"Yup this year we are going skiing in Canada. Man I can't wait to slide down those slopes!" Sharpner smiled happily, closing his eyes pretending like he was there.

"Are you going any where Videl?" Gohan asked. Instead of answering though, Videl just stared out the window looking at the sky, and thinking very hard about something.

*I hate this time of year. It is always the same ever since mom left. Dad goes off some where on a "business trip" when he really is off with his new girl friend, doing who knows what. Then you have all the servants gone, back with their families. And that leaves me, all by myself, in a huge mansion of a house with no family, presents, happiness, or love. The only people that know are Erasa and Sharpner found out 2 years ago. They invite with them most of the time, but I don't want to out pressure on them I mean it is their time to spend with family. Maybe one day when I will be able to be with a kind family and have a wonderful Christmas, but that won't happen anytime soon.*

"Hello Earth to Videl, come in Videl" Gohan said for the 10th time waving his hand in front of her face.

"Huh, oh Gohan did you say something?" Videl asked.

"Yeah," Gohan said a big sweat drop going down his head.

"You were spaced out," Sharpner smirked.

"Oh I was just thinking," Videl said her voice sounding more depressed.

"Oh girl, well look here is something to cheer you up" Erasa said knowing why her friend was sad. She soon pulled out a box covered in wrapping paper.

"You know you didn't have to, I mean I didn't get anything for you guys yet." Videl said looking down at the box.

"Hey that's okay, just open it already." Erasa giggled.

"Yeah here, we know it is a rough for you this time of year." Sharpner joined in. "it is form the both of us."

*What are they talking about rough this time of year, oh well I will ask Videl after class.* Gohan thought looking on as Videl opened her present. She opened the box slowly looking down at a new light blue gi for her to train in. Along with two light blue wrist bands that match.

"WE know it is too clod to wear it now, but in the spring time it will be perfect." Erasa chimed in after she looked at it/

"Thank you, you guys are sweet." Videl said hugging her two friends. Soon the bell rang and everyone raced out the door.

"See you guys later," Erasa yelled rushing out the door.

"Yeah see ya," Sharpner taking Erasa example.

"Bye" Videl and Gohan told them. Videl was about to leave also when she felt a strong grip on her arm holding her back.

"Umm, Videl I have t ask you something." Gohan asked as Videl turned around.

"Sure shoot." Videl replied.

"What did Sharpner mean by, we know it is a rough this time of year for you?" Gohan asked.

*Man, why did he have to ask that. Well it was sooner or later till he found out.* "Well you see what they mean, is..." Videl started.

"Videl you know you can tell me." Gohan told her while placing a hand on her shoulder with a reassuring smile.

Videl looked around her, and saw a lot of her classmates staring. "Let's go some where else to talk." She started to pull Gohan out the door and towards to roof. They soon stood outside in the cold; Videl's back towards Gohan her face looking out to the city. "You see Gohan, during this time of year, well I am always alone. Ever since my mother died my father has always been off on what he tells me that are business trips, but I know better. He is with his girlfriends doing stuff that I don't want to know about. The servants are usually gone with their families, so I am alone every year since I was 7. That is what Sharpner meant." She stood there in the clod, unshed tears that have been waiting to come out for some time, were flowing down her face.

"Videl…I" Gohan started but was cut off.

"Look it is getting late you should probably be getting home. I will see you later I guess," and with that Videl took off at top speed flying to her house not wanting Gohan to see her like this.

"Videl wait!" Gohan called out, but she was to far away to hear. * Videl I don't want you to go through another Christmas alone. It is suppose to be a time of happiness. Man when I find Hercule he is going to be in for a big surprise.* Gohan's anger started to rise very fast and he soon was in super syain 1 mood. *How could he do that to his own daughter, man he is in for it now? Wait I got it !* Gohan soon turned back to his normal mood and head full speed home.