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Ch. 11 Happily ever after. I hope

"Why.. why didn't she tell me I mean I thought she could trust me, I don't see why she didn't. Did she think I would get mad, because I'm not mad?" Gohan asked squeezing a stuff bear to where the button eyes flew off and its head popped of from hi grip. HE soon realized what he did and tossed the bear to the ground.

"Yeah you don't look mad or anything," MT said slowly backing away from his friend.

"Maybe that's what the situation was..." Gohan started to think back to when they came into the house.


"Yes I can hear you right now, and what situation? Are you keeping something form me Videl?" Gohan asked a serious look on his face.

Videl looked up at him slowly, only to be met with a serious look. 'It looks like he's disappointed in me,' Videl thought turning away (okay so she keeps forgetting he can hear her thoughts)

"I'm not disappointed in you; I just want to know if you are hiding something. I mean I am kind of sad because I thought you would have trust in me to tell me this. situation of yours." Gohan replied.

"Gohan. I. I need time to think about this myself, but I will tell you I. I just need some time to think that's all. And don't ever think I don't trust you, cause if I didn't, I would have never made love to you," Videl said getting up and kissing him on the check, 'I just need time.'

'Then you can have your time Videl,' Gohan thought back.


"I did tell her I would give her time, but I mean still." Gohan was starting to become frustrated.

"Well maybe tomorrow instead of going skiing and stuff you two talk about it and stuff, and are you sure she's pregnant?" MT asked.

"Well that's what Marron said and if she took Bulma's test thing then you know its right," Gohan sighed.

"True, my mom's stuff always is right, well almost always." Mt replied. "You know Videl was also in my timeline, too."

"She was?" Gohan asked shocked.

"Yeah she was pretty strong to for a human, but not a strong as she is here. When the androids in my time came and started attacking, she would help the people injured from the attacks and help put up support groups and stuff against the androids. You two met while you were fighting and she was saving people from a building that had just been hit. Everyone one was out and running but a little girl had tripped and fell. Videl picked her up and gave her to her mother when the girl was crying out that her kitty was where she had fallen. Videl being the person she was ran back picking up the cat. But then the androids saw this and started laughing. They blew off a chunk of the building to where it would fall right on her. Videl even if she tried could run out in time so she stood there kneeling waiting for the slab of brick to hit." MT started.

"What happened?" Gohan asked, getting into the story.

"Well you saved her of course, but the androids left before you could finish fighting. The cat given back to the girl, and Videl commenting on how strong you were and how you did all those things like flying, ki blasts, and stuff like that. The androids had stopped attacking for a while, though we knew they were planning something. During the small time of peace you two became very close. Actually you two were married to each other, it was one of my mom's happiest days, though Chichi had died a few months before, but that's what she wanted, you two married off. I was best man of course, and that little girl that brought you two together was flower girl. That day everyone had forgotten there worries of the androids, but we shouldn't have. The androids had been planning an attack, and while on your honeymoon they came in, and big time. You were fighting but then 17 had gotten a hold of Videl. He held here there, and her last words to you before she was chapped into the neck dead, was 'I love you Gohan, always remember that' and the bam she died."

"She. She died but life without her I mean it would be." Gohan started but was cut off by MT.

"Pointless, and for what you did you will pay I promise you that." MT finished, "that's what you said, and you damaged them pretty badly, but in the end of the fighting you too died and I took care of them. For killing you, Videl, and everyone else in my world," Mt said gritting his teeth. Then all of a sudden his personality totally changed, "Well hope you liked the story I'm off to bed for a day tomorrow at the slopes, night."

"Yeah good night," Gohan replied also getting up. He slowly walked back to his room; he changed into some sweat pants and slowly flew up to the top part of the room where Videl's bed was. 'I still wish you would have told me, but I guess we can talk tomorrow. I hope I will never have to loose you, because if I did I don't know what I would do," he thought looking down at her sleeping form. He soon grabbed a blanket and lied down on the bed next to her. He slowly wrapped his arms around her and she snuggled in closer as a reflex and small smile on her face. 'Good night, sweet dreams Videl' Gohan thought kissing her on the forehead and soon going to sleep thinking about his one true love and a baby soon to be.

*~*~*~* Next morning

"Hmm. Good morning sleepy head." Gohan said to a now waking up Videl. She turned in her bed so she could face him. She gave a small smile as she asked.

"Were you sleeping with me the whole night?"

"Yeah," he told her kissing her forehead.

"Good," she replied hugging him, "where is everyone?"

"There all at the slopes, even Master Roshi decided to go today. Were the only ones in the house."

"Oh really," Videl said starting to kiss him. They kissed for a while, but soon Gohan broke off the kiss.

"Videl, why did you tell me?" he asked looking somewhat hurt.

"Tell what?" Videl asked nervously.

"Don't play dumb, I found out for Marron as I tucked her in last night after she woke up from and bad dream."

"She told you huh. Well I guess I didn't say anything, because I was well scared."

"Scared, why would you be scared?" Gohan asked totally confused.

"At how you might react, if you would well leave me for it. Now if you don't want the baby then to bad because I am having it anyways I have made up my mind, and whether you want to help raise the baby or not is your decision, but mine is made up."

"Of course I'll help raise the baby and I would never leave you even if I tried it would be useless because I love you," Gohan told her kissing her forehead.

"Oh Gohan," Videl smiled tears of joy once again in her eyes as she squealed, "were going to have a baby!" She soon kissed him on the lips. They shared a now longer and more passonate kiss, but once again Gohan broke it off.

"Hold on a sec stay right here." Gohan said rushing down the stairs.

'Okay, what are you up to?' Videl asked through bond.

'You'll see' Gohan replied. He soon came back up and picked up Videl.

"Now its time to blind fold you for your surprise." Gohan said blind folding her.

"But how am I suppose to get down the steps if I can't see," Videl asked.

"I'll carry you," and that's just what he did. Videl waited excitedly in his arms wondering what the big surprise was. She soon was set down to her feet and her blind fold was slipped off to where she stood in front of a beautifully decorated Christmas tree with fresh snow on it. A large window was behind were see through curtain were shut making the room dark, but to where so still saw it snowing softly. Candles were lighted across the room making The whole room appear dreamy.

"Oh Gohan it's beautiful." Videl said turning back to face him.

"There's one more thing," Gohan replied getting down to one knee. He slowly pulled out a small black velvet box from his sweat pants (lol there are still in their pjs). He opened the bow to reveal a beautiful daimond ring, with one big diamond in the middle with two smaller ones next to it on a silver band.

"Videl will you marry me?"


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"Videl will you marry me?" Gohan asked looking up at Videl. Tears started to form in her eyes and she tackled Gohan while shouting,

"OF COURSE I'LL MARRY YOU SON GOHAN!!" They then shared another kiss, and when that ended Gohan slipped the ring onto her ring finger on her right hand and saying while kissing her hand,

"You have made me the happiest man alive right now Videl."

"And you have made me the happiest woman. Thank you for the best Christmas I have ever had." She smiled hugging her one true and only love.


Soon everyone found out about the baby, and the proposal and everyone congratulated the couple, Chichi hugging Videl none stop just happy to have a daughter in law and a grandkid on the way. Bulma, 18, and Chichi started planning a whole huge weeding dragging Videl into the whole thing. The trip went happy the rest of the way out, and when school came around the kept the kid part a secret except for Sharpner and Erasa, but told of their engagement, many of Gohan fan girl's mad and sad about him now being taken, and many of the guys depressed about Videl gone too.

*~*~* After schools out for summer

Videl and Gohan were walking through the mall, talking about their soon to be wedding which was happening in a month after school was out, when they spotted the small store where the had gotten each others presents.

"The promise," Videl whispered to herself, she soon dragged Gohan into the shop looking around to see who was working.

"Hello may I help you," A girl said, the same girl who happened to be the ones who helped them, "Oh my gosh, you're the guys who I sold the presents to last Christmas."

"Yeah, I am sorry that I didn't come after break, I have just been so busy and then I kind of forgot, but I am back and this is the one who the present was for," Videl told her pointing to Gohan.

"You mean you got your present here too, this is where I got your necklace," Gohan told Videl looking down.

"Then that means you were the guy that I bumped into when I came in, I thought it was you," Videl replied.

"And I sold you both of your, who knew they were for each other, oh and I see that some one is getting married." The young girl said picking up Videl's hand, "it's so gorgeous."

"Yeah we are in a month, and thank you." Videl replied blushing some.

"Well I hope you live happily ever after, and come back some time later to visit," The girl said saying goodbye to them at the door.

"Yes we will," Videl told her.

"Good bye," Gohan said, and they soon headed off back into the crowd of people.

"Who would have thought," the girl said shaking her head as she returned inside the store.

*~*~*to Gohan and Videl

"You know we will live happily ever after wont we Gohan?" Videl asked looking up to her future husband.

"Of course we'll live happily ever after. I hope," Gohan told her mumbling the last part to himself.


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