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At first you give up the friendship. Things can't work out as their supposed to if you're still glued to each others side after Junior High. You give up the late night calls, the always being together, and have to find a new person to run to with all of your problems that need attention immediately. At first it hurts but you eventually get over that pain as well. And then one day the pain of not being at each others side doesn't hurt as much. That's when part of you starts to feel guilty that you haven't been thinking of the other as much as you used to. That's when you develop your new goal.

Then you give up on tennis. It's not the same, and really it's just reminding you more of what you're missing instead of proving to be the necessary distraction you needed as your friends had said it would be. You move to playing a friendly match here and there, but devote the majority of your time to studying. Your grades improve, and you're higher up in the class ranks than you've ever been.

You give up your free time, and the endless messing around. The jokes and various other pranks on your siblings, the doodling in your notebooks in class. You become almost a completely new person.

So some days you have to give up the books and go out with your friends to remind them that you're still you, prove to them that nothing is wrong, and allow them to take your mind off the stress, since they insist you need it.

Fuji knows. You know he does, yet neither of you say a word. You can tell he knows by the way he says nothing about it, but instead offers to help you study. If Fuji knows then Tezuka knows, but the taller boy remained as silent about it as Fuji. The rest of your friends are still a little stumped on your change of behavior, though you think Inui might be getting close to figure it out.

One Saturday towards the end of high school you give up your morning to sit an entrance exam to a University you never would have even dreamed you would take before a few years ago. You don't hear back from them in the time frame you should have, and feel thankful that your new and improved higher ranking in high school would at least completely assure your acceptance into the community college.

Just as you're about to give up hope on the school you changed your life for a letter arrives. You got in. And suddenly all of those things you used to love as a child and young teenager that you gave up to achieve this goal didn't seem half bad. And as that Spring arrives and you take your seat next to Oishi in that giant lecture hall, you realize it was worth it. Sometimes you have to give things up to be with those you love, but that doesn't mean that has to be a bad thing.