Dawn greeted the blissful Saturday. Habitually, dawn would be the time when people spent most of their time drifitng off into a deep slumber. While the rest would take the advantage of Saturday as a day to throw parties until morning came greeting.

Nonchalantly, my shoulders lifted up. I—on the other hand—had decided none of those things above. Because of one certain reason, my figure had chosen the option of staying in my old-rusted room—bathed and glimmering under the light of the dawn moon that was forcing to come in through the dusted windows.

The reason?

"Ungh… dang…."

A groan, and I immediately turned my head to the sound.

"Mint? You're awake?"

Yes, it was Mint. Mint, sleeping soundlessly—now awake—in my room. No one was permitted to know that she was in my room. Yes, that meant I smuggled her in.

"Rue…?" she cooed weakly.

When I found her yesterday, she was in a state of unconscious. Weird thing was, Uncle Duke insisted that he had not done any harm to her. On the other hand, the panicked Tonio had nothing to say as an actual record.

"Mint." I made a few steps closer to her. "How are you feeling?"

There was an evidence reflected by those shiny wine irises of hers. An evidence that told you someone was tired, and all their mind desired was a good-night sleep.

"I… my head is throbbing like hell…."

A deep frown appeared on her pale face, and it instictively made me raised my hand to comfort the now fragile girl. "It's okay, Mint, just take a rest," I assured while giving a really gentle pat on her head.


She kept mumbling a resisting "no", but I insisted it with a calming embrace.

"Let go, Rue…."

"Just try to calm yourself down, Mint. You need a rest." This time, I made sure the embrace went tigher each second.

"Let go, you [expletive]!"

The tigh embrace I was providing just a while ago was now released. My mind immediately snapped, and both my eyes were now as wide as a meatball.

"What are you doing, hugging me like that? You pervert!"

Pervert? Me? I was just being symphatic for her condition, and she just had to call me what? A pervert?

I looked at her, and instantly, our eyes immediately met. Her—of course—reflected anger. It was obvious blazing like a dancing fire in her eyes.

"Look, I just—"

"No excuse, pervert!" she cut me right when I was about to give the truth—with the pervert, again.

"Mint, it's not—"


Okay, okay, I would get out of my own room. With a sigh, I finally gave in and walked out with heavy steps.

Nothing could compare with the feeling of confusion I was having right now. First, it was my room, which made me had every right to stay whenever I wanted to. Second, how could an angelic figure like her be so deceiving? Just a few hours ago, she was sprawled on the bed like a little girl that had nothing in mind. But, the angel soon turned into a demon when she woke up.

Geez… great.

Days of Contract

[Day Four: This is Just the Beginning]

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Warnings are always applied

"Five thirty…," I mumbled—almost incoherently—to no one in particular. My eyes—which were glued to the watch that was circling loyally around my wrist—now darted their vision to the view in front of them.

The view was almost like a masterpiece of painting framed by a rusted frame of a window. The painting was alive with the light of the warm morning sun and chirping birds, singing happily just everywhere their hearts desired it to be.

Perfect morning to start the day everybody would say. But, sadly, I would not. For I had decided in turning around and gave my back to the said perfect morning.

Unconsciously, my mind realised that my small paces had brought me into the kitchen. It was astounding how mother and Elena had done their chores right in just half day. It was proven at how this once rusted kitchen now seemed brand new.


I turned around to face the owner of the voice. "Oh, morning, mother," I greeted, voice sounded more tired more than usual.

"Look at those bags under your eyes." She scooted closer and had a good look on my screwed up face. "What are you doing? Staying up until morning?"

Yeah, mother, I did. But, it was not my decision, it was Mint's.

"Um… do you—do you have anything that's probably edible in this kitchen?" I asked, absent-mindedly touching my stomach. "I'm starving…."

"Well, I just woke up and am about to prepare breakfast. There's nothing much but a piece of lemon bread I put yesterday in the fridge," she told me as steps were pacing around the kitchen hastily.

Lemon bread? Not bad.

The wrapped lemon bread was officially taken out from the fridge, and I walked out of the kitchen without any words to my mother. Decision of leaving her to her own morning bussiness was the best at the moment.



That was the clicky sound of my door room. My paces strolled through the room, reaching the slender figure that was seated on my very own bed. "Mint…." I sounded unsure. The feeling of having her explode at me was still haunting my mind. Nonetheless, she still responded to my call and turned.

"Are you okay now?" I dared to ask.

Instead of answering, she darted a look on me. We exchanged glances for a split second, but soon broken by her soft whimper. "I'm… hungry…," she muttered, thin lips were curved up in a pouting manner.

Soon, realisation brought me to something I was holding in my right hand: the lemon bread.

"You're hungry? Do you want to eat this?" I held out the bread to her.

For a split second, she didn't respond but plastered a confused look on her façade. "What is this wrapped thing?"

At her question, my jaw immediately dropped, and my eyes were now wide. She didn't have any idea of something called "bread"?

"This is a… bread?" I answered questioningly while plastering a deep frown.

"A bread?" She tilted her head to the side questioningly. "Why isn't it served on a silver plate with another silverware and a cup of tea?"

What? What era was she living in?

Feeling the confusion and uncertainty filling my mind, I answered, "I don't know—but, this is the modern era…."

"Modern era? What year is it?" she asked, rather surprised.

"It's 2017 now," I answered, feeling more confused.

Instead of responding, she seemed like lost in her own thought. "So, I've been trapped for a long time…," she mumbled silently while frowning.

"Mint, if you don't mind, can you explain to me about everything?"

"Ah, yes…." She was now back into the reality. "Actually, I was going to explain everything to you, and I think this is the right time."

"Okay, I'm listening," putting the wrapped bread aside on a small table near the bed, I responded as I positioned myself on the bed beside her.

"So…," she began. "I actually do not remember much about what had happened in the past, and I have no idea why. I don't even remember who I was, or who my parents were. I only know my name."

At this rate, I could feel a presence of frustation on her face.

"But, I remember something terrible happened to the place I was in before," she continued. I could feel she tried to hold back something—something she never wanted to reveal. "It was night when I heard the screams. Something so powerful… it destroyed the whole place in a blink of an eye—"

This actually had begun to make sense. Yes, with what Claire had told me back in the library. It was….

"It's the dark magic."


I looked at her, surprised that I'd cut her explanation. "Oh, sorry… just continue your explanation," I suggested, immediately went back to the earth.

"Right." She paused for a while. "Anyway, I can't remember what actually that "something" was. What I can recall now is the terrible power it caused; it almost killed everyone in that place; caused everyone to go mad and lose their own sanity."

Could it be… the monsters that tried to attack me used to be people?

"Mint, are you saying that everyone went mad and turned into a monster?" I immediately asked.

She raised her wine colored brows then answered, "Yes. They used to be human. Most of them were horribly killed though. For some who survived, they turned into a horrible creature thirsty of human spirit called link."

So, that was it. The creatures were after my spirit. But, one thing bothered me.

"When everyone was killed and turned into a monster, why are you still your own self?"

"I am not certain why." A paused explanation, and now she was deep in thought for a few moments. "I think… I have some kind of special power."

"Huh? A special power?" I absent-mindedly asked.

"Yes. Just like me, you seem like to have one as well."

What? Her very answer had resulted my eyes both wide in surprise.

"It is your powerful spirit—it could even brought you into that place." A pause. "…And it somehow has succeed to draw so many links at once. It-it somehow made us… hungry…."

What? Hungry?

"What do you mean?" I asked right away.

She inhaled and exhaled, then answered, "Rue, I'm one of those creatures—but not exactly the same." Now, I found something serious blazing in those shiny beads of her. "Do you have any idea as to why I want to make a contract with you?" she suddenly asked while giving me this seriously look.

For some seconds, I was losing myself in a deep thought. "No…?" I answered while frowning.

"Now, there are two reasons for that." She started to explain, "First, regarding to the ultimate seal placed on the place I was in before, I needed the power of your spirit to get out." She paused for a while, feeling uncertain—I could tell. "Second… is because I need your spirit to feed my hunger."

"What?" I immediately blurted. The feeling of panick immediately rushed through my vein and I felt the need to directly shout at the moment. "Wh-what the hell was that supposed to be? Am I going to die because my spirit is drained by you?"

"Listen up, Rue!" Hearing her authoritive shout immediately brought me to silence. "This contract is a double-edged sword," she explained more. "By this contract, we will always be connected to each other. You may not feel it now—but, we are like having a telepathy. When you are in pain, I can feel it. In other words, if one of us die, both will die.

"What about me as your food? I don't wanna spend my entire life as your food!" I asked angrily as I felt a rush of anger running through my blood.

A sigh escaped her thin lips. "There's nothing much I can do really," she answered while running her slim fingers through her silky hair. "By agreeing to this contract, you automaticaly agreed to be my food."

What the hell?! This wasn't happening, right? Why didn't she tell me about this earlier?

"Wh-why didn't you tell me about this while we were traped inside those ruins?!" More anger rushed through me. I could feel them controlling my mind now.

"Stupid!" she exclaimed while slapping my head.

"Wh-what the hell?"

"Did you want to die inside that horrible place? Did you want to die, killed by those horrible creatures? Do you think I was the one who made the rules of this stupid contract? Do you think I want to be always connected with you? There was no other way!" she shouted everything all at once while looking at me angrily.

"I…." I now found myself dumb-struck by the reality of her words.

"Do not make me hit you hard! Because when you feel any pain, I will immediately feel it, too!" She folded her hands in an angry manner.

Well… I thought I got her point. Both she and I just wanted to get out of those ruins before we got ourselves killed by the dark magic—or any of those links. But….

"I-I'm sorry," I stuttered finding the right words to apologize. "I just—well…."

"I understand how you must feel, but this contract was the best thing I could think of at that time," she tried to explain calmly although the feeling of angry was still clearly plastered on her face.

A sigh escaped my lips. Trying to balance myself, I inhaled deeply and registered every words she had informed me. So, I was traped—or sucked—into those ruins because of my spirit. In order to get out and save ourselves, both Mint and I had to make a contract. By this contract, we managed to survived. But, there were still some things….

"Tell me, Mint, this contract is just something to expand my life time, isn't it?" I asked, immediately realising something from all her explanation. "I mean, with you feeding on my spirit everyday, I will die someday, right?"

"Yes," she answered. Folded arms were now released, and both her beautiful beads were directing their directions toward me. "When that time comes, I will surely die, too."


"Can we figure out something to break this contract?"

"Unfortunately, no," she answered. "We can probably make it when the power that surrounds the place I was in before is destroyed. Problem is, I do not even know how to destroy the power."

No, this couldn't be happening. I needed to figure out something!

"Do we have enough time?"

"It depends on how much spirit is left in you," she answered while darting a look toward me.

This… this was no good. Thinking about this hard immediately brought a deep frown to my face.

"How can I tell if we're out of time?"

"Well…." She paused for some split seconds to move closer to me. Softly, my pale skin sensed her delicate fingers danced against the sensitive part of my neck. I was taken aback for a while—but soon realised the truth of her initiative when she said, "I am sure you must have seen this mark on your neck."

"Ah, yes…," I responded bluntly.

Within the soft touch she was giving me at this moment, our closed range had brought another sensation up to the sensitive skin of my neck; it was her tickling, yet gentle breath. As each second was passing, I could feel my sanity slowly drifted off.

I was not sure why though. Maybe it was because of….

"This small and black, curved mark is the proof of our contract." At her soft voice, my mind was immediately brought back to reality.

Damn it, I must be indulged in fancies of her touch for that brief moment.

"This mark may be small now, but it will spread longer until your neck is fully circled by it," she continued her explanation as she realesed the soft touch of her fingers from my neck.

Knowing more of the fact which was faced to me brought my mind to some more thinking states. Based on her explanation before, it only meant one thing.

"You're saying that both of us will die when this mark has fully circled my neck, right?" I asked—right away to the point.

"Yes," she answered firmly.

"What should we do then?"

For some moments, I watched in silence as I was sure that she was thinking hard about the answer of my last question. But, the silence was soon broken as she said, "I do not know about it for now." Other than having the initiative to look for solution, I realised that her face had seemed to grow even more weary as she silently rubbed the part of her temple.

Based on concern, I immediately asked, "Are you alright, Mint?"

More silence.

"Um, maybe you're hungry then? Do you want the bread I offered you before?" I asked—out of concern again this time.

A sigh—she finally responded.

"You can just leave the bread there. I think I will just get more sleep. Being away from you for a few days has made me feel tired like hell."

I watched in silence as her petite body limply flung onto the bed. Slowly, her thick, yet long eyelashes moved gracefully as both her eyes began to shut themselves. Despite of all the rough manner she had been providing me, she would always reflect a figure of an innocent angel when she was asleep.

Guess I would just leave her peacefully drifted off into a restful slumber. Trying my best for less noises, I walked out tip-toe-ing. Just when my hand had made it to the door knob, something—or actually, it was someone—immediately stopped my tracks.

"Do not go too far, alright? I hardly live when you are away from me—even if it is only for a few days…."

"I hardly live when you are away from me"?

Huh? That shouldn't be something related to something about—nah, it couldn't be the kiss. Wait, what the hell was I thinking?

"Oh… don't make your mind busy thinking about stuff like that, Rue…," I reminded myself as I tried to shove away that thought from my mind while stepping outside.


The clicky sound… the door was finally shut.

Maybe I should just make myself comfortable on the sofa again this time. Still better than having no rest at all—at least, it was something I asured my mind with.


"Are you sure this boy is her contractor?"

"Yes, I'm sure of it."

Huh? What? Who was talking…?

"But, he is just a boy. He seems too fragile."

Someone… I heard people were talking about some contractor... vaguely.

Was I in a dream…?

"I can sense his powerful spirit."

They—they were talking about… me?

"Well then, should we bring them both?"

"Yes, immediately."

Huh? Some people were gonna bring me… somewhere?

This must be a dream… it had to be….


"Damn… that was one of a realistic dream I've ever had…," I found myself absent-mindedly muttered to no one in particular.

Slowly but surely, I tried to lift this weary body of mine. My mind couldn't comprehend why, but the dream I was having before somehow dazed my mind. Well, nevermind that. I shrugged the thought of being weary away, then opened both my eyes slowly.


Pink and yellow became my environment. Cute stars and pink shrooms were everywhere to be seen. I darted my gazes everywhere, but nothing of this environment was familiar to my eyes. Even the sofa I was sleeping on before had turned into a gigantic pink shroom!

What the hell?

"Where the hell was I this time?"

[Day Four: End]

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