-Hey guys- Hurley calls them.-Follow me-

-Wait Hurley. Where are we going?- Jack asks him.

-This guy, Jacob. He… mmm… wants to see you. - Hurley mumbles.

-But why? What does he want from us? - Sawyer frowns.

-I don't know, dude, but I think we have to go. - Hurley shrugs.

Kate was silent during the whole argument. She thought about the mysterious man. It was strange but she felt like she'd already seen him. But it couldn't be real, right? After all the words about "Him", she'd have to remember their meeting.

-There is no sense in arguing. Let's just go and see what he wants to tell us. - She finally says.

With each passing second she longs to see Jacob more and more.

After few minutes they reach a big clearing. A man is sitting in the middle of it. Kate stops in her tracks and peers at him. He was tall, blond and quiet. Yes, she can't understand it, but it looks like serenity is one of the main characteristics of the man.

Kate feels like she can stay there forever, just looking at him and enjoying the peace he's giving off.

Neither Jack, nor James managed to calm her. It was always running with them. And this man, Jacob - she tastes his name and it feels good – he gave her everything without even the slightest movement.

She hadn't felt so calm and quiet for ages. To be exact, she was ten when she felt that way last. Kate closes her eyes and recalls that day.

She was with Tom. It was her birthday and they were going to do all the crazy things they managed to think about. They took their backpacks and left their houses early at the morning.

Kate smiles remembering that day. It was the same day they buried treasure. Could she imagine then that she would become a fugitive and Tom would die helping her?

Kate flinches. Why did she ever begin thinking about that time? But then she closes her eyes with Jacob and she realizes the cause. It isn't only her reflection that she can see in his eyes, deep there she can see a young girl with curly hair and freckles.

The girl is in the middle of the shop with the backpack in her hands and the clerk looks over her. He yells at her and orders to open her beg and she can't do that, because there is a toy she just shoplifted.

-I'll pay for her- Suddenly she hears.

She lifts her eyes and meets with his eyes.

Jacob! Kate looks at him with admiration having no strength to stop looking at him.

-Don't do such things again, Katie – He whispers gently.-You are better than that.-

The girl glances in those beautiful eyes and promises herself that she will never upset this man again. She'll be good girl and she won't break the rules.

Fifteen years ago. Kate returns to the present. She is on the Island now. She's here with her friends and they have to fight for their lives. And Jacob… He's dead.

Nothing from her dreams come true. Jacob was wrong about her, she wasn't a good person. After all she killed her father. She could have run away, but she killed him in cold blood and she can't be forgiven for that. And considering, that Jacob was dead, she wasn't his only mistake.

It's real life not a fairytale and in this life there is no all-powerful person who'll be able to give them all answers. They are doomed to wander in the dark. She understood it now.

She looks around. Her friends glance at Jacob, they want to get answers. They don't understand yet, that he's not a God, but a human. They keep asking him about all events they had to go through. And only Kate is silent, because she knows how it will end.

It's their fight now. They have to make a choice by themselves and they have to live with the consequences of that choice. Nobody can make it for them.

"It only ends once. Everything that comes before is progress."

A/N: This story was written as a Christmas gift to woodshavings.