Her hips swayed in front of him, drawing his unconscious attention. He licked his lips as she strolled to the mission board. He was a dragon on the search for a mate, and he hoped he found her. The round curves on her body screamed out to him, and her blond hair did nothing but complement her figure. He swept out of the room in a gust of wind, escaping the urge of pouncing on her; he did not want to hurt her, he wanted her to have a choice.


She scanned around the guild, job request at hand. She was looking for the dragon slayer, hoping to go on another mission with him. Whenever she was around him, she would feel safe, at peace, and he would save her no matter what. Nowadays, her heart would beat rapidly and her hands would sweat continuously. Perhaps she was falling in love with the idiot dragon, perhaps. She had never felt that way about anyone before, so she did not know what on earth was going on. However, she did know that the dragon slayers were acting wierd. Every one, that is, except Wendy. The dragon slayers were moody and stiff, and seemed to be in the habit of avoiding females. In fact, she had not seen Natsu hanging in her house for a long while now.


Clicking her keys in place, she entered her place of refuge and inhaled the scent of home. Sensing someone near, her head shot to her bed, only to find the pink haired dragon slayer slumped on the bed, deep in slumber. Smiling silently to herself, she walked over, about to wake him up and reprimand him. He looked so peaceful and handsome here...wait what? Since when did she think of the idiot Mage as handsome? Damn...

"...cy" Natsu mumbled. Awww. He sleep talks, how cute. CUTE? She bent her head in to hear what he was saying.

"Lucy... I...in love ...ith ...you" Her face reddened. He was in love with her? Natsu's eyes shot open and he sat up instantly. He stared at her in panic, pondering for a moment what had happened. "I didn't just say that out loud, did I?"

"Yes you did." She replied, blushing deeply. "Did...did you mean it? Or were you talking shit?"

Natsu hesitated for a long while, thinking hard. "I..." He inhaled deeply, "I meant it." He voiced out honestly. "I'm in love with you..." He paused again, stringing his words together. "Do you love me?"

"M...maybe?" She stuttered. It was unlike Natsu to stutter and pause when he spoke. He never took note of what the other person might have felt. He was straightforward and terse. In this instance however, he seemed to choose his words carefully, almost as if he was afraid to hurt her.

"Hey Luce, you've been my best friend for the past 3 years, you were the first person I brought to Fairytail, you have always been in my team, so...in a lot of ways, you're a precious part of my life. So…... (I don't know how to say this) will you be one more part of my life? In other words...will you be my girlfriend?"

Lucy was taken aback. She had never had a boyfriend, and had no experience in these sorts of situations.

"Don't be nervous Luce, I can hear your heartbeat." he grinned. "So wadya' say? Will you give me a shot and be my girl? I promise that I will protect you with my life and skin anyone who hurts you. I can't promise no secrets, just none against you, your love ones or our relationship, kay? What dya' say?"

Lucy pondered on the longest emotional speech that Natsu had ever given. Natsu had always kept his promises, and he did know how to treat a lady...sometimes that is. But the most important part was that every time she was around Natsu, she felt like she belonged there, as if she was fated to be right by his side. She had never felt that way about someone before. Perhaps it was worth a try, and she was sure, he would not leave her. She knew that companions were like his fingers, irreplaceable no matter what, and losing them was equivalant to ripping a piece out of his heart.

"Ok Natsu Dragneel, I will." she managed to say, before she was embraced in warm arms. She looked into Natsu's caring and loving eyes, before his slim lips locked onto her soft ones. She wrapped her arms around his pink haired head as she felt heat rise to her cheeks. His tongue licked her bottom lip, seeking permission to enter. She shivered and willingly oblidged, separating her lips to allow his tongue to dive in, feeling every aspect of her mouth. Dutifully, she entwined her tongue in as well, wrestling over an unknown prize. She moaned when he sucked at her tongue which was licking his teeth, going over and over his fangs. They broke apart for oxygen, but Lucy still did not like it.

"...em Luce, I gotta tell you something.."

"What, Natsu?" Lucy asked impatiently. She missed their kiss, and wanted more.

"Well, you see, I'm sure you've noticed the dragon slayers have been acting weird right? Well...to add on why I was so sudden with telling you I wanted a relationship..." Lucy perked up, suddenly interested. "It's mating season."

Lucy smiled. "Animal side, eh?"

"Yep. And Wendy hasn't reached puberty yet, so it doesn't count." He sighed in relief as she understood. He held up his thumb and index finger. "I was this close to jumping on you and raping you, that's why you haven't seen much of me around."

"Then why didn't you?" She asked, curiosity getting the better of her.

He sighed. "I didn't wanna hurt you."

She beamed. Natsu had gotten over his animal side to keep her safe. "So you asked me to be your girlfriend because you wanted me to be your mate, but you wanted it to be decent too."

"One of the reasons." He managed to mutter, turning his head away in embarrassment.

"Good enough for me." she replied, taking his head into her arms before locking lips with him again. If he was going through the trouble for her, it showed that he cared for her and was willing to do anything for her. She broke the kiss before changing her position. She wrapped her legs around Natsu, who sat crossed-legged. Her arms hugged Natsu's neck before she resumed kissing him. His hands trailed down her back, before gripping onto the sides of her spaghetti strapped tank and tugging it upwards. She lifted her arms up, letting him remove the piece of clothing, revealing her large breasts, restrained by her bra. Natsu wasted no time in removing the undergarment, leaving her in her skirt. Natsu gaped at the gorgeous site of his girlfriend in nothing but a mini skirt. Seeing this, Lucy covered her chest in embarrassment, but Natsu's strong hands pulled at her wrists, tugging them away and succeeding.

"Watcha do that for, Luce?" Natsu asked quizzically.

"It...it's em...embarrassing! I'm almost completely naked in front of you..." she replied, blushing hard and still resisting.

"Awww... Don't be embarrassed. You're beautiful! In fact, I've never seen anyone more beautiful than you! Ok, how about this then," Natsu grinned wolfishly and backed away, much to Lucy's disappointment, but he climbed back onto the bed in only his boxers, with his erect member protruding, but not in view yet.

Lucy blushed but removed her hands from her chest, putting it into full view, while SHE observed Natsu. His muscular body was neither too big nor too small. His eyes stared at her naked body with a playful yet animalistic gaze, and his signature grin plastered on his face. He reached out and laid her on the bed, before he used to hands to massage her breasts, gaining a moan from her. He rubbed them up and down and in ways she had not imagined.

He suddenly squeezed them tightly, allowing a gasp to escape her lips. He continued to tighten his grip on her breast and she moaned with her back arching like a cat's, only in the opposite direction. His hands slowly slipped upwards and soon reached her nipples and he promptly pinched them, causing them to harden and erect. Lucy yelped and gripped the sheets tightly. She could feel her panties getting wetter and wetter the more Natsu touched her. She loved his touch and wanted more than just his pleasurable teasing.

Without warning, he buried his face into the valley in between her mounds, causing her to yelp out with pleasure. He then slowly released his tongue, oh his naughty, naughty tongue, and licked her breasts, then heading to the left. She moaned out with clenched teeth as Natsu claimed her nipple into his mouth, biting and sucking at it. At the same time, he used his right hand to massage the neglected breast, pinching and tugging at her pink nipple. The blond, in turn, continued to groan and moan, yelping out at the appropriate times. Hearing her expressions, the dragon slayer could not help but chuckle.

"You sound so cute Luce, I could listen to you forever." Upon hearing this, the Stallar Spirit Mage blushed a red deeper than a tomato's. As Natsu resumed his service, Lucy bit her lip in attempt to refrain from producing anymore noises. Natsu caught her intention and grunted in disapproval, immediately started tugging and biting harder than ever. He pinched both nipples and shook her massive breasts hard by them, before squeezing them together and clamping his teeth down on both of her round peaks at the same time. Her voice had been gradually getting louder suddenly hitched at this point.

"Na...Natsu! eeeAAH!" She screamed as she came in her panties.

"Whoa Luce, you came when I haven't even touched your pussy…" She could feel Natsu's smirk on her breast, even as she clenched her eyes shut and covered her flushed face with her hands.


"Hmm?" Natsu had stopped her breast treatment.

"I love you" She peeked out of her hands only to see Natsu's loving gaze staring straight into her brown milky eyes. Nothing in his eyes was perverted or insane, only caring and loving eyes. He gently removed her hands and placed them by her side carefully. He then wrapped his arms around her smooth back, all this while still staring into her eyes, not any other part, namely her breasts, but her eyes. "I love you too. So much so you wouldn't be able to imagine."

Then he caught her lips in a kiss, full of passion and fire. Fire, exactly what he was made of. Fire, love and other things she did not comprehend. Their tongues played and wrestled again, and Natsu broke off again, receiving a pout from Lucy. It quickly disappeared, though, when Natsu slipped his thumbs into the side of her skirt, and slowly pulling it down together with her thing, torturing her with his speed. Finally, the garment was removed, revealing the stellar spirit Mage in her naked glory and her sticky groin. This time, she wasted no time in being embarrassed, and instead propped herself up on her hands, before leaning towards Natsu and kissing him, and then, in one swift motion, removed his boxers. They sat there in the bed, staring at each other, admiring each others bodies. For the third time, Natsu caressed her back and placed her on the bed, following that, he split her legs, and stared at her folds, and her blond pubic hair.

"You are soaking wet, Luce. Heck, you're literally making a puddle on your bed! I'm going to have to clean you up!" He growled sexily, turning her on more than ever.

"Please do," She replied seductively, "my awesome drago-AAAAAAHHH!" She screamed as he engulfed her pussy with his tongue, and he started to eat out of it. His tongue slid up and down her pussy lips, and it found the tiny pink nub that everyone talked about, and promptly bit it, gaining yet another yelp from Lucy.

"Natsu... I ... I want..." she panted and moaned, turning him on more than ever. He decided to play a little game with her. Without warning, he slid a finger in, sending ripples through the blond's body, causing her to scream from the extreme pleasure.

"What Luce? Whatcha want?" He teased, wriggling his finger within her vaginal walls, causing an uncomfortable moan to escape her lips.

"I want... I ne...need AAAAAAHH!" She let out a cry as his finger hooked and rubbed against her sweet spot, sending shivers down her back. "I wa...want your co...*blush*cock Natsu, in my pu...pussy."

Lucy squeezed her eyes shut as Natsu grinned against her pussy, before removing his head and leaning on top of her. Slowly, torturously, he slid his rock hard boner into her pussy, as she cried out long. Suddenly, he reached her hymen and realisation hit his mind.

Eyes still squeezed shut; Lucy felt Natsu hit the barrier in her. Feeling something soft and thick on top of her lips, she placed her mouth over it when Natsu told her, "bite this". Natsu pulled out almost completely, before plunging his full length right back in again, breaking through her hymen. Lucy screamed into Natsu's ear and bit down on what was in her mouth. Tears streamed down her face as she screamed like tomorrow would never come, and eventually she calmed down, panting and moaning. Tasting liquid in her mouth, she managed to draw her attention back only to realise that it was blood. Shock ran through her mind as she opened her eyes to see Natsu's bloodied shoulder in front of her face. His sweaty and pained face grinned at her when she turned his way, and he leaned forward to lick the tears off her face.

"Pain gone?" He asked. She nodded slowly, leaning forward to return the favour his shoulder clean of the blood while adjusting to the size of his penis.

Waiting for Lucy's permission to continue, Natsu enjoyed the sensation of her tongue on his shoulder. Lucy's face was the cutest when her small and slim tongue lapped over his injury, and he could look at her face forever, and still beg for more. The blond in question felt the pain subside and she wrapped her legs around his back and bucked her hips, signalling that she was ready.

Receiving the message, he pulled out almost completely, before plunging right back in with all his might, making Lucy cry out, not from pain but from the pleasure. Natsu continued to piston in and out of her pussy, while talking dirty into her ear.

"Your pussy is really tight Luce, and you are really wet. Your sounds turn me on, so much so I want to slam you against a wall and fuck you senseless. Would you like that Luce? Me slamming my hips into your ass, fucking you like there were no tomorrow?" Lucy had no idea where he had learned to talk so dirty, but she was too overwhelmed in pleasure, she was screaming and yelping out, she had no time to concentrate. She nodded her head and Natsu grinned again. "Sure."

He pulled out completely, simultaneously flipping her onto her hands and knees, then lifting her up via her thighs, putting the both of them into the wheel barrel position.

"Always wanted to be stronger, eh? How about we train your arms first?" Natsu grinned wolfishly, shoving his dick right back where it belonged. Lucy screamed out as wave after wave of pleasure shot through her body. Her arms threatened to give way, but she held on, about the only thing she could do. A trail of saliva leaked down the side of her mouth as Natsu's hip slammed her from behind, her eyes squeezed shut, as she tried to absorb all the pleasure in vain.

"Na...Natsu..." She moaned.

"Hnn?" Came his strained reply.

"I...I want you to cum inside me..." She mumbled through gritted teeth. Immediately, Natsu complied, letting go of her while pulling out, twisting her back to her front and plunged back in again in record time. Lucy screamed yet again and wrapped her arms around his back and her legs around his hips. Natsu watched while fucking her. Her large boulders of breasts rolled up and down her chest while her face was painted in a shade of red. His dick throbbed and her pussy walls tightened even more than it already was, allowing their respective partners know about their closeness to climaxing.

With one final thrust, both of them climaxed together. Natsu exploded in Lucy and his juices mixed with hers, some spilling out of her pussy, but who cares. Lucy's voice hitched and she dug her nails into Natsu's back, while his fangs grew and magic danced around it. He plunged his teeth right down onto her neck, but instead of drawing blood, his magic pushed it's way into her body and she felt nothing more than pleasure and warmth. Her wound then formed a circle and within it a sign of fire.

Natsu flipped her to be on top as not to squish he senseless, and she lay on top of him, both of them heaving for breath, yet very comfortable with their position.

"Natsu..." Lucy groaned groggily.

"Hnn?" He replied.

"Always… Always be by my side, and make sure I am by yours. Even if anyone else from the guild is there, I want to be by your side. Rain...rain or shine, in...in hell or high-water..." she trailed off, sleep threatening to take over.

"I promise. Cross my heart and hope to die." Came his reply. He wasn't sure if Lucy heard his reply, but he heard a grunt, and assumed so.

"I love you, Natsu." Lucy mumbled contentedly in her sleep. Natsu pulled the quilt over their naked bodies, lifting her head from his muscular chest and kissing her forehead.

"I love you lots too." He mumbled in kind, before slipping deep into slumber, dreaming of dragons and princesses, who were their brides instead of victims like the traditional stories. He dream of a blond princess sitting at the snout of a pink scaled flying dragon, sound asleep. She wasn't afraid to fall off. The dragon wouldn't allow it. He wouldn't let go.

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