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"Thanks, master!"

"Damn, you geezer! Didn't know you could be nice! Thanks, old man!"

*smooch* "Thank you, master!"

"Screw you, old man! You brought tears to my eyes!"

The guild resounded with exclamations of thanks and gratefulness to the guild master, or, for today, the makeshift Santa Claus. The beloved Master Markorov had dressed up as the jolly old elf in his slightly enlarged form. With the addition of the thick beard on his chin, he made a perfect Santa Claus.

In celebration of the first Christmas since their return from tenrou island, he had dressed up as a Santa Claus and gave out gifts to each of his precious guild members, giving them a pleasant surprise. Even if he had given Gray a large coat and Juvia a branded lighter, it still was the thought that counted, and they couldn't be more grateful.

The party itself was ultimately the most fun they had for a while. Getting piss drunk, dancing around without a care for decency, joy and laughter that hadn't been present in 7 years. The only thing that was missing was the famous pair of dragon slayers and their gorgeous mates.

"Merry Christmas, Lucy!" Natsu grinned while shoving a gift into Lucy's arm as they sat on the mattress of her bed of her dark apartment, lit only by selected candles.

"Thanks Natsu!" She replied happily while opening her gift. "It's such an awesome...flash light?" She unwrapped the box and opened it to find a torchlight.

"It ain't a flash light," he smiled in return. "It's a flame thrower!" He continued to explain animatedly to her its function and how it worked. By the end of it, Lucy decided she liked listening to him explain the product more than the product itself. "But," he said at the end, "it needs batteries, and I didn't have any at home." He scratched his head, still grinning sheepishly.

"It's okay, dear," she smiled reassuringly. "Thanks so much for your gift, Natsu!" she gave him a kiss and hugged him tightly, before hopping off the bed to find the right batteries. Quietly, he followed her.

"I still don't understand why this couldn't wait till the end of master's party though," she continued as she walked to her desk, Natsu close behind. Carefully, she tried to open the cover of the flame thrower. Finding it stuck, she used more strength, and plucked the handle off, allowing its contents to fall out.

"Hey!" she laughed. "I thought you said that there weren't any bat-" she stopped as she saw something else on the floor, something circular, hollow and shiny. Slowly, Natsu knelt down and picked it up. Her hands unconsciously went to her mouth as she saw him on one knee and the ring, oh the beautiful ring, in his hands.

"Lucy Heartfillia!" He declared. "I've loved you since I met you, and I've waited 7 years for this moment. I have and will forever love you. Even though in dragon terms, we are already married, I'll ask you once more - Will you marry me?"

There was a long period of intense silence that was only broken by their strong heartbeats and the sudden gasp that came her throat. Teardrops slowly spilled out of her deep brown eyes and slid down each of her cheeks, slowly but steadily. Slowly, one of her hands reached out and plucked the gorgeous ring from his hand. Clutching it in her hand, and her other covering her mouth, she reached out and gently tugged him to stand.

As he stood, he waited patiently and nervously for her answer. Her mouth seemingly moved in response, but no sound came out.

"I'm sorry Luce," he smiled. "I can't hear you."

"Yes, you idiot!" She cried. "Most definitely, without a doubt! Yes! Yes! Yes! YES!" she practically flew into his arms as she sobbed happily. "I love you so much! I'll marry you!" She tried as hard as she could to crush Natsu in her arms, and the grinning Natsu could not be happier to return the favour before kissing her fully on the lips.

"I see why you couldn't wait now," Lucy said as they once again sat at her bed. She was observing the ring that was now on her finger. It was a slim golden band that had a beautiful ruby protruding from the top.

"Yup!" He grinned triumphantly. "I was so excited, yet afraid that Lucy was too smart for it to work." Lucy blushed, but her eyes widened as his arms wrapped around her back. In a lower and more lustful tone, he added, "and now you're mine. Forever, in both magical and human terms."

Getting his drift, she whispered into his ear. "Say, Natsu."


"I'm kinda cold. Care to heat me up?" She smiled at him naughtily, and he licked his lips.

"I love you, Luce." She smiled at him, brimming with happiness as their lips met. Their blood coursed through their bodies at an accelerating speed, heating things up. As they parted a little, he slowly licked her bottom lip, which shivered and lowered, allowing him entrance. His tongue snaked its way in, and danced with hers as she returned the deed. Their tongues wrapped around each other and they continued kissing. He slowly pushed her onto her back, which arched into his chest. As he wrapped his arms tightly around her, and she him, a thin layer of fire spread throughout the surface of their bodies, catching onto their clothes and burning it all off, leaving them stark naked.

The flame slowly subsided, leaving behind a layer of sweat as a small production of their love making. Lucy's cheeks heated up even more as Natsu started rubbing and massaging her breasts, and they finally parted for breath. Natsu didn't give her much time though, for he bit on each of her already hard nipples, making her yelp out in pleasure. He bit and sucked and pulled at them with his teeth while Lucy thrashed around, moaning loudly from the overload of this delicious feeling. Finally he let her go, and she slumped back on her bed, panting happily.

"Seven years..." She sighed. "Even though it feels like a day..."

"It's still too long, huh?" He smiled at her lovingly, and her heart warmed up more than it already had that night. When she nodded, he continued, "Even when we just made love a couple of nights ago."

"I just love you too much to be separated for that long a period. You need to compensate for lost time." She replied cheekily.

"Oh I will," he assured her. "I will." Following that, he licked her left nipple one more time, before trailing his tongue right down her body, slowly. He paused at her belly button for a while, teasing it with his tongue before continuing to its destination, her womanhood.

Lucy's face flushed once again as she saw him stare at her leaking triangle with awe. She was so wet that her juices spilled onto the mattress, making a small puddle that was sure to make a stain. Her heart thumped hard as she closed her eyes and anticipated what would happen next. Would he lick her core clean? Or would he finger her into an orgasm?

"Get up, Luce." She opened her eyes, surprised. She sat up to see Natsu sitting in a cross legged position. "Natsu Junior needs some attending to." He grinned as he saw her red face when she took sight of his erect member. Lustfully, she crawled to his side, grabbing his manhood and smiled upon hearing him groan. Sticking out her tongue, she licked it from the bottom, escalating at an excruciatingly slow pace, and she took pleasure at seeing him grip the sheets at her action. Reaching the tip, she placed a wet kiss on it, before slowly inserting it into her mouth.

"Aah..." He sighed as she had it completely within her mouth. She started bobbing her head up and down, gradually speeding up. The pink pubic hair continuously went closer, then further from her vision, but soon she closed her eyes, and sucked harder while her hand pumped the rest of which she could not cover.

Suddenly, she jumped up, yelping as a pair of fingers entered her womanhood. From a third person's point of view, Lucy was kneeling down on Natsu's right with her elbows on his thigh as she sucked him off from his side, as explained before, but now, Natsu had happily stuck his long fingers up her rear.

Now, drool dribbled down Natsu's member as vaginal fluids splashed and covered Lucy's bum, some even dripping down her thighs. His fingers quickened and his head rolled back in ecstasy. Lucy's started bobbing faster and her moans grew louder. Her ass shivered from the pleasure and excitement while his dick twitched in signal of coming close.

With one final thrust into her mouth and an addition of the last two fingers, they came, him shooting his semen into her mouth, which she wantonly swallowed, and juice shooting out of her womanhood, covering his hand.

Slowly, he stopped pumping his fingers and gradually pulled out. Lucy slumped on her fiancé's lap as he squirted the rest onto her back.

Panting hard, he carefully flipped her onto her back and smooched her on the lips. He hooked his wrists under her knees and placed his hands right under her arms, while she placed her hands on her rear, pulling the lips of her nether region apart, presenting the liquids that spilled out of it.

"You're still so wet," he growled, want evident in his tone.

"And YOU'RE still so HARD." She replied as if she were singing.

"Yeah, well, you're mine to love," he growled yet again, and thrust into her core. She screamed out happily and clung onto his neck for dead life while he stuffed his full length up her weapon of self-pleasure, pistoning all the way. "I'll have to take full advantage of that."

He started to pull out slowly, before pushing back in slightly faster, pleasuring his beloved. "Mine to love, mine to kiss, to hug, to comfort, to make happy, you're mine."

"Make sure you compensate for the seven years, kay?" Lucy managed to say through gasps and yelps. "Even though we didn't experience the seven years, it sorta felt like a day!"

"I assure you, dear," Natsu grunted. "This won't last for only a day." His pace quickened as he felt her tighten around him. Her large assets swung back and forth, gradually quickening as Natsu did. The squishing sound of her hole sucking in his rod in aroused them to no end, making her wetter, and him harder. Her nerves continued to tingle greater and greater, sending waves of pleasure down her spine.

"I definitely hope noooot-AAH!" She cried out as she came, more juices splashing out, increasing lubrication. Her juices leaked and flowed out onto the bed, but she was too high to care at that moment. Slowly, she calmed down, her breathing slowing down, as did her heartbeat, unlike Natsu, who had happily continued pumping within her.

Pulling out of her, he flipped her onto her knees and plunged back into her. She cried out in great happiness as she felt him ride to his content. Lucy reached out her hand, trying to find some unknown support that she might lean against. However, Natsu had other plans. Grabbing her hands in his own, he pulled her back, so that her back was arched forward and he was still pushing into her. In this position, he entered her deeper than before, and the pleasure had grown.

Her eyes widened as she screamed happily and her breasts swayed as if between two conflicting winds. The way he pulled out and plunged in felt so erotic, she simply could not get enough of him. He knew when to screw her hard and screw her soft, and it seemed that he would feel the same as her pertaining that. She felt her second orgasm coming, and she felt him twitch inside her, and she was content.

"You're mine," he growled before suddenly pulling out completely, only to plunge right into her anus, and came right there and then, sending the pleasure of her second orgasm flying. Her tongue stuck out as her eyes rolled back and her mouth opened in a soundless scream. "You're mine!" He roared once more.

"You're mine." He finally whispered while they stayed in that position for a while more, before collapsing onto her and she onto her bed. Their pants were the only sounds that filled the room while cum flowed out of her anus and core, wetting the bed.

"Lucy," he called her, quietly.

"Yeah?" She rasped happily.

"You know I'm yours too right?"


A tiny figure of a blue-haired girl knelt in front of a much larger figure, whose hands were clutched tightly to the head in front of him. Her right hand was placed on the crotch before her, while her left was left to pleasure herself. Her head bobbed up and down, slowly but effectively sucking on her lover's manhood. Her pace gradually quickened, and with a final thrust of his hips into her face, he stiffened, his eyes rolling back in pleasure, and her eyes widening, evidence from his ejaculation.

Slowly calming down from the high, she slowly stood up from her position and stretched her sore legs, revealing her two holes that were overflowing with his sexual expulsions, meaning he had released himself into each hole more than twice. Since he never came without bringing her to at least two orgasms, she just had the time of her life.

"Wow," Gajeel gasped as he opened his crimson eyes once more. "That…was the best…Christmas present ever."

"I enjoyed it too, Gajeel-kun" Levy replied coyly, wiping a bit of his white substance off her cheek, and licking it. "But you sure do cum a lot eh?"

"And yet you swallow every drop of it." He observed, surprised.

"But of course!" she replied in mock offense. "It's Gajeel kun's cum, and it's my Christmas present to you," she finished off in a sultry tone.

"And now," he replied, equally sexy in voice. "I have something special for you."

"Ooh…" she sighed happily, nervously anticipating what was to come. Gently, he picked her up like a groom would his bride, and lay her on a long table. Following that, he revealed a pot of maple syrup, and grinned at her.

"I'm going to eat out of you." He declared, causing her to blush. He knew that she liked it when he licked and bit parts of her body here and there. Tilting the jug, a thin line of the sweet goodness dripped down onto her body, he slowly poured it over her belly, onto her breasts and particularly her ripe and hard nipples. He brought it down south again as the syrup flowed down her core, mixing with her juice that was flowing out of her nether region. Placing the jug down, he knelt by her side, and stuck out his tongue, and brought it to her belly button.

However, instead of licking it, he licked the area surrounding it, distressing her. Due to the thickness of the sweet liquid, his licks were stronger and allowed her more pleasure. He dragged his tongue all over her torso, except for her sensitive areas, like her nipples and her womanhood. She was getting sexually frustrated, and was starting to wonder if she should jump him. Finally, he bit down on her very hard nipple, causing her to cry out.

He sucked and swirled his tongue round it, biting and licking it clean, while she moaned, groaned and wriggled ever so slightly. She bit her lip as her eyes shut tightly from the pleasure. Releasing her clean side, he grinned at her cheekily.

"You're suppressing yourself again, my dear." He whispered in her ear, sending shivers down her back. "It's not healthy." He licked her ear at that moment, sending more shivers down her spine. Giving her one more smile, his mouth latched onto her other, honey covered nipple. She cried out without restraint this time. "That's my girl," he breathed onto her huskily. He continued his ministrations, while one of his hands pinched and pulled the other. He sucked and licked and pulled and bit, all to please his flustered girlfriend, and it was worth it.

Finally releasing the sensitive nubs on her chest, he left her panting in pure bliss, while he went south, and spread her legs apart. Smiling at what he saw, he licked his lips.

"I can't tell whether this liquid," he rubbed his finger along her slit, eliciting a moan, "is honey or your juices." Bending down once more, he breathed on it, and she gasped. Slowly, excruciatingly slowly, he dragged his tongue from her anus up.

"Nnggh," she groaned as she gripped tightly onto the table. He continued to lick her weapon of mass pleasure, and even the area around it. Slowly, her legs lifted and wrapped themselves around his head, bringing him closer. He planted kisses all over her area, before settling on that famous little nub, and sucked it hard. She cried out happily when he did that, her hands flying to his hair and pulling at it. Contrary to the first impression, his hair was rather soft. Her voice hitched up several octaves as he bit her nub, and liquid shot out of her womanhood and landed in his mouth as she came. Licking her clean, he gave her one more kiss, and stood up, carrying her once more, but to the bed.

"Levy is extra sweet today, neh?" He told her happily.

"That's 'cos of the honey!" She mewled, blushing like a rose, not only from the question, but from the fact that his rock hard manhood was poking into her soft and round bum. Gently, he laid her on their bed, after removing the covers. Pushing her thighs together, he pushed his rod in between them, effectively rubbing her lips. Her eyes closed once more, and she purred happily. Leaning forward, he caught her lips and kissed her happily. Her arms wrapped around his neck, and refused to let him go. His hands unconsciously left her legs and reached her face and his hips stopped moving.

His passionate kisses never tired Levy, and she always responded passionately. Slowly and together, their mouths opened and allowed their tongues to dance in harmony, not fighting as they usually did. Slowly, he hugged her while twisting around, and then sitting up.

"Levy," he breathed. "I love you."

Levy opened her eyes, smiling before replying, "I love you too, dear."

"Close your eyes, Levy," Gajeel whispered. Happily, she obliged. "Okay, you can open them now."

Opening her eyes, Levy's vision was met with a gold ring, complemented on the top with a gorgeous sapphire. A loud gasp was heard in the quiet room as her hands slowly reached her mouth. Her moistening eyes met Gajeel's crimson eyes, softer than normal. He smiled.

"Levy McGarden," he began, warmth emanating from his voice. "I love you so much. Even though I hurt you the first time we met, you forgave me, and we made such a great team. I can never forgive myself for hurting you, but I promise to love you forever. Levy, will you-"

"YES!" She screamed, tackling him into the bed. "I will! I will! No question! Yes! Yes! YES!" She kissed him harder and hugged him as though her life depended on him, which it almost did. He hugged her back, and twisted them around, so he was on top. As they broke apart for air, he kissed her forehead and, gently grabbing her hand, slipped the ring onto her finger. "I love you Gajeel, I'm so happy you asked me." Her eyes brimming with tears of joy, she kissed him one more time.

"I love you too, Levy," the iron dragon slayer smiled. "I wouldn't want to spend the rest of eternity with anyone else." Their lips met once more, and they wrestled with each other. Slowly, but surely, the kiss became more heated, and so did their bodies. As their naked vessels rubbed against each other, the tingling sense in their nerves grew.

"Now," Gajeel growled, "let's get back to where we left off."

"Of course," Levy replied, smiling happily.

Spreading her legs, Gajeel bent down and started licking at her slit, her hands coming down and tangling themselves in his hair. As he started to suck at the pink nub that was ever so sensitive, her legs wrapped around his head, and soon enough, her core started to leak out those sweet juices that he loved. He happily lapped them up and continued his ministrations while she moaned and sighed happily.

Getting to a kneeling position, he placed his rock hard member in line to her womanhood. "I'm entering, Levy."

"You do just that, Love." Levy replied, panting gorgeously.

Immediately, he plunged right in, and she moaned gratefully while her hands gripped the bed sheets tightly. Their sweat grew thick as Gajeel's movements grew stronger and faster. Levy's groans and moans grew louder and higher pitched, and what small breasts she had shook in action. After a while, Levy's triangle started to tighten around Gajeel.

"Gajeel!" She cried out. "I'm getting close!"

He did not answer, but pumped all the faster. Screaming, she squeezed him harder and came, spasming as more juices squirted out of her opening and onto the bed. Gajeel pulled out after a while, simultaneously flipping Levy around.

"I'm not done yet," he grinned at her. "I'm not even close."

Smiling, she got into position, getting onto her knees. The results of her earlier orgasm dripped from her glorious cave onto the crumpled sheets, all while she seductively swayed her rear at her lover. Gently placing his hands on her hips, Gajeel slowly slid into the tight entrance of his fiancé.

"Mmm," Levy moaned. "That feels real good."

"Levy," Gajeel whispered, pulling out again. "You're too cute for your own good."

Levy looked back, smiling, before Gajeel slammed his hips against her rump. The shock forced her forward and she placed both hands on the bed frame. Gajeel, however, did not stop, pulling out again and slammed back into Levy, making her yelp out again, and again, and again. With each thrust, he grew faster. With each thrust, juice dripped from her womanhood onto the bed. With each thrust, the sound of his hips smacking her bum filled the air, and waves from the results of the force rippled through her skin. This, still, was not enough for Gajeel.

Stopping, he picked up her right leg via her right knee, so that she was only balancing on her left knee and her hands on the wall. Immediately, he continued, as if he hadn't stopped at all. Levy, however, was yelping louder, almost screaming. This position, after all, made her tighter, and both of them felt the effects, and loved it.

Levy was on the verge of losing her mind. A thin line of drool escaped her mouth and her nerves were about to explode. She was coming close, and when she felt her lover's tool of love twitch, she knew he was too. Gajeel was still increasing his pace, his hips almost becoming a blur, but his eyes were closed, and his teeth were bared in a growl. Finally, he put all his energy into one last thrust, and pushed as deep as he could, finally reaching release. Levy screamed, her grip nearly breaking the bedframe. His cum poured continuously into his lover while her juices mixed with his, slowly flowing out of her opening, and spilling onto the large master bed.

"I love you, Gajeel," Levy whispered as they tilted and fell onto the dry side of the bed. Gajeel pulled out of her, but continued to embrace her, wrapping her petite form in his massive arms.

"I love you too."

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