This is an old story I found in my harddrive, and I figured I wouldn't let it rot. I think you all will like it, considering it's got a lot of EdxWin, Detective-like situations, and fighting near the end. I had to refrain from putting in a citrus-y ending, and decided it would sort of kill the plot… You'll see what I mean soon enough~

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Chapter One:


"Retard!" the word flew out of his mouth like vomit.

"Midget!" he spat, not caring that the two men stood at the same height.

"Pervert!" the quick retort resulted in a low growl from the older man.

"Why you...!"

Alphonse, age twenty-one, didn't want to admit to himself that four years had done nothing on his big brother's personality, but it was proving to be a true statement the further the two highly intelligent men talked. He shook his head in his hands – Why were they always so immature?

"Why do you always ask for leave, Edward?" Roy Mustang, whose age isn't necessarily important, asked his subordinate, "You sure as hell don't deserve it." Roy crossed his arms, stepping with confidence around his desk to stare into the boy's eyes.

Ed snarled. "Like hell I don't! I work my ass off for you, what with the run-arounds and goose chases you're constantly sending me on!" the last three words were said a decibel louder than needed, making Roy flinch. "Not to mention..."

"Not to mention," Al cut in, standing two inches shorter than his brother and Roy, "We really need a vacation, General Mustang, sir," Al inserted a formality to ease the tension. His plan was successful, and the Flame General sat down in his chair. His arms uncrossed and crossed again uncomfortably, and his eyes narrowed in thought.

First Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye walked in with a few folders, closing the door behind her and leaning against the wall. "You've been making them run rampant for two years, General. Don't you think a vacation is in order? Edward has caught and brought in many people who you were trying to bring into custody. Least we forget Mr. James Brown who is currently in Central Prison for murdering an innocent fourteen-year-old girl?"

Roy closed his eyes, remembering the horrid case; Lucy Jameson, 14, was found in the sewer lying face-down with her wrists tied behind her back. She had been strangled, but that was after she was raped. It was Second Lieutenant Jean Havoc who had been walking home with his date, the victim's oldest sister Jeanie Jameson, 22. It was a tragic way to end a date indeed.

Ed continued to glare down the General as he opened his eyes again. "Fullmetal."

"Sir." Ed cringed as the formality rolled off his tongue.

"How old are you?"

Ed quirked an eyebrow. "Twenty-two, Mustang. You know that. You threw me that surprise par—"

"Get out of my office. You've caused me too much of a headache. I don't care how long you're gone, Major Elric, but you'd best give me a full detailed report when you return." Roy stood up from his chair and walked around Ed with a pressed frown and loud, impatient huffs. Hawkeye nodded a farewell and followed after her superior officer.

Al looked at his elder brother, quirking an eyebrow. "I wonder what that was about. He never tells us to leave."

"Yeah . . ." Ed trailed off, turning around and starting toward the door to the Generals office. He walked past his cubicle next door and pulled on his mocha-colored cloak. "Why do you think he did that, Detective Elric?"

Al smirked, neatly folding his brother's uniform coat over his chair and turning off his light. "My gut says . . . that he thinks, or even knows, that something's wrong back home. Therefore, he didn't want us to go home."

Ed scoffed and turned to leave the office, Al following, and out the front doors of HQ.

This is a crisp, detailed plotline. Okay, it was, until I ruined it by editing and putting it into a more recent style of writing. I hope you all liked the first chappy! Let me know if you want more! The chapters may be between this length and about 1200W, so please forgive me. I was lazy and had to shorten (because of many, many errors in speech, grammar, and run-ons).