Disclaimer: Last I checked I was a female in her early twenties living on the East Coast of the United States and have never been west of the Mississippi River and have NEVER left the States. So I'm not George Lucas.

I have decided though to rewrite some of the books. They will fit in with the short stories I have written. This is a rewrite of The Courtship of Princess Leia.

One of the major differences is that Leia and Mon Mothma don't see eye-to-eye on some issues.

Oh and the Witches of Dathomir are not going to be in this but the future Queen of the Hapes Cluster is.

U am truly sorry but this is the REAL first chapter.

Leia stretched sleepily.

It had been a long night and she had just returned from a week long ambassadorial mission for the Republic to the Hapes Cluster.

Although the Republic didn't know that it was her.

A small body curled tightly against her.

She gently stroked the her small son's head.

"You missed me horribly didn't you?" she asked softly. "Well Mommy promises not to go away any time soon."

Her son, Bail, sighed contently next to her.

Carefully Leia slipped out of bed and knelt in meditation

She visited her favorite place: a river from Alderaan in a Nubian meadow with Tatooine's sky and the Spine Mountains from Eras.

It wasn't deep meditation because Bail was going to wake up soonish and want to be fed.

A beeping broke her concentration, scattering the images.

Leia sighed and then opened her eyes.

Bail was still sleeping, someone or something was banging around in the kitchen and the comm station was beeping.

Leia quickly climbed to her feet and made her way to the comm station.

She was mildly surprised to see Mon Mothma's face on the screen.

"Chancellor, how my I be of service?" Leia asked.

Mon looked a little flustered.

"Leia, I have been trying to reach you for the last few days. The Queen of the Hapes Cluster is going to arrive in three hours and her son wants to meet you."

Something crashed in the kitchen.

"I'll be in there in time to meet them." Leia said glancing in the direction of the kitchen.

"This is a very important meeting Leia, please show up."

The screen went blank.

Leia sighed then stood.

Ta'a Chume was rumored to be powerful and ruthless.

She didn't know anything about the Queen Mother's son Isolder except that he had personally captured the man responsible for his older brother's murder.

She headed back into her bedchamber and examined her formal clothing. Many of them no longer fit her properly, not that she minded.

Leia sighed and quickly dressed in her formal Jedi robes.

She undid her braid and brushed her hair. She then braided it in the manner of the Ashlans.

Next she placed her only necklace with jewels native to Alderaan around her neck.

She quickly applied white nail paint to her thumb nails.

She stared at her reflection.

Have I forgotten a world? She asked herself.

She quickly put on Japor Snippet earrings and admired her reflection.

Perfect. She thought.

Now she represented both her parents people, her home world and her brother's.

She headed into the kitchen and grabbed a piece of fruit out of the fruit bowl on the small table.

"The Chancellor wants me to go with her to greet The Queen Mother of the Hapes Cluster. Could you look after Bail until I get back?" She asked the hooded being there.

The hooded being nodded and went back to organizing the kitchen.

Leia then left her small living quarters and headed for the nearest docking bay.

She noted that a certain ship was still missing from the bay and sighed softly.

He'll be back soon. She thought.

The ride to the landing platform was swift and uneventful.

Leia already missed Bail's presence, again.

Leia was surprised to see the Alderaanian Council there looking eager. She felt the hairs on her neck stand up.

What do those pompous nobles want now? She wondered.

Leia had nothing but contempt for the Alderaanian Council. They had tried to marry her off at every opportunity.

Fortunately for her many nobles weren't interested in marrying a woman that had renounced her royal position, was a trained Force User, outspoken or all three.

And those that had been interested in her she had frightened off.

Leia smiled at the memories and as she tugged on her Devotion Braid.

Finally a ship cut through Coruscant's sky and landed gracefully on the landing platform.

Many guards descended first; they were followed by a tall woman with graying red gold hair with a tall young man with blond hair.

Leia blinked.

It was the same young man that she had spoken with during her mission to the Hapes Cluster!

I was speaking to the Heir of the Hapes Cluster?

Leia had a sinking feeling that she knew what this was all about.

"Welcome to Coruscant." She heard Mon Mothma say.

She barely listened to the introductions until she felt the eyes of Ta'a Chume resting on her.

"So this is the girl my son fancies." She said coolly.

Leia froze.

This isn't going to end well.

"It's an honor to meet you again." Isolder said bowing to her.

Leia bowed back.

"It's an honor to meet you again too, Your Highness." Leia said carefully.

Mon Mothma inwardly cringed as Leia paced the width of her office.

"Leia, please, this is a chance for greater stability." Mon pleaded.

"I am not interested in marrying Isolder. Besides, I am a Jedi." Leia said, tugging one of her braids.

"At least consider it." Mon begged.

Leia paused in her pacing.

"I repeat: I am not interested in marrying Isolder." Leia said through gritted teeth.

Mon fell back in her seat and sighed.

I have to convince her to marry him. She thought.

"Leia, please just consider it." Mon said.

Leia paused in her pacing to glare at Mon.

"What part of 'I am not interested in marrying Isolder' do you not understand?" Leia demanded.

Mon flinched.

"I am going home, you can come and see me when you have come to your senses." Leia said.

Mon watched as Leia then turned and left her Office.

That could have gone better. Mon thought sarcastically.

Leia stalked towards her speeder furious. Several people, seeing her angry expression got out of her way.

They all think that they know what's best for me! She thought angrily They think that I am some prize to be won! If they think I am going to marry Isolder just because they say I should then they are sorely mistaken.


Speak of the Sith.

Leia paused and waited for Isolder to walk up to her.

"I know that this must be quite a shock but I am sincere. I do wish for you to become my wife." Isolder said.

Leia resisted the urge to roll her eyes.

"Prince Isolder, you have an excellent reputation. However I am very busy today." She said politely.

Isolder looked uncertain.

Bet a woman has never turned him down before.

"Perhaps you can show me the sights of Coruscant tomorrow." Isolder said.

Leia turned the sentence over in her mind.

"I did tell my brother that I would take some of the children to the one of the zoos and show them some of the sights of Coruscant." Leia offered after several heartbeats.

Isolder look uncertain.

"Jedi children are no different than regular children." Leia told him.

"I'll meet you in the lobby of 500 Republica at 0830 hours." Leia told Isolder and walked away.

Leia sighed as she made her way back to her quarters inside of the Jedi Temple.

Great, I just volunteered to show a guy I barely know some of the sights of Coruscant!

She opened the door and was immediately swept into an embrace and a deep kiss.

"Han!" she cried once she was free of the kiss.

Han set her down on the couch.

"When did you get back? The Falcon wasn't in the Hanger when I got back." she asked

"I docked it elsewhere. Your friend tries to tinker with it if I park it in the Temple Hanger." he explained.

Leia frowned.

"You didn't mind last month that Ani was messing with your ship. In fact you asked him to check the hyperdrive. SO what's the real reason?"

Han sighed.

"I was told to dock elsewhere." Han said.

"Why?" Leia asked, confused.

"Didn't say why."

Leia sighed.

"it's going to be hard to get to Naboo with Bail unseen in nearly two weeks." She said.

Han put his arm around her.

"We'll figure it out sweetheart. Maybe Ani can take Bail to the Falcon on an alternative route."

As if on cue Ani appeared with Bail in his arms.

Han smiled broadly.

"Hey, how is my little man?" he asked as he took Bail from Ani.

Bail smiled. "Dada." he said.

Han grinned.

"Are you busy tomorrow?" Leia asked as she pulled her boots off. "Yeah, I have to give a report that's going to last from 0700 to 1400." Han answered.

Leia groaned.

"What?" Han asked.

"I have another suitor and I agreed to show him some of Coruscant's sights tomorrow with some of the Jedi children." Leia explained.

"Who is he?" Han asked.

"Prince Isolder of the Hapes Cluster." She answered.

Han started to laugh until he saw the serious expression on Leia's face.

"You're not kidding." he said. "Man, this could get messy." Leia nodded. "You've got that right."

Bail looked at Leia and Leia stared into his bright gray eyes, a present from his Ashlan ancestors along with his silver hair. Her father said that it made him appear to be wise. Leia thought that it made him look odd.

"Well let's get lunch and go tell Luke what's going on." Leia said.

Luke nearly laughed when Leia told him about Isolder.

"This isn't a laughing matter Luke." Leia said.

"Maybe you should just tell them that you are already married." Luke said. "It certainly would take the pressure off of you to marry."

Leia fell back in her chair.

"I would either get pressured into getting a divorce or be forced into having my vows renewed in a ceremony befitting a princess." Leia said. "Besides they shouldn't be trying to marry me off."

Luke nodded in agreement.

"So you are still going to show him some of the sights tomorrow?' Han asked.

"I said I would, with some of the students." Leia said with a smile.

Leia woke early and prepared for the long day ahead of her.

She packed everything that they could possibly need.

Finally she made her way, with Bail, to the Jixton/Scifi quarters to pick up Ahsoka, Ailyn and Denis Jixton.

Ailyn shrieked when she saw Bail.

"Sorry," Ahsoka said as she straightened Denis's robes. "She asked all day yesterday for Bail and because I saw Han was back I knew you wanted to spend some time with him." She explained.

Leia nodded.

"I heard about yesterday." Ahsoka said, as she set up the triple hover stroller.

Leia sighed.

"I am almost tempted to tell them that I am married just to stop the Alderaanian Council from sending me more suitors." Leia admitted as she placed Bail in one of the seats and Ailyn in the one next to him

"Do you want to ride?" Ahsoka asked three year old Denis. Denis shook his head. Ahsoka sighed. "If you get tired let mommy know." Ahsoka said as she put Denis's cloak in the cargo hold of the hover stroller.

Leia took the helm of the stroller and walked down the hall with Ahsoka.

"Have you decided on a name yet?" Leia asked Ahsoka. Ahsoka shook her head. "He would like to name the baby after your father but I already have an Anakin and I would like to name the little one after Master Plo or Master Ti. The problem is that there are grazers on Naboo called shaaks and the name Plo doesn't feel right."

"I am confidant that you will settle on a name, you did the same with Ailyn and Denis." Leia said. "Besides Annika is a good name."

Ahsoka smiled.

"I'll run it past Jix tonight." she said as they reached the dormitory.

Inside fifteen orphans stood, or were held, ready for their outing. Even the hover strollers were set up.

Leia smiled.

"Are you ready?" she asked. They nodded. "Okay, let's get going."

The children eagerly grabbed their cloaks and stood before Leia and Ahsoka.

"Three toddlers, six four year olds, two five year olds, one six year, and three eight year olds." Ahsoka said.

Leia turned to the being that stood in the corner. "Come with us, the more eyes the better." She said. The being moved out of the corner and observed as they placed the three toddlers in the hover strollers.

"Okay follow me." Leia said as she led the way out of the dormitory and to the Hanger.

Once in the Hanger she helped them board a shuttle bus.

"500 Republica." she told the droid pilot.

""Master Leia, why are we going to 500 Republica?" a twi'lek named Numa asked. "We are going to be picking up Prince Isolder of the Hapes Cluster." she said. "We are going to show him some of the sights of Coruscant." she explained.

The older children gasped.

"Because we will be with a prince you all need to be on your best behavior." Ahsoka said

The shuttle bus stopped at the entrance and Leia got out.

It didn't take her long to find Isolder.

He stood out like a sore thumb, surrounded by guards.

"Your Highness, we are ready and waiting." She said when she had approached him.

He turned and smiled.

"Lead the way Princess," he said.

Leia headed back to the shuttle bus with Isolder and his five guards in tow.

All of the children backed away from the shuttle bus entrance at the sight of the guards.

"Where to?" the pilot droid asked.

"The Republic Galactic Zoo." Leia said.

"Why there?" Isolder asked.

"I figured that there are many creatures that you haven't seen and it will be great for the children to see some of the creatures they might meet in the galaxy." Leia said.

"I doubt that the toddlers will remember this trip." Isolder said.

"I remember my mother, and she died shortly after I was born." Leia said. "I can even recall some Senate meetings including Palpatine declaring the Republic an Empire."

Isolder shifted. He had never met a woman in his life that had such a clear memory. It unnerved him but also it intrigued him.

Finally the shuttle bus arrived at the massive zoo.

"You do realize that we'll never be able to visit all of the animals?" Isolder asked as the disembarked. "I know," Leia said. "But the kids won't care." Ahsoka said as she gave Leia a hover stroller containing Ailyn and Bail.

They visited the felines of th galaxy at the request of Torg, a kaylan.

Bail whimpered when the Nexu hissed at them.

"My mother was nearly eaten by a nexu." Leia commented to the children. "Just before the First Battle of Geonosis, right?" Tera, a human asked. "That's correct Tera." Ahsoka said as she led the way to the smaller felines.

Inside a building Leia observed several Meer, small mammals native to a world that she couldn't pronounce.

They were quite cute and the children enjoyed putting their hands on the glass for the creatures to 'sniff'. Several of the meer threw themselves at the glass causing the children to shriek.

From there they traveled to an aquarium.

The children gasped at the sight of hundreds of thousands of fishes and other sea creatures. Leia smiled.

They joined a tour group and slowly made their way through the aquarium.

After the aquarium they left the zoo, much to the disappointed of the children.

They re-boarded their shuttle bus and headed for the CoCo District.

"What's here?" Isolder asked, curious. "Lunch." Leia answered.

The shuttle bus landed and parked in a space and Leia led the group of people out and into a nearby restaurant. A huge Besalisk turn when he heard the door chime.

"Leia, Ahsoka it's been too long." The besalisk said.

Leia smiled.

"Hello Dex." She said.

"Take a seat and I'll be with you in a moment." Dex said.

Leia and Ahsoka led the children to a large table in the back of the diner and began the process of settling everyone in.

Bail screamed, upset about his nap being interrupted and hungry.

Leia sighed as she placed him in one of the infant seats a waitress droid brought over.

"Lunch is coming," she told him.

A high pitched wail caused her to turn to see that Ailyn was also upset about something.

It took some time but soon they were all settled in. And the younger children were enjoying their sliders.

"So who's this?" Dex asked as he sat down.

"Dex this is Prince Isolder of the Hapes Cluster. Your Highness this is Dex an old friend of the Jedi." she said.

Dex laughed.

"Never had royalty in my diner before. Had Jedi, a few senators and maybe a criminal lord." Dex said thoughtfully.

"Why not take him to a fancy restaurant?" Dex asked. Leia laughed. "Could you imagine Ahsoka and I going to a fancy restaurant with eighteen children?" Dex laughed. "With lungs like those two have you would probably be asked to leave."

Isolder chuckled softly. It was an amusing image.

He was surprised that the lunch was delicious.

The children told Dex all about their day and Dex told them about some of his adventures in the Outer Rim and Wild Space.

One thing that puzzled Isolder is the cloaked being never sat down, let alone ate.

"I think we should head home." Ahsoka said. "I know all we visited was a zoo but the children are worn out and still need to go through their exercises."

"Let's visit the Peace Monument then head home." Leia suggested.

Ahsoka bit her lip.

"Alright." she said, stood and started to place the smaller children back in the hover strollers.

"Use the refresher." She told the older children.

She paid Dex and they boarded the shuttle bus.

"The Peace Monument." Ahsoka told the droid.

It was peaceful at the monument.

Leia sighed with relief.

It was going fine, until Leia's danger sense went off.

Se reached for her lightsaber and deflected several blaster bolts.

Leia would have given chase but panic had broken out.

The day got longer after that.

Leia viewed security holos and tried to determine who had been the target in the group. She came up empty handed.

Finally they were told that they could leave.

"I'm sorry about this afternoon." Leia told Isolder as the shuttle bus stopped at 500 Republica.

"It is fine. I learned a lot about you today and I look forward to getting to know you better." He said with a grin.

Leia mentally groaned.

"I'll see you later, your Highness." Leia said.

She made sure that all of them left before telling the droid to head back to the Temple.

Isolder paced in front of the Alderaanian Council.

"She won't let me court her! She's always bringing Jedi children with her or fellow knights. How can I convince her to marry me when we are never alone?"

"I think I know how you can win her affections." A grossly fat human said.

"What?" Isolder asked, curious.

"I had it arranged for Captain Solo to land his ship the Millennium Falcon a distance away from the Jedi Temple. In three days time she will be leaving to visit her family on Naboo. All you have to do is corner her before she leaves and commit an Honor Abduction." The hutt like human explained.

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