Allegiance is a vow at a father's deathbed

to old ways remain true.

Allegiance is joined hands on a wedding day

to make one flesh of two.


Allegiance is a Dark Mark's summons

to answer the Master's call.

Allegiance is a lie for the greater good

to stand while others fall.


Allegiance is the profitable use of time

to build and plan and wait.

Allegiance is obedience to a returned Lord

to fight prophecy and fate.


Allegiance is imprisonment in Azkaban

to atone for failure with pain.

Allegiance is a family held captive

to grovel for favour in vain.


Allegiance is a choice on a battlefield

to save an only son.

Allegiance is a grudging debt

to enemies when war is done.


Allegiance is the hope of the future.

A marriage, a birth, a boy.

A new Dark Lord in the making.

My grandson. Scorpius Malfoy.



A/N: Readers of Our Little Secret and its sequel have wondered why Lucius acts the way he does. Now you know. :D If anyone wonders when the next chapter of Lost will post, I'm hoping for Friday the 21st. Tomorrow I'll post a James/Lily fic that should have posted at Christmas-but that's an another story. ;) Thanks for reading this one!