All characters © Amano Akira

Summary: A series of points, secrets, and little things that no one in the Vongola's really stopped to notice over the years. If they had, they'd probably scream.

Enumerated: We are the Mafia

8 times Hibari Kyouya didn't care


1. It had just been one of those things, those little things that suggested the general populace was out to make his job even more difficult. That irksome dynamite herbivore hadn't even been supposed to be training anywhere near school grounds. But that guy always had little respect for the rules, and one of his dynamite sticks had misfired during his training. Chrome Dokuro had simply been in the wrong place at the wrong time. If Hibari hadn't moved her out of the way and stopped the explosion, it would have damaged Namimori's baseball outfield and her guts would have been troublesome to clean up. Afterward the girl had thanked him for saving her and had planted a quick kiss on his cheek. It had been the first time a woman (or anyone, actually) had ever had the gall to touch him in such a way. It wasn't too much of a terrible experience, as things turned out. But Hibari didn't really care.

2. Sawada Tsunayoshi, the grass-chewing part-time herbivore, had had the stupidity to come to school with the flu last January. He'd bumped into Hibari in the hallway, which meant certain death for sure for walking in his line of fire. Instead of the usual quavering "hee! Hibari-san's gonna kill me!" there was only a dull, disinterested, "sorry, Hibari-san." Hibari had stared at Tsunayoshi with his eyes narrowed for a good minute before placing a hand on the other's forehead. Then, with a flat remark on how Namimori wasn't a petri dish, Hibari had sent Tsunayoshi home with a dismissal slip. The herbivore had been burning up. But it was Sawada's own fault if he was too stupid to go to the doctor; Hibari didn't really care.

3. The briefing of Operation CEDEF. Hibari took pride in the fact that he was smarter than most of the herbivores in Sawada's family, and that he had more common sense that the other ones. During the meeting, Sawada had asked him a question regarding his predictions on the Cervello's weaponry. It had been simple. Not only had Hibari not known the answer, but the sloth of the Varia had decided to answer for him. Correctly. Tsunayoshi had stammered a quiet, "thank you, Belphegor," to which the latter grinned like a whale and Hibari tried not to fume at his momentary loss of cognitive function. But Hibari didn't really care.

4. In 2014, the Namimori Board of Health decided to demolish Kokuyo Land. Sawada Tsunayoshi, now in full command of the Vongola, could have easily provided Kokuyo's inhabitants with proper lodgings and financial support. But Rokudo Mukuro, believing that he and his cohorts didn't need "outside help," decided to hide the fact from the Vongola that they were currently homeless and artfully lied about their situation. Hibari just happened to be there, a few months down the road, when Tsunayoshi forcibly brought Mukuro and co. to the Vongola headquarters in Japan. They had been living in the underpass of the Namimori bridge; all weighed less that 50 kilos, Ken had pneumonia, and Rokudo Mukuro himself was too malnourished to do much but sleep for the next few weeks. It was a sorry sight indeed, and anyone else would have felt pity. But Hibari didn't really care.

5. Hibari stared at his paper with an expression that differed little from the pernicious scowl he usually wore. He had failed his biology test. It was difficult to believe, considering he lectured the student body on a quotidian basis apropos the food chain and the power of the apex predators. Obviously, something had gone wrong with the exam. Maybe the teacher did not understand that carnivores would rule the world one day. But Hibari didn't really care.

6. Dino Cavallone, suffering from a katana wound, was lying in the hospital bed with a punctured lung, multiple infections, and internal bleeding. The katana had been laced with a deadly combination of mild poison and more bacteria than a septic tank; for a while it had been touch and go. Sawada had not slept in two days, and the loud Varia commander was poorly disguising the fact that he was a nervous wreck. Even the Baby was unusually silent. After half a week Dino had finally woken up, and when the Baby told him the news Hibari had merely shrugged. If the Bucking Horse had died, it would have only meant one less sparring partner, he told himself. Because Hibari didn't really care.

7. Hibari had been the butt of many jokes at Vongola parties regarding his "abstemious" drinking habits. It was no secret that he could not hold his alcohol thanks to that get-together following Sawada's inheritance (which Hibari would rather not discuss for the sake of his dignity). Unfortunately, this provoked an array of jokes, jibes, and imitations regarding Hibari's low tolerance for drink. When it came to parties, heck, Sawada Tsunayoshi himself had the gall to smile along and laugh with the others, albeit behind one hand to anticipate any incoming tonfa. Even Leon seemed to be grinning at Hibari. But let them jeer all they want; Hibari didn't really care.

8. Namimori graduation. The BOE had allowed him to stay as a prefect until he was nineteen because he had insisted that the school needed more discipline. But once Hibari turned twenty, they could allow him to stay no longer and suggested he graduate with the current senior class. So he did, complete with a parting speech, graduating robe, and his indelible imprint on Namimori high. He would have had to leave sometime, and the Baby had once told him that every man must sacrifice the thing he loves at one point or another. Namimori would be a part of him forever, so it wasn't like he was really leaving, per se. Just moving on. It was simply a building, after all.

But Hibari didn't really care.