The last survivor

A Left 4 Dead FanFiction

A.N. I love zombies so, why not?

Don't let the title fool you, there will be people in this.

Every guy's dream is to have a zombie apocalypse so I'm gonna write mine down. (Well most of it at least XD)

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Let's give it a shot

Day of first infection…

"Local police have sealed off the area in a quarantine, and are about to make an attempt to enter the building and evacuate any citizens still inside." A news women spoke to a camera broadcasting live while standing in front of an apartment building. "We're only about twenty feet away now, I'm going to try and see if we can get a word from the chief."

The news women ran to a tall, heavy set man in a chief of police uniform barking orders at the other officers. "Chief may we please get a statement from you?"

The chief turned to her and said, "There have been several 911 calls from this building all saying the same thing." He stated, "There's some type of psychopath inside there murdering and cannibalizing innocent people, now if you'll excuse-" The chief tried to state but was cut off by a blood curdling scream and gunfire.

A swat officer fell out of the main entrance with another man on top of him biting into his elbow. The camera man dropped his camera…

3 days after first infection…

On the fox news channel Glenn Beck, wearing his standard show clothing was live broadcasting about the most recent viral outbreak in our community.

"They're fast, and are obviously displaying cannibalistic qualities. But the most notable factor about this whole epidemic is that this virus was originally constructed as a weapon. It kinda makes you think about what our government was really working on right?" He stated staring into the camera before the theme music started and the program went to commercial.

1 week after first infection…

The O'reily factor was broadcasting about the same virus that was destroying our country.

"This virus is spreading faster then anyone could've anticipated, but the infection thankfully doesn't spread through the air. It appears to spread through bites, when a carrier of the virus mutates into a flesh eating zombie. A type of venom is added into they're system, and it only seems to emerge from they're body when they bite. Thereby transferring the virus to the next person. That definitely explains why it spread so fast."

11 days after first infection…

One man was standing in front of a news desk looking directly into the camera, he was wearing black dress pants, and a white button up shirt which made a wire leading up to a microphone on his neck clearly visible.

"I don't know…if there is anything left. Out of all the military bases that were rumored to be safe, I have no idea if there are even any still running. But regardless, I've made the decision to leave the studio and try to make it to one. They promised food, medical care, and protection, which we all know is bullshit but at this point, honestly what choice do we all have." He paused, "The last few broadcasts we received stated that the infected must be shot in the head to be killed, and also there were reports that some zombies have mutated, giving them different appearances and ability's, I haven't seen them and I hope I never do...but regardless I'll be transferring the signal to the emergency broadcast system before I leave, if there is anybody watching this…"

He then approached the camera and was only a few inches away from the lens, "You're not alone." He pulled the plug on the camera and after a few moments of static it flickered over to the Emergency Broadcast System, and it has stayed like that ever since.

2 weeks after first infection…

Yeah I remember those first two weeks, sitting with my dad glued to the T.V. watching the coverage of all those virus broadcasts. Thinking this was just some more swine flu crap that would die out in a few days. Too bad I didn't realize that I was about to watch my family be slaughtered by the infected.

My name is Kyle, I'm only fifteen years old, six feet tall (no bullshit) I have dark brown hair, brown eyes, and I'm the last survivor of a brutal plague that found it's way to my home.

On day eight of the outbreak the infected found their way to my house, my parents were out trying to get food which was in fact difficult to do, most of the stores all around the town had closed down do to the sickness, and it was just me and my two sisters sitting in the living room, Haley, and Tawnee. Haley who stood at 5'6 had long red hair green eyes, was dressed in her GameStop work uniform (obviously because she worked there) was sitting in the rocking chair playing Fallout: New Vegas. While Tawnee who stood at 5'7 also had red hair but it was tied into a pony tail, brown eyes with glasses and was dressed in her favorite black bathrobe, with a yellow tank top underneath, blue jeans, and was playing the Sims 2 on the computer. All the while I was sitting on the couch wearing a blue T-shirt that had a stick figure running away from a cop car on it that said, it's all fun and games until the cops show up, light blue jeans, and I had my grandfathers green and black watch around my right wrist, whilewatching Haley play the game. Completely oblivious to the fact that I was about to lose them both.

"You nasty little flee bitten whore!" Haley shouted at her own character as every shot she fired in vat mode missed a powder ganger.

I tried not to laugh, because if anybody made fun of Haley while she was playing Fallout, there would be hell to pay.

All of the sudden there was a knock at the door, but not necessarily a knock. It was more like a thud, as if something just fell onto the door.

"You'll get it." I said to Tawnee who looked back at me angrily for a second but then sluggishly stood up and walked over to the door.

She opened it and what she saw caused her jaw to drop. There was a man who smashed through the glass screen door, his skin was very pale, and he had dry blood covering his mouth.

"Oh my god." She said and before she could react he lunged at her, trying to bite into her left forearm.

She screamed and fell to the floor and he quickly latched onto her while she was down, and bit into her wrist.

Haley threw her controller to the floor and ran over to the struggle, me following closely behind. She immediately threw herself against the man trying to get him off her sister. However this only caused him to whirl around and bite into Haley's shoulder.

I pulled the flip knife I always carry with me out from my pocket and rammed it into the forehead of their attacker. He instantly dropped to the floor dead.

However my sisters were still in bad condition, their wounds were bleeding furiously and they were dripping a sickly purplish liquid.

Immediately we ran to the bathroom ignoring the fact that there was a body in the middle of our kitchen. Haley and Tawnee ran the cold water over their wounds as I dug through the closet looking for medical supplies.

I pulled out from the closet two face cloths, and a box of bandages. They each snatched a face cloth from me, soaked it, then pressed it over their wounds trying to wipe some of the blood away.

After we applied the bandages, I ran into my room, got my cell phone out and called my parents. After I told them what had happened they were home within the next ten minutes.

The sight of their children in so much pain wasn't easy for them, and over the course of the next few hours we were left with agonizing amounts of helplessness. Watching my sisters cringe and cry over the pain they were going through and knowing there was nothing I could do about it was more then I could bare.

After four hours of suffering my sister Haley died from the infection, then an hour later Tawnee fell asleep and didn't wake up.

It only took a few moments after we discovered Tawnee had died for Haley to spring back to life and attack us. She latched onto me and tried to bite into my neck, but before she could my dad plunged a fire poker into the back of her head. Blood spurted out from her skull and narrowly missed my face.

After we got her off me, we knew Tawnee would rise up soon. She would try to kill us, all because of a bite…just one bite.

We covered Haley's body with her bed sheets then my dad stood over Tawnee's body and waited for her to rise. He was standing there for a good forty five minutes before she finally opened her eyes. He didn't hesitate, and he rammed the fire poker into her head.

We buried them in the backyard the following day to the best of our ability. My mom was crying the whole time.

Two days later we were doing our best to seal up our house. My dad had a lot of wooden planks in the garage with plenty of tools we could use to fortify our home.

My home was a large red house that had two floors, a basement floor and a main one. The basement was basically a second house, there was a living room, kitchen, two bedrooms, and a bathroom. But it also lead to the boiler room, laundry room, and garage. While the main floor was a very spacious house that we primarily used, and it was very exposed with a large front room window, and flimsy glass screen doors at all entrances of the house.

Me and my parents did our best to barricade the doors with every piece of wood that we could find, and we did okay for a while. Until my mother went out to the porch to get a few more boards for the front room window while me and dad were currently working on it, I will never forget the blood curdling scream I heard from her.

Me and dad both whirled around and bolted to the porch, dad picked up the fire poker on the way. Once we got outside something had grabbed mom. But not arms, it looked like a tentacle. It pulled her off the porch and onto the ground and began to drag her behind our next door neighbors house.

Dad ran to the edge of the porch, then turned to me and shouted, "I have to go get her, stay here and do NOT leave this house!" He then jumped off the porch and ran in the direction where mom was pulled.

I never saw them again…

Those were the first ten days of the outbreak for me. I never thought such devastation would ever find my house, not my family.

It's been two weeks since the first infection, and I'm alone.

Following all the advice and instructions my father gave me in order to survive life after life on earth. I barricaded every door and window in the house, not with just boards, but with anything I could prop up against the entrances. Chairs, tables, furnishings, everything.

I try to keep every light in my house off except for the room I'm currently in, if I just left every light on then I might as well hang a flashing neon light sign up on my roof that says, I'm in here!

I also haven't left the house for the last four days, like my dad told me. I won't leave the house unless I have no choice. Even though I feel safe sometimes, I can't deny what has happened. The infected wander around outside every day, just one wrong move and they'll all know I'm in here.

I've been left alone to deal with these creatures, I've been left for dead.