The last survivor

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Kyle's P.O.V.

26 days after first infection…

My eyes slowly drifted open to stare up at the dark ceiling above me. Upon trying to open them any further than they were made me realize how exhausted I was. The long night of passion shared between me and the petite pale girl beside me must've had it's effects on me.

Speaking of which I rolled onto my side to look at my lover Gabbi. She was sleeping like a baby, snuggled up next to my side. Her beautiful face looked so content and at peace.

I love her.

Slowly draping my arm around her body and pressing our nude forms gently together more, I closed my eyes again and drifted back into sleep.

3rd. Person. P.O.V.

Little did he know what was occurring above ground outside the saferoom. A figure shrouded by a dark blue hoodie covered in dry blood and grime sat in a crouched position, quietly growling as it inhaled the scent of pheromones.

Several hours later, beneath the saferooms floor Kyle had fully awoken then got dressed in the same clothes he had down in the basement. He then sat by Gabbi's side waiting for her golden eyes to slowly peek open. He always found her sleeping for to be adorable so he didn't mind simply sitting and waiting for her to wake up.

Eventually Gabbi stirred making a soft cooing sound and opened her eyes to see her brown haired lover sitting a few feet away. A smile instantly made it's way across her face as she weakly waved at him, still too sleepy to move.

He smiled back at her, "Morning Gabbi." Kyle said leaning over to lightly kiss her on the forehead. "Listen, I'm gonna go upstairs to talk to the girls about what's going on ok?" Suddenly Gabbi propped herself up on her elbow at that with an expression of slight confusion and tilted her head. "The girl who just showed up earlier, I have to explain a few things to her ok?" The infected girl's expression then changed to what looked a little angry and she shook her head no. Kyle rolled his eyes, he wondered if she would always be the jealous type. "Don't worry, I hate her just as much as you do, but I couldn't just let her die out there. She might've done that to me but I won't do the same to her."

Slowly the infected girls expression softened again and she exhaled out her nose heavily showing her relent. After that she pushed up with her arms letting the blanket covering her fall, revealing her pale doll like form. Kyle stole a quick glance at her body but then smiled and shook his head, there were more pressing matters at hand rather than having another romp with his girlfriend. Although he would greatly prefer that.

"C'mon let's get you dressed." He said as he offered his hand to Gabbi helping her stand to her feet.

Meanwhile upstairs the girl formerly known as Christina; Daisy rested slumped up against the wall of the saferoom. She couldn't sleep a wink, after what had just happened she didn't know how the girl sleeping on the table top Zayna was able to.

"How the flying fuck did he keep that Witch calm?" Daisy thought to herself, "She was so close to killing me but…Kyle he…" She could barley contain her massive guilt over what had happened before. It plagued her mind ever since the moment it happened, it was only a few days ago but it felt like she had been stuck with that group of men for years.

They had gotten a hold of her a week after the infection broke out, and initially planned to make her their little sex slave. And at first she thought that if she lied and told them she was a virgin maybe they were find some humanity.

But that move only seemed to excite them more, and in the heat of the moment, while two of them held her down and the third was forcing her clothes off she screamed out that she would do absolutely anything they wanted. Including helping them capture survivors.

They hesitated at that, for ever since the outbreak began they had become a group of bandits. Trying to kill other people for the supplies they had on them, but being a burly group of men. Luring people into their trap wasn't the easiest thing, so the idea was hatched that if they had a pretty lady out asking for help. Anyone would follow her to right where they wanted.

Daisy was released from the hold, but she couldn't escape their grasp. They gave her a route to follow which she would use to bring back innocent travelers, and only a short distance away one of the men would follow her to make sure she was doing her job right.

Most of the people that she encountered were men that she had to seduce in order to gain their trust. She didn't have sex with them, but more like she teased them. As if she was promising they would do it when they were out of the infected's kill zones. That's why she didn't feel much guilt in doing it, the three people she lured to their doom only wanted to get between her legs. And even though it was being an accomplice to murder, she always said to herself.

"Better them, then me."

Then Kyle ran past her saferoom.

A teenager, younger than herself just scared for his life running from the infected. At first it was the same routine, bring him in then act like you're attracted to him and you want him bad. But when he responded shyly and not like a horny pervert that wanted to be in her pants, everything changed. She saw something in him that was different.

Innocence. That she was about to take right to it's death.

How they interacted along the way was something that had become foreign to her. Instead of drooling all over her, he treated her like you would a friend. She could tell he had a crush on her, but in all honesty after the wine they shared that one night. She started to feel the same for him.

He had even saved her life once, when that massive horde chased them down the street. If he didn't pull her into that dumpster, she knew that she'd probably be dead. That's why when they made it to the fake evac site, she hesitated. She could remember it still so clearly as if it was an hour ago.

4 days ago

"Maybe we shouldn't do this."

"She speaks! Why not?"

"Because look around Kyle, there was obviously a massacre here. Do we even have to bother with looking inside?"

"We have to at least check, I mean if the military really is in there just hiding, we've got to find them. We have to try."

She continued to stare at the ground and her confused expression looked like it was starting to become saddened and pained.

"Christina…what's wrong?"


She could've told him, she could've just said they needed to make a run for it. Maybe they could've gotten away before the bandits inside were able to come after them. But she gave into fear, and lead him inside. And what happened after that was an image burned into her mind.

They beat him took his weapons, kicked him, made him bleed and beg her for help. And even though just moments before he had kissed her and confessed how he felt, all she did was stand there.

He escaped, narrowly but he still managed to get out of there leaving her to be disgusted with herself. His face, the look of betrayal in his eyes killed her and it was all she thought about. She couldn't eat, she barely slept, the realization of what she had been doing was finally beginning to catch up to her. And it was more then enough.

When the time came for her to go back to the capture point, as the bandits called it she planned to run. So the night before, she snatched the bags they took from Kyle and took off while they slept.

Daisy knew they would look for her so she circled around the warehouse they stayed in in hopes that they wouldn't be able to track her. But she encountered numerous infected along the way, while she cut through building after building getting more beat up every time but thankfully not bitten.

Eventually she reached the saferoom, where the last person she expected to see was. She found Kyle.

The rest was what she was trying to get a grasp on, Kyle had apparently survived with just his flip knife, befriended a Witch, and was hold up in this saferoom.

As if everything she had been through was hard to believe enough.

Suddenly she heard the sound of footsteps approaching from outside the room. Instantly she sat bolt upright and looked towards the door. She could hear a faint whisper, "I promise I won't be long ok? Just stay here for one minute alright? Ok." She recognized Kyle's voice and assumed that he was talking to the infected girl.

He was actually TALKING to an infected girl.

The sound of a door clicking shut was heard and not even five seconds after the man she betrayed was standing in the door way, eyes locked on her. He was wearing a new pair of jeans and a short sleeved button up blue shirt.

Chills cooled her body in anticipation for what he was going to say, he was obviously angry. He had to be, only a crazy person wouldn't be infuriated with what she had done.

But instead of saying a word to her, he walked right past her to Zayna still sound asleep on the table. He then reached out and gently shook the girl. "Zayna, wake up." He spoke in a normal volume voice.

"Hm?" She responded and rolled over to look at the person waking her from her slumber.

"C'mon you gotta wake up we have a lot to discuss." He said then moved away from the girl over towards a switch on the wall.

Once Zayna was sitting upwards he flicked the switch up flooding the room with white light. "Ow!" The force of the lights jolting the still groggy girl fully awake, "a little warning next time jackass." She spoke her mind.

Kyle turned to the two girls still half covered in sleeping bags and started the conversation each of them were dreading, "If we're all gonna be staying here we're gonna need to lay out a couple ground rules now."

Daisy got to her feet, "Ok." She said aloud.

Kyle shot her a look that almost made her recoil, she took that as a signal for, 'shut up until I say so.' And she shrank under his gaze, something was different about him. She couldn't tell what it was yet but he didn't give off the same innocence she felt when they first met.

"Daisy…" He said almost hesitantly as if he was trying to get use to the name, "As you can see the Witch we have here doesn't like you very much. So it would probably be best if you just stayed out of her way, and no offense Zayna but while we're on the subject of Gabbi it would probably be best if you and me kept our distance too cause she is definitely the jealous type." He said calmly speaking in a set tone.

Both girls just nodded in response, Zayna felt that she could maybe start a friendship of some sorts with the Witch since she was able to interact with her before. But she remembered Gabbi showing signs of possessiveness whenever she was close to him, so she didn't argue at all. "Sounds fair to me." She said, Daisy remained silent.

Then Kyle's eyes once again turned to the eyes of the girl who left him for dead. The stare he gave her was surprisingly not filled with anger or rage of any kind, it was full of emptiness and it sent shivers up her spine.

For what felt like forever silence rang out in the saferoom, you could literally feel the tension between those two survivors. And poor Zayna was awkwardly caught right in the middle of it.

Finally mustering up the courage to speak, Daisy said in a voice barely above a whisper, "I'm so sorry."

"Why don't you start off by telling me what the fuck happened?" Kyle said immediately after the petite girl spoke, not even acknowledging her words.

She bit her lip, once she explained everything maybe Kyle would be less harsh on her. Not that she deserved it, she knew what she had done wasn't really able to be forgiven but maybe after he knew the truth he would at least not hate her.

"…Ok…" She took a deep breath, "What happened was…" And she went off explaining everything she had mentally rehearsed in her head just moments ago. Her kidnapping, the deal she made, and then their time together. Her voice trembled at some parts with tears stinging the corners of her eyes but she swallowed the lump in her throat and blinked them back. Just saying everything that happened out loud made her feel sick, it was all a lose, lose situation. But the way she chose to lose caused Kyle to nearly get killed.

His expression was unmoving as she talked, and he barley blinked. Those dark brown eyes burning into her soul as her words registered in his mind. Several things happened that made Kyle almost recoil in shock but he kept his composure, he wouldn't show any form of remorse or guilt for her.

Zayna listened intently to the smaller girl, she sat absentmindedly swinging her legs back and forth over the edge of the table. Her story was a sad one but she wasn't really fazed, some messed up shit happened to her too, in fact at the end of the world messed up shit happens to everyone in the zombie apocalypse.

"…and then I found you in the alleyway…" She finally finished telling her story, and waited for his unrelenting gaze to change. She looked back up at him since she was staring at the floor through the majority of the time she spoke, unable to face his stare. Her eyes were welling up with tears that threatened to pour out at any given moment, and her lips trembled as she tried to keep her whimpers contained.

Finally he looked away, "Like I said, if you're gonna stay here there are gonna be some boundaries that you will not cross." He spoke firmly, "Number one if you bring what happened at the warehouse up again, I'm going to flip shit on you. Second, if you give me any reason…ANY reason at all" He said drawing out the 'a' sound, "to believe that you'll pull a stunt like that again, and I will disembowel you. And I will not need the infected's help to do it." Kyle's eyes remained on Daisy who just nodded weakly in response. "And lastly, remember what I told Zayna? That goes double for you."

Continuing to just nod at his words, everyone fell silent at that. Finally they had gotten past the part of the conversation everyone had been dreading, now it was time for the awkward part. Where do they go from here?

Zayna slowly clapped her hands together after about a half minute of silence then whispered, "Oh this is uncomfortable." She then hopped off the table and made a move to walk past Kyle into the kitchen area, "I'm gonna get myself some breakfast."

Before she past by him though he put a hand on her shoulder stopping her, "Before you do that you should know that I'm going outside again for a minute." Daisy suddenly perked up at that and Zayna looked a mixture of shocked and confused.

"What, why?" She asked.

Kyle kept a reassuring hold on the girls shoulder, "Relax, I'm taking Gabbi with me and I'll only be a few minutes. The last time I was out there I dropped the first-aid kit I wanted to bring back, with any luck it'll be just sitting out there in the street waiting for me to come get it."

For a minute Zayna thought about arguing but knew that it would be pointless. Especially after the conversation that was just had, he seemed to be set in what he was doing so she might as well just make sure he was prepared. "Take a weapon or something, and make it quick alright? I don't like you going out there even with Gabbi."

He released her from his hold and nodded, "I will." He said with a reassuring smile, and without another word turned around to return to his infected girlfriend in the clothing storeroom.

When he entered the room, he was actually surprised to see Gabbi not waiting by the door. She was staring off into space in the middle of the room. "Gabbi?" Kyle called out and instantly she looked over her shoulder and smiled at the sight of him. Her mate returned the smile as she trotted over to him clad in her new ripped shirt and underwear. Kyle had tried to put her in a white tank top but she once again ripped off the mid section, still acting uncomfortable when it covered her skin.

Kyle took hold of her arms before she could embrace him, fearing that she would jump on him again before he could say anything. "Gabbi, we've got something to do now before we lose any more time." She tilted her head at that still wearing her warm smile. "Remember how I dropped the first-aid box outside on the last run we did? Well I wanna go out and get it as quick as we can. So do you wanna come with me?" As if he even needed to ask, she nodded instantly.

A few minutes later the couple exited the clothes room and headed towards the exit of the saferoom. Kyle held Gabbi's hand tightly as they walked out for fear of his girlfriend spotting their new roommate and losing her shit again. But he was pleasantly surprised to find only Zayna in the kitchen ripping open a mini box of cereal.

She spotted the two and answered their question before it was even asked, "She started crying the second you left the room so I told her to just take a shower and try to calm down. She's in there now." She gestured to the bathroom. The man looked towards the closed door and saw the light shining beneath it but didn't hear the water running. He shrugged she can take her sweet time in there, the less Gabbi interacts with her the better. "Just please hurry up out there, I don't wanna sound like your mom but make it quick and take a gun. The bags Daisy brought back are in there." She pointed to the graffiti room and Kyle smiled at her.

"Thanks for worrying Zayna, and I will." He said and both left her to her own affairs.

Before he allowed Gabbi to enter the graffiti room he switched the light that had been left on off, returning the room to it's previous grey state. Light still hurt his Witch so he had to remind everyone later to keep the lights off in order to not piss off his girlfriend.

Quickly Kyle found the bags Daisy brought back with her and immediately recognized them as his. The white duffle bag he took from his home looked almost as if he'd never lost it, his old black school backpack, and the other bags belonged to the girl.

As he unzipped the duffle and began to feel around inside it a strange feeling of nostalgia hit him, everything was still there; his guns, the food, the fire poker, everything he took from his old home, nothing appeared to be missing.

There wasn't any time to reminisce now though, he wanted to just get this over and done with while it was still daytime. After that the door would shut again and he was going to make it a point for it to stay that way for a long time.

His fingers finally made contact with the metallic grip of his Beretta 9mm pistol, and once he tugged it out of the bag he felt an odd sense of power back in his body. For the longest time he's only had his trusty flip knife, and some melee weapons. It had been several days since he had a gun, so it felt nice to finally be armed and dangerous again. He ejected the magazine to find it almost fully loaded and tucked it into his front pants pocket, he figured that since he wouldn't be out there long and Gabbi would be with him that's all he would need so he only took one other extra magazine of ammo and his flip knife still tucked in his back pocket.

It almost felt foreign feeling like he was prepared for an attack, but not in a bad way. As long as they didn't encounter a massive horde they would be good. So once again he interlocked his fingers between Gabbi's clawed digits, and looked right at her, "close your eyes when I first open the door that should help."

She nodded and did as he said the moment his free hand grasped the saferoom doorknob. Then with a twist and push the door opened letting in the bright light poor in from outside. Gabbi jolted from the force of the brightness that actually surprised Kyle too, it was a strangely sunny day. He could barely remember the exact date but he knew that when he left his home it was late October, so it being almost a month since then it had to be mid to late November. That explains the cold whether but the sun was out anyways for a change.

The Witch's grip tightened on Kyle's hand cutting him slightly but he simply grit his teeth and swallowed the pain. If she could deal with the light he can deal with a few tiny cuts, so he squeezed her hand back and pulled her close to him. Allowing her to bury her face into his chest while he shut the door behind him, he didn't know how long it would take her to get use to the brighter yellow light but as long as it was hurting her he would let her stay molded to him.

"It's ok baby, take your time." He whispered to her trying to be comforting, but she still clung to him like Velcro. They literally took baby steps through the alley and she remained hidden in Kyle's chest. About five minutes had passed before the had reached the end of the alleyway and made it to the street.

Kyle could literally see the little white box only about twenty yards away, caught in the midst of the continuing rotting carcasses of dead humans and infected. But things weren't getting any easier for Gabbi, the pain in her body was searing and she couldn't bare the sun any more. So almost unwillingly she let out a high pitched yelp and broke away from her lover to run to the building closest to them. It was tall enough to shield her from the suns rays based on the angle it was at.

Right away Kyle followed her as she slumped against the brick of the building her chest heaving heavily, finally feeling relief from the burn that flared all over her flesh.

"Are you ok?" Kyle asked panicky, Gabbi nodded weakly in response she just couldn't bare the light anymore. "Ok you're not going out in the light again, you stay in the shade I'll go get the-" a whimper from Gabbi cut him off. He could tell she only acted on instinct, and that she still wanted to go out there with him. But he couldn't watch her be in pain like that again, he would rather have left the saferoom by himself. "I'm sorry but that's final Gabbi. I'll grab the box and we can both just run back to the saferoom, we'll work on this light issue later but as of right now no." He stated bossily and of course Gabbi gave him the big puppy dog eye stare of sadness and remorse that nearly every guy on earth falls victim too. He rolled his eyes, "That's not gonna work, I'm only looking out for your safe-" He stopped short again when he realized those sweet bright yellow orbs had changed from puppy dog eyes, to eyes widening in fear.

And looking at something…right behind him…

Suddenly a loud masculine shriek was heard followed by a audible 'thump' like something landed several feet behind the two. Kyle's head ever so slowly turned to look at what it was that just showed up. Whatever that shriek was, it didn't sound like anything any common infected would utter, but when his eyes finally fell upon the figure that hunched over behind him, he wished that they never left the safe room.

Covered in a thick black hoodie, a infected man crouched about ten feet away from the human and the Witch. Long black jeans covered it's legs and the hood obscured it's eyes, but what could be seen slathered on both it's face and clothes was blood. Some old and dried sticking to the worn fabric, some fresh and adding new stains. Dirty and dinged duct tape was wrapped around all four of it's limbs in several areas and it's pale hands revealed pointed black claws at the end of each digit.

Kyle's heart began to race in his chest, he remembered reading on the graffiti about this infected. It's fast and strong and can leap the distance of half a football field, very territorial, and typically travels in wolf like packs.

The Hunter.

Throaty growls erupted from it's from deep within the creature as it eyed the two. Very, very slowly Kyle stood to his feet not breaking eye contact with the Hunter. And unbelievably the Hunter started to rise with him, also looking straight in the direction of Kyle. He couldn't tell if it was making eye contact with him since the hood shielded it's eyes, only the mouth and chin could be seen.

Both males rose to their full height seeming to be evenly matched physique wise, and with another low growl the Hunter turned it's head down towards Gabbi's direction and both of them could hear it almost experimentally sniffing at her. Kyle shot quick glances between his Witch and the Hunter, very quickly he was catching on to what he was doing as Gabbi pressed herself more firmly against the brick wall. Fear written all across her face at what that Hunter was thinking, she didn't know why it was so attracted to her but she almost felt violated as it inhaled her scent and growled low once more.

It licked it's lips at the petite girl and that was it, "Oh hell no." Kyle said drawing it's attention back to him. Kyle figured out what this thing wanted way before it licked it's nasty chapped lips and already was going for his gun.

"I'm killing this motherfucker." He thought freeing the weapon from his pocket and drawing it on the special infected.

But in the blink of an eye the Hunter dropped to a crouch and screamed an ear piercing screech and leaped at the gun toting man. Kyle managed to get a shot off but the bullet merely connected with the Hunters left lung, throwing off the jump slightly but it still slammed into the human bringing them both to the ground.

The pistol was knocked out of Kyle's hands and fell several feet away, while the Hunter quickly recovered and pounced again on it's competition. Instantly it swung it's claws down on the survivor delivering slash wounds to his shoulders and torso. Fiercely Kyle struggled back grabbing at his wrists to stop the slicing onslaught, but the Hunter proved to be stronger then he originally thought. The two thrashed wildly and rolled on the gravel, crunching over rotting bodies in the process, Gabbi wanted desperately to run out and help defend her lover. But she knew the light would hurt her badly and she would probably end up doing more harm then good.

Kyle gained control for a minute and straddled the strong infected, slamming his fist into it's face over and over for a second before it got a lucky swipe at his face leaving another large three cuts over his temple, cheek, and eye. While he was stunned it flipped them over again and dug it's claws into the humans shoulders ripping some of the buttons on his shirt open. Kyle shouted in anger and pain at the creature as it leaned down baring it's sharp jagged teeth trying to bite into his flesh.

"Don't let it bite you, don't let it bite you!" Kyle screamed repeatedly in his head, he also kept reminding himself what he was fighting for. He was fighting for Gabbi, cause who knows what this thing wanted to do with her. Kill her? Rape her? Obviously it was the latter of the two, and the thought of that enraged Kyle to the point of savage.

He growled at the Hunter in the struggle at first but that quickly turned into a loud intimidating roar, "GrrrRAAAAAH!" As loud and primal as the Hunter's yell itself, he then did something that surely showed the primal survivor instinct deep inside himself.

Kyle leaned up to the already close face of the special infected, and sank his teeth into the face underneath the hood. A pained cry erupted from the hunter as Kyle stayed clear of it's snapping teeth and ripped away the hunters ear and part or it's cheek. He spit the infected flesh out to the side and ripped the claws stuck in his torso out of his skin then shoved his forearm into the Hunters face pushing it off of him.

Having regained control, the survivor once again pinned the Hunter down to the ground and instead of punching it he plunged his bloody thumbs into the revealed pale eyes of his attacker. A horrendous scream almost as loud as the Screamer infected Kyle encountered some time ago came out of the Hunters mouth as it flailed in massive pain.

Repeatedly the savage survivor started slamming the infected's head into the pavement over and over and over again. It's skull cracked, brain and blood spurted out everywhere and long after the Hunter stopped moving Kyle continued smashing it's head into the ground till there was nothing left but bloody pulp.

Kyle dropped the hunter to the ground with a sickening 'plop' covered in blood, rotten grime, and wounds. It drenched his hair, and he could taste the coppery iron fluid on his lips. Good thing the infection wasn't transferred through blood, but he may has well have been an infected himself, in that moment when it was either life or death, Kyle went rabid.

Gabbi still sat against the building, her eyes wide, mouth agape, and her chest heaving for breath. She was shocked at what she just saw, not frightened or scared in any form. But almost exhilarated, for the start of the fight she was afraid for her lovers life and ready to risk her own life to help. But once he screamed and unleashed his inner animal, it was amazing to watch him prove himself as a survivor. He protected her from that Hunter and he did it savagely.

Suddenly they both heard a door slam shut and footsteps coming from the alleyway.

Zayna came running out of the alley and saw the two of them in the street, and the carnage that had ensued. She had Kyle's old pistol grip shotgun in her hand ready to fight. She heard the screams from inside the saferoom and came running, "What the fuck happened!?"

Kyle just sat there for a second breathing very heavily and being unresponsive, the massive adrenaline rush starting to die down as he came back to earth.

And with out another word, he stood over his kill, and mechanically walked over to his dropped pistol, picked it up, walked over to the first-aid kit, picked it up, then turned to face Zayna and said, "I survived."


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